Wolfpack feted at Toronto City Hall

Toronto Wolfpack have received official recognition at Toronto City Hall today from the Mayor, and the City of Toronto, for winning the 2018 Betfred Championship League Leaders’ Shield.

Within two years, Toronto Wolfpack have established themselves as one of Toronoto’s well loved sports teams, playing home games at the City of Toronto’s Lamport Stadium in Liberty Village, aka ‘The Den’. Alongside a positive relationship with the City of Toronto the Wolfpack have built a strong connection with Torontonians, attracting crowds of up to 8,500 fans. The Wolfpack boast a record of 19-0-0 for home games held in Toronto and the GTA. On Saturday July 7th they lifted the Leaders’ Shield after defeating the Sheffield Eagles 68-4 at Lamport Stadium. The trophy is the Wolfpack’s third since the team’s inaugural season in 2017.

“The team is fully invested in our city. From the first day, from that opening press conference, they have done this first class and they’ve done this in a professional manner and the results have been the same,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory.

“They’ve partnered with local, family-owned businesses here in Toronto to do a lot of the stuff they have to do to make a success of the team, and that has helped raise the profile of the team. I’m sure the Wolfpack are getting written up overseas and you don’t even see it, and that’s great for Toronto as well.”

The number of visiting fans is expected to be 3,000 this season, rising to to 10,000 in 2019, when the club hopes to be in Super League, providing a huge boost to Wolfpack partner Tourism Toronto. Current broadcast partnerships also mean Wolfpack games are showcased live in over 100 million homes worldwide.

“This city has continued to provide me and the team with proud moments and to be accepted within the rich tapestry of Toronto sporting history. To rub shoulders with your great sporting teams is magnificent for us,” commented Wolfpack Head Coach Paul Rowley, who was joined at City Hall by coaching staff and players.

“On behalf of the boys and all our staff, everybody on the field and off the field, we will continue to do our best and continue to represent the city in the best way we possibly can.”

The Wolfpack will compete in The Qualifiers in August and September, with four home games and three away games, with the schedule to be confirmed in early August.

“As an organisation, we believe that the world is a better place with more rugby balls in kids’ hands. The unique platform we enjoy allows us to inspire youngsters across Toronto and Canada to explore the sport of rugby,” said Wolfpack General Manager – Commercial, Scott Lidbury.

“Toronto is a sports city through and through, which is why it is one of our principal ambitions is to work with the City of Toronto to create a Global Centre for Rugby Excellence here.”

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