Wigan let the fans decide next year’s kit

Wigan Warriors have put faith in their fans’ fashion sense… after letting them choose which kit they will play in next year.

The Warriors have released six replica kits for the supporters to choose from, with a vote helping to determine which strip the Wigan players will show off next year.

Among the six jerseys are some extravagant designs.

‘Option 5’, described as a ‘chequered design’ that ‘uses cherry and white as it’s predominant colours’, could perhaps be best described as a red and white chess board.

Meanwhile, ‘Option 6’, described officially as ‘cherry and white vertical stripes’, appears to have had a fight with a dodgy washer.

While there will be some doubt over certain designs, top marks go to the Warriors for their decision to let their supporters have a say. And to be fair, there are some very tidy designs too, notably ‘Option 2’, which is a favourite at TotalRL HQ.

All season ticket holders and members with a valid current e-mail address will be able to vote online for their favourite design through a unique link which will be sent to them via e-mail on Tuesday afternoon. All other fans will be able to vote by visiting Warriors World in the Grand Arcade and the vote will remain open until Wednesday 15th June at 5pm. Only one vote per person will be allowed.

Let’s just hope St Helens fans don’t find a way to cast a vote!