Wolfpack giving up hope on playing at home

Toronto Wolfpack CEO Bob Hunter has admitted it is looking increasingly likely that they will not be able to play in Canada this year.
The Wolfpack, who already face eye-watering losses due to being unable to use the furlough scheme and being unable to apply for a part of the government loan, rely almost solely on ticket revenue for their income.
However, speaking on SportsNet, Hunter conceded it is looking more likely their games at Lamport Stadium will also be lost.
“We’ve done more modelling than I’ve ever wanted to in relation to the eleven home games we are scheduled for this year,” he said.
“Will it be four or six, or could we extend the schedule so it is all eleven and go into say October, November or even December?
“But if the season starts in closed stadiums, which is a high probability, then we would only play games over there (in England), it wouldn’t make sense to play them over here. We’re still planning on eleven home games, but whether they happen or not is highly speculative.
“I hate to say it with our fans listening. But if you were looking simply at the facts today, it’s going to be tough, we will follow the guidelines of the governments both sides of the water, but logistically, it’s very tough.
“Where we are, given the guidelines given in each country and the department of health services, the allowance to return to training under strict rules and procedures, what has always been contemplated is to start with closed stadium games. That’s to get the game back up, in front of our fans, to provide Sky Sports with content they desperately need.”
On pay cuts at the club, Hunter said: “They were reluctant, but I totally got it that for the league to survive it was an easy economic.”
There remains no update on the Kallum Watkins situation, though the Wolfpack hope a resolution is found soon.