Wilkin can already see next clutch of leaders at Saints

New St Helens captain Jon Wilkin insists that he can already see the next bunch of potential captains emerging through the ranks.

Wilkin was named as Paul Wellens’ successor on Wednesday, and he said it’s vital that he nurtures through the next breed of future leaders at the club – admitting that there are some he has already spotted in the squad.

What I’m looking for is to identify the next leaders coming through this group of players – who the guys are that understand what winning is, for example,” Wilkin said.

“Lads that understand those sacrifices, and I’ll be looking to find the guys who want to take on the leadership roles.

“I see them already; you can see that there are guys here who get it. One thing I’ve worked out in sport is that there are a different range of personalities that play the game.

“You can see the ones that have all the attitude but maybe no ability – and every now and again you get someone who ticks all the boxes.”

Wilkin was part of the Saints’ leadership group supporting Wellens last year – and with the armband now around his arm, Wilkin insists the support of that group – including senior players like James Roby and Wellens himself – will be vital for him as a leader in 2015.

“The group is massive; not only as it stands now. There are four or five guys who lead on the field, with their talking or with their energy. Those guys are important, but I’m looking at the future of the group.

“We’ve got a predominantly young group here; it’s a younger squad than we’ve had previously, and the game is becoming a younger mans game.”