Wigan Warriors embrace the local community

Wigan Warriors took to helping the local community in the 2018 npower Community Blitz, embracing the Christmas spirit for a full day dedicated to giving back to the town through various avenues.

The day included care home visits, primary schools, visiting local grassroots clubs and also painting and cooking in a local homeless shelter. The club were elated with the response from the local community and the players can be seen on the club’s social media channels displaying their humility in the busy day of helping the local area.

“Everyone’s worn out and I’m really proud of them,” said head coach Adrian Lam. “They will get some rest tomorrow and it will be well deserved.

“It’s about being humble and giving back to the community. We are aware what position we have in the community. We are mentors to young children and other people, many who aren’t in as privileged situation as we are. To give something back to the community, whether it be grassroots rugby league, a church, school or homeless shelters, we feel we play a role in that and we can help improve and better people’s lives.

“That was the aim today and that’s what we did, there was plenty of team work and it’s pleasing to see that everyone hung in there till the end. It’s certainly a great building block going forward into 2019 as a team.”

“We’ve had the whole Club and staff involved. We’ve had a great sponsor in npower come on board who have been big supporters of this. It just shows what position the Club is in and also our priorities and where they lie. Obviously that’s with the local community, helping the less fortunate and whenever that happens we can only all head in the right direction.”

Liam Farrell added: “It’s not much of our time, it’s one day a year and it’s not a chore for us players to help. We get a lot of satisfaction in helping out on the Community Blitz, we’re very lucky people getting to do what we do for a job, which is something that we enjoy so for us to give up just one day a year isn’t asking too much of us. It’s nice to help out, show our faces and you could tell by some of the smiles on people’s faces that they appreciated it.”