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  1. Great Interview with Charlie , one memory that sticks in my mind was the game at Hull KR when they had that real Posh Modern Stretcher on wheels , and the bozos dropped him off it half way to the touch line?
  2. There are 137 films, b & w footage, regarding Oldham in general, and Oldham RLFC matches which i found a few years back, held by The North West Film Archive , cant remember how i found it originally but one film was of busses climbing up Ripponden Road prior to a match in the 1950's, also a match against the Aussies inn 1921, i watched it on line but just checked and cant see how i did it unless they have changed it now ???
  3. im 100% sure The Police will find the culprits ?????? NOT
  4. when, where and what times is this museum with the Heritage Trust's Collection open to viewing ??? Assume its permaqntly at The Gallery Union Street from the above ?? Unforetunately i dont come on here as much i used to and as theres no Chron any more , well never mind
  5. i got a 1925 Rugby League Cup Final Programme , what price that ??? dont know who played ??? do you ???
  6. Ha ha ha did you have your cloth cap on with ur whippet in hand when you typed that or did you have a young secretary dressed in a mini skirt sat on ur lap who typed it for you
  7. lol this thread is a joke , its time that MEN started digging coal outa t ground again with picks ant shovel and after a took their wippet tat ther match bressed in clogs and flat cap. AND their employes refused to pay them for broken time at work , in fact bring back 1895 that would stop all thee northern folk gettin above their correct station in life
  8. This is RUGBY LEAGUE we are talking about here, its ALL top secret , they dont want anyone to know just in case they turn up to watch the match ??
  9. Since when have anyone in ANY position of Authotity been outgoing about ANY represenatative match in RUGBY LEAGUE ( you may also ask this question about the England v NZ terst series as well )
  10. It would be like asking Mossley to join in The Premiership thats Why, they are in NW Mens League Div 2 below Oldham St Annes "A".........mmmmm great Idea ha ha ha ha ha
  11. ha ha ha ha and what a price , its a joke , and thats a starting price , yes they are hoping the prawn cocktail brigade want this one , and NOT a rugby league fan. You forgot to say when the auction is ??? i may want to put a bid in at that price ??
  12. good Luck , hope it comes off , and you all enjoy the ride . . . .
  13. typical of The Rugby Football League , its taken them well over 100 years to get where they are now , so why hurry.
  14. Not to mention Oldham, and Hunslet as well as Keighley all been at it for 120 years , ( Suppose at least a long long time ago Hunslet and Keighley did get to play at Wembley . . . lol )
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