Wolfpack hit by border shutdown

Toronto Wolfpack are trying to work through a logistical nightmare after Canada shut its borders for two months.

The government has banned Non-Canadians from travelling to the country while flights are grounded for the next eight weeks, leaving the Wolfpack in a position where they will not physically be able to welcome rival Super League clubs to Lamport should the season resume.

Despite the strict restrictions, Canada is behind the curve of the UK, meaning restrictions are likely to remain in place for longer, with their peak infection rate from the coronavirus expected to come some time after the UK’s.

No mass gatherings are allowed, while all sports teams have been stood down indefinitely.

The dilemma brings more issues for Toronto than most, given their primary income is from home games and they receive no central distribution money like other clubs.

Among other problems are the fact the Wolfpack are due to travel to Catalans during the lockdown, while Canada’s restrictions could, in a worst-case scenario, see them not able to play in Canada for the entire year.

“We’ve done some financial assessment of the challenges we face, which we’ve submitted to the RFL,” Toronto’s Martin Vickers said.

“We’ve continued to liaise with the RFL and Super League about the differential circumstances in Canada. We’re working with those bodies to develop what the bespoke action plan might look like in Canada. This is an extremely complex position where our main priorities at the present time are our players and their families, our staff and our fans.”