What would be the biggest boost for Rugby League in 2017?

2016 has been and gone, and in the eyes of many, they’re happy to see the back of it.

Criticism of the sport was, rightly or wrongly, more prominent than ever last year due to a variety of reasons, some of which will still be discussed in 2017.

But, in an attempt to spread some positivity among our readers at the beginning of the year, we want to know what you believe would help this year be as good as possible for the sport.

We’ve given you five options to pick from, but which one would be the most significant? Make sure you cast your vote on the poll at the bottom of the article.

1. England win the World Cup

It’s been 45 years since England or Great Britain last won the World Cup, so fans have waited more than long enough to taste further success.

After the disappointment of the Four Nations and the contrasting opinions on Wayne Bennett, there would be no greater tonic than to see Sam Burgess hoist the World Cup trophy above his head in Australia in 2017.

2. A club wins the Super League Grand Final for the first time

In the 21 years that make up the Super League era, only four clubs have won at Old Trafford.

The success enjoyed by Bradford, Leeds, St Helens and Wigan over the past two decades should be applauded, but many believe the sport needs a new name on the trophy to help rejuvenate the competition. Warrington came close last year, could they go a step further this time? Or could Hull FC add to their Challenge Cup success in 2016?

3. Toronto Wolfpack draw sellout crowds and win League 1

The wait is almost over. After months of hype, Toronto Wolfpack’s emergence is almost upon us.

Scepticism will remain until the Canadian club become the force we’ve been promised they will become, so for them to deliver both on and off the field in their first year would help some naysayers feel much more positive about the prospects of a transatlantic team.

4. New leadership at the RFL

Subject to opinion, many believe this has been necessary for years.

Could 2017 be the year it happens?

5. Bradford Bulls are rescued and are competitive in the Championship

The demise of Bradford has been hard to stomach over the previous weeks, months and years.

Following their liquidation, some fear the Bulls may be no more. It goes without saying that a club the size of Bradford would be a great loss to the sport, and for some, there would be no greater gift 2017 could deliver that a rejuvenated, revitalised Bradford Bulls club.