World Cup Qualifier, Norway 40 – Germany 22

Norway overturned their negative eight points difference with a stunning second half performance to outgun favourites Germany in Porsgrunn.  All the sides in European Championship C – North therefore finish on two points but, due to the magnitude of this win, the Vikings progress to face ECC- South winners, Greece, in a neutral-ground play off next month.

Leading narrowly at the break, the hosts were superb afterwards led by Stavanger Storm centre Kristoffer Borsheim, who finished with four tries.  “It’s a massive win, I didn’t think we could do it,” said Norway skipper Kristoffer Milligan. “Credit to the players, coaches and staff involved. It’s great for the sport here and this result will massively help us to become a stand-alone recognised national sport.”

There was little between the sides in the opening exchanges, scrum half Simon Viljoen nipped over for Norway in the 13th minute, but almost immediately Germany replied, with Halifax prop Connor Hampson plunging over.

Germany co-head coach Simon Cooper noted: “Congratulations to the Norwegians, they fully deserved the victory.  Sadly, we just made too many errors, didn’t complete our sets and you can’t expect to win any game with that.”

NORWAY 40  :  Frank Kiriinya, Bendik Kalvik, Fredrik Nortun, Kristoffer Borsheim, Ole Magnus Brekk, Nathan Cummins, Simon Viljoen, Chris Stalsberg, Kristoffer Milligan, Ezra McIntyre, Harald Mikalsen, Kristian Nordin-Skipnes, Isaac Schmidt.

Subs: Joshua Skidmore-Hornby, Kim Andre Seglem, Sonny Mellor, Nils Kristian Holte

Tries: Viljoen (13), Borsheim (24, 37, 57, 75), Cummins (44), Milligan (50), Kalvik (64),

Goals: Nortun 2/2, Cummins 2/6

GERMANY 22  :  Jannek Hagenah, Vivien Seelweger, George Wood, Sebastian Peter, David Ziekursch, Brad Billsborough, Marc Zupan, Connor Hampson, Liam Doughton, Andrew Hoggins, Martin Apostel, Josh Leutenecker, Phil Hunz

Subs: Benedikt Esser, Phil Wadewitz, Renko Fleming, Zak Bredin

Tries: Hampson (15), Hunz (31), Hoggins (73), Billsborough (79)

Goals: Bilsborough 3/4


Half time, 16-10  :  Referee,ames Spencer  :  Man of the Match, Kristoffer Borsheim