Sawyer highlights promotion importance

Bradford Bulls interim chief executive Mark Sawyer insists the prospect of promotion in 2020 remains vital for Championship clubs, but he knows there are significant hurdles to overcome to retain it.

Sawyer, who is also the Chairman of Dewsbury Rams, was part of the 25-club conference call with the RFL last Wednesday, and he understands the reasons for not making any snap decisions on the current campaign at present.

Sawyer said: “It’s impossible to decide anything at the moment – there are so many questions still to be answered.

“Until we know the full costs of everything – and that’s why the two working groups have been set up – then we can’t make a decision.

“What was made clear by the clubs was that we need to leave an avenue for promotion this year whichever way we can, if possible.

“Having promotion to Super League so important to people, but there’s also promotion from League One to the Championship as well.

“If we can’t play a full season this year then it would be very difficult to relegate anybody from either decision and we understand that.

“But it’s important to look at options to get teams promotion because that’s what clubs at this level are playing for.

“I can understand why some of the clubs at the top end of the Championship are desperate to play and try and complete the season, but they’re aware as well that it needs to be possible.

“We need to see whether Super League can get on their feet and play matches first – they have all the same problems we do in terms of the rules and regulations of playing again.

“We can see what they do and the reality for all of us is that there are hurdles to be crossed to be able to play again.

“The good news for the Championship and League One is that others are ploughing the furrow to find out what the problems are and we’re learning from them.

“We’re as keen as anybody to get playing again, but while you can never 100 per cent guarantee people’s safety, we have to do all we can to ensure everything is as safe as possible.

“Everybody has the same issues.

“If Super League or the Premier League can’t get going again, then it goes without saying that we won’t be able to play any matches.

“It would be good to get some more information to our supporter bases, but we know as much as they do at this moment in time.”