Woolf sympathises with RFL

The recent rule change for the Super League table being based on win points percentage rather than points has attracted a great deal of attention, whether good or bad.

But St Helens coach Kristian Woolf has defended the RFL, highlighting the uncertainty of the present climate.

“It’s a really difficult one, because we know the competition is going to be affected by COVID, so I’m supportive of them thinking outside the box and thinking of the fairest way possible under the current circumstances,” Woolf remarked.

“If you put yourself in a position to win finals it won’t matter. I find it hard to be too critical.

“When we came back after lockdown we didn’t really know what we were coming into or whether COVID would rise again. It’s such an uncertain time and it’s easy to say in hindsight this is what should have happened.

“I don’t know what a better alternative is.”

Throughout the post-lockdown period, the Saints coach has always been keen to stress the necessity of being careful.

“Ever since the first cases came out with Hull, I’ve mentioned a number of times that it’s a real reminder that it is around us and it’s capable of coming into our bubble.

“We do need to be really careful. I’ve got to applaud the players, the way they behave when here in our bubble and the way we socialise within our groups and outside the bubble of Rugby League, they deserve a lot of credit.

“The staff have really taken it on and it’s a very different landscape to six months ago. It’s disruptive, there’s no doubt about it.

“It’s amazing the world we are living in, in terms of Rugby League. Our whole lives and what we call normal when we arrive at the stadium and the very last minute when we walk out the door is completely different.”

The potential fine for celebrating has also been a sore subject for some in the Rugby League fraternity and Woolf was quick to point out how difficult a rule would be to stick to.

“It’s tough and it’s a passionate game. We want our players to show that passion and togetherness,” Woolf stated.

“We always preach that word culture. The culture is to acknowledge each other and shake hands, congratulate each other’s success.

“At the moment that’s not allowed in our sport and it is really difficult. They’re going to need constant reminders.”

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