Woolford keen on reserve grade at Huddersfield

Simon Woolford has admitted he would like to introduce a reserve-grade side at Huddersfield.

The Giants are one of several Super League clubs that don’t currently have a reserve grade, instead utilising their strong academy setup as their primary development pathway.

But with talk that several clubs, including Wakefield, are set to introduce a tier below first grade, Woolford has admitted he would like to do the same at Huddersfield.

“It would certainly make life a lot easier with reserve grade that’s for sure,” he said.

“We spend a lot of time talking about dual-registrations, players on loan and where they need to go and where’s best suited for the players and the club. You’ve got to juggle the aspects of who they train with early in the week and when they go and join the club on loan. It’s a nightmare.

“In an ideal scenario we’d all have a reserve grade team, it would make it very easy. There’d be less players coming out of Academy getting lost to the game.

“There’s a lot of upside of having your own reserve side. There’s obviously a cost factor involved and that’s what the league and the clubs have to weigh up I guess, but in an ideal scenario with all things being equal it would make life a lot easier.”

When pushed further if it would be something he’d like to bring in at Huddersfield he said: “Definitely.

“Like I said, keep better tabs on your players, you know where the players not picked in the 17 are going to play every week. You get more opportunity to watch them from a collective point of view rather than watching for our five games during the week. I don’t see any negatives apart from the cost.”