York won’t receive points for Rochdale postponment

The RFL have confirmed Rochdale’s postponed Championship fixture at home to York will be re-arranged, and York will not receive the points.

City Knights chairman Jon Flatman had stated the club expected to be awarded the match due to Rochdale breaching guidelines when it came to the nature of the postponement.

Operational Rule B1:23 states that ‘the Board shall decide whether a club refusing or failing to play a Match shall forfeit the match and if so whether the points shall be awarded to its opponent or whether the match shall be replayed’.

It has been adjudged that a replay is necessary ‘in order to protect the integrity of the competition’.

Rochdale will be forced to cover the costs of the York City Knights team and the RFL match officials when the game is played.

The governing body has also confirmed the incident will be reviewed by the RFL Compliance Manager as potential off-field misconduct by Rochdale Hornets in respect of the failure to have a ground that meets the laws of the game and in relation to the process that was followed on the weekend.