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Rugby League World Issue 402

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In Topic: Middle east violence

Today, 11:47 AM

As much as I've disliked his patronising and actually quite naive posts both on this thread

And I though moderators were supposed to avoid making personal comments.


Recently I've been told by you that I was a borderline psychopath who would "accidently" be shot by my own side if I was in the British military.


Hardly an isolated incident either.

In Topic: Rugby League to hit Indian cinemas next month

Today, 09:12 AM

I'm hoping that the "league" part of rugby league doesn't get lost. 

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 09:00 AM

Why would the media be friendly to a campaign whose arguments don't add up?


The SNP programme is a lot of "Wouldn't it be nice ifs" strung together and doesn't make sense in the real world. Its appeal is largely emotional and trades on a sense of victimhood. It is hardly surprising that the media hasn't really got behind it. 

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Today, 08:56 AM

Possibly, I guess language would play a key part of the decision as well.


Of the 400k English up there, I wonder how many are left leaning and tempted at the prospect of being able to live in a "Tory/UKIP free zone"! 

UKIP has a Scottish MEP as do the Tories. IIRC the SNP have two.


For all the rhetoric about evil Tories that you hear, quite a few Scots vote for them.


2010 General Election results in Scotland.


SNP: 491,386

Conservatives: 412,855

In Topic: Scottish Independence Referendum

Yesterday, 01:47 PM

Quite probably, although they are living in Scotland for a reason!  ;)

It's part of the UK?


I imagine that their reasons are varied and complex. One of which being that they were not moving to a foreign country.