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In Topic: Scorpions move again

Today, 07:56 AM


With the name change, I know its not a solution, its just that I don't connect Scorpions with wales, it makes me think of deserts and arabs if I'm honest. All I was suggesting is maybe that would help to connect with the welsh people and let them embrace the club as a South Welsh product, born on the same values they have.

To be honest few people ever connected Leeds with Rhinos.


If we went back to "Welsh values", the club would end up with something daft like "Shepherds" or "Miners" which would just be patronising.

In Topic: Eagles reveal new stadium plans on Don Valley site

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

Just like Oldham's plans for redeveloping whitebank and Swinton's plans for agecroft plus many others . Believe it when you are walking through the turnstiles.

Well RL has a record of announcing these kinds of plans and then not delivering but it's worth remembering that many clubs did deliver - most recently Hemel Stags.

In Topic: Eagles reveal new stadium plans on Don Valley site

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Fingers crossed.

In Topic: Cults and NFL

Yesterday, 09:21 AM

I saw the "celebration" and it was not ostentatious and only momentary. I don't think anyone could have taken offence.



The NFL officials were wrong in this instance, because they allow christian genuflection on scoring.


It's a difficult thing for them to police though, as the NFL rule states the offence to be excessive celebration.


I have seen several  South Sea Islanders do christian thanks in our game.

I agree. Having watched the clip, the officials were wrong, it was not excessive and not provocative.

In Topic: Cults and NFL

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

As an atheist I always find it ridiculous when sports people thank their "god" when they score etc.  


I'm pleased to see the NFL taking a stand, I am sure they will apply the same rules for all superstitious groups.

The rules came in the late 80s IIRC as touchdown score celebrations got really silly as the scorers used to do silly dances with their team-mates that went on a bit. Some celebrations were basically attempts to wind up the other side who would then end up thumping someone and kicking off a brawl.


Thus if you want to invoke God when you score you need to do it quickly and in a way that doesn't provoke anyone.