What a game! And now for the World Cup!

League Express 7th Oct 2013League Express Editorial, Monday 7th Oct 2013

Wow! What away to finish this season!
Whatever the debate about the eight-team play-off system, the 12s plus three eights, referees, spidercams, too many/not enough TV presenters etc, can we all agree Saturday night’s Super League Grand Final was one heck of a game?
Wigan and Warrington produced a contest high on skill, speed, strength and toughness, epitomised by Blake Green being laid low at the end of the first minute, dusting himself down and going on to win the Harry Sunderland Trophy.
A 28-point comeback win was an out-and-out Grand Final record, and the game was one that everyone, apart from those with a soft spot for Warrington, will have thoroughly enjoyed.
It even got some highly positive coverage in newspapers that don’t generally pay any attention to Rugby League.
Our message is: ‘keep coming folks, you’ll enjoy it again’.
Wigan’s win was built very much on a home-grown basis, with eleven of their Champion squad of 2013 having come their Academy system. Their current crop of under-19s also won their Grand Final last week too, so the production line looks set to continue.
Their system has long been the model. And, let’s face it, with the flow of star players to the NRL of Australasia, our clubs and the RFL urgently need to put in place a plan to attract more players and provide structures that will produce Super League stars of the future.
Meanwhile, League fans will be interested to tune in to the BBC ‘Inside Out’ programme tonight (Monday 7 October) at 7.30pm. It will focus on suicide in northern towns and cities, and the role of State of Mind and the Rugby League community in raising awareness and tackling the stigma.
To conclude, our congratulations to the Wigan club and the townsfolk of Wigan on their memorable year Commiserations to Warrington and farewell and good luck to Grand Finalists Sam Tomkins, Lee Mossop and Mike Cooper, and all the other British players heading to the NRL.
So that’s it then?
You’ve got to be joking. The first game of the 14th World Cup is less than three weeks away.
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If you thought the Grand Final was good, you are going to love the World Cup.