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  1. wouldnt we all .............. look on E Bay one might come along in next 20 years or so
  2. tip . . . whatever your interview is for, try to have some artwork, picture, print, or souvenir relating to the topic of the interview strategically placed paced on wall behind you
  3. The Hull KR Final at Old Trafford for me, the only Trophy Final they have won really in my 54 years watching them, two other outstanding memories , Charlie Mc getting dumped off the Super Dooper Stretcher they had at HULL KR , and Finally as mentioned above on the way back from those games at Thrum Hall Halifax before the M62 was completed and the stream of red rear lights on the back of all those cars coming back over over the Hill, in the late 60's and early 70's
  4. SAD REALLY, that you got nothing else to occupy your time, and whats really SAD is your an Oldham Fan like i am, or maybe was, not so much now, but with fans like you there will be even less, with you slagging people off on here for such petty things, try to be more constructive than DESTRUCTIVE maybe, feel free to point any other grammar mistakes as its really important isnt it, sorry if my big fingers make any more errors i do beg your forgiveness
  5. highly recomended by the way wore mine tioday or should i say yesterday
  6. Great Interview with Charlie , one memory that sticks in my mind was the game at Hull KR when they had that real Posh Modern Stretcher on wheels , and the bozos dropped him off it half way to the touch line?
  7. There are 137 films, b & w footage, regarding Oldham in general, and Oldham RLFC matches which i found a few years back, held by The North West Film Archive , cant remember how i found it originally but one film was of busses climbing up Ripponden Road prior to a match in the 1950's, also a match against the Aussies inn 1921, i watched it on line but just checked and cant see how i did it unless they have changed it now ???
  8. im 100% sure The Police will find the culprits ?????? NOT
  9. when, where and what times is this museum with the Heritage Trust's Collection open to viewing ??? Assume its permaqntly at The Gallery Union Street from the above ?? Unforetunately i dont come on here as much i used to and as theres no Chron any more , well never mind
  10. i got a 1925 Rugby League Cup Final Programme , what price that ??? dont know who played ??? do you ???
  11. The picture in question is on the cover of a testimonial brochure I've got in the loft somewhere . . .and Ur spot on with the team there WWG
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