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In Topic: Wales RL News

26 October 2014 - 12:02 PM

On the thread about Widnes signing a couple of Welsh youngsters, the very first reply is from you attacking another poster. I would have thought a moderator would have better things to do than troll and flame.


This thread is now almost identical to that one. Frankly I would rather read some news from Wales than read the same old same old from you and your pals.

You've read the news. I've read the news. Everybody who is interested has read the news. Nothing I have posted will stop you from reading the news in post number one. Nothing I have said prevents anyone from posting any more news if there is any. 


After we do that we comment on the news. This particular piece of news contradicts what Parksider has long maintained therefore I made a reference to that. I did not "attack" the poster in any sense other than point out that according to Parksider's mantra about development these two Welsh lads should not have chosen RL over RU or been prepared to move to Widnes. That's fair comment and not "trolling" or "flaming".


There is IMO a need for sensible debate about the way forward for expansion and I don't think talking down the achievements of the last few years helps this in any way so if I see this done then I will reply to it. I appreciate that this is not interesting for everybody but reading my posts is voluntary. I'm not particularly interested in discussions about whether the Widnes academy is any good or not so I don't really read those. I don't, however, demand that people stop discussing Widnes academy. If you really don't want to read my, bowes' or Parksiders' posts then the ignore feature will block them out.

In Topic: Decade of the kiwi

26 October 2014 - 11:47 AM

Have the Kiwi's ever tried their own origin series i.e. North Island v South Island? which could possibly be run during SOO

There was some talk of "Kiwi roots" 6-7 years ago. It was North (not the whole of North Island though) vs South (South Island plus part of North Island). It never got off the ground unfortunately.

In Topic: Wales RL News

26 October 2014 - 10:12 AM

I thought this was meant to be a thread about Welsh RL news.


Instead we have the same old circular arguments from the same old blowhards.

Blame the guy posting doom-and-gloom propaganda not the ones setting the record straight.

In Topic: Decade of the kiwi

26 October 2014 - 09:36 AM

It was a fantastic win but it was just one game. Australia have been beaten in pool games before and go on to win the tournament.

In Topic: Wales RL News

26 October 2014 - 09:33 AM

The RFL do not give any club money. That's like saying my boss gives me money. The clubs earn money by playing games that are televised. The RFL merely sells the results of the clubs' labour and then divvies up the profits. The money that the SL clubs receive is earned by them and is not some kind of largesse on behalf of Sky / the RFL.


At one time I thought that Parksider wanted expansion but merely supported the wrong approach to it but then "pins-in-a-map" was seen to fail, the RFL finally embraced the right approach, expansion was actually achieved and what does Parky do? He runs down the achievements of expansion clubs and posts doom-and-gloom misinformation that could have been written by Stephen Jones. 


Somebody who actually cared about Broncos would not write about their demise in such terms. The Broncos management seem for once to have got their act together and seem to actually have a decent plan for the next few years. Someone who cared about youth leagues in Wales would be trying to put pressure on the RFL to find some extra money to fund development officers rather than supporting ideas that would inevitably lead to further reductions in their numbers.