Williams keen on Wigan exit for NRL move

George Williams has admitted he would like to leave Wigan if the opportunity to play in the NRL arose.

The England international is understood to be attracting interest from elsewhere, with League Express reporting several weeks ago that Newcastle Knights were among the clubs interested.

Wigan owner Ian Lenegan told the media yesterday he did not want to lose Williams, who is one of Wigan’s marquee players.

However, in an interview with NRL.com Williams said: “If there was an opportunity that came up, that was more than just interest, I would like to pursue that.

“I would have to come to an agreement with Wigan and maybe that is not what they want but it is my dream so if there is an opportunity I want to do it.

“It is something I have always dreamt to do so I definitely want to give it a go if there is a chance

“Wigan would have to agree but if the NRL was an opportunity for me I would love to move to Australia to take that up.”