Is the World Cup going to the USA in 2021?

It’s official: the United States have officially launched a bid to take the 2021 World Cup to America.

Jason Moore, an Australian businessman who is the official promoter for the USA’s bid, believes the USA could be a perfect fit for Rugby League’s most prestigious tournament.

Stadiums such as Mile High Stadium in Denver, Metlife Stadium in New Jersey and Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco would all host games as part of the plans.

“We’ve submitted a bid for the Rugby League World Cup in 2021 to be in the United States. A sporting powerhouse, a great gene pool of athletes and not only that, commercially one of the great country’s to take a major sporting event to,” Moore said.

“Our main opposition is the UK and the North of England. We think we’re going to offer a very compelling and competitive bid, not only financially and commercially but also for game development.

“We’re looking at starting an elite standard professional competition in the United States in a couple of year’s time, which will be a great precursor and lead into the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

“We have strategically put it into the corridor of time that there are no contact sports in mainstream USA. So we are looking at an April to August timeline. When we can provide the NFL fan with an off season contact sport experience that your use to seeing.

“Rugby league is a sport that is very simple to explain and contains a lot of entertainment value.”