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#3269772 It's HIS club

Posted by Monk on Yesterday, 10:43 PM

Good effort from the lads, think the full time team showed their ability and experience to grind a win throughout the 80 minutes. 


Stressing issue. I believe a lot of the stewards are from Latics and they are applying the same rule from oafc. No ecigs

#3245259 Bower Fold Stalybridge

Posted by Monk on 10 December 2015 - 10:39 AM

Surprised but pleased. The ground looks great and if nothing else it's sort of positioned on the right side of town.  The club needs to sort out the tavel arrangements for those who'll find difficulty in getting there, with an additional bit of help from supporters to make sure nobody misses out. 


I'd rather be here than BP the atmosphere will be miles better here by filling all sides.


No sure on the size of the pitch, BP is huge,  if this is a little smaller it might help in a few games as we know visiting teams are going to be bigger and faster so condensing the game is a must probably should save that for another topic. 


All in all I'll risk being ostracized and say 'well done Chris, it took a while but you've come up with the best result possible' , just next time pull your finger out and give us a clue what's happening.


On a final note. Let add this to our Chrimbo list and support the best we can with a season ticket.

#2799148 Gutted

Posted by Monk on 29 September 2013 - 09:30 PM

Just like everyone else i'm gutted.


But we've lost this game the same way we've lost all the other finals.


Inferior 'HALF BACKS' every final has been the same and we still don't learn, Or the coaches still don't learn.


We don't lose to the best team but to the better half backs, 


Crooks showed us that.


Rochdale deserved the win but its because we played stupid rugby AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. (I think Ford touched the ball about three times all game and he (was) our best player, nobody good enough to give him the ball


I don't think you can blame CH for this one,