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  1. Or Warrington offered him a better deal than any NRL club. That is how international sporting transfers work
  2. Really not good for Ferrari who have had to change their engine after it was dubious last season. Only 1 Ferrari powered car in Q3 and half of the fleet out in Q1. Its particularly worse for anyone who is slow as the cars effectively will stay v similar for next season too as the major rule changes have been delayed to 2022. Lando did very well as did Alex Albon. Racing Point with their Pink Mercedes 2019 car could lock out the second row if they had better drivers
  3. The NRL and Kangaroos are basically unknown in the UK. Even amongst RL fans, I'd wager only half at best could name you more than a couple of the current Australian internationals. Only the proper nauses (such as myself I suppose), could name you more than a handful of the teams. I know myself when I've been watching the NRL games I've only really paid attention to the games with the British players in. NRL is seen as exotic, you'll see quite a lot of odd bits of training gear around amateur clubs training sessions. Perhaps its this that feeds into a reality whereby Super League players seem to just go to any random NRL club. That said, the total lack of reality that British Broadcasters represent when they go to Australia is outrageous. Portillo went to Brisbane and instead of talking about the State's favourite past time bar none, he went to the decaying Ballymore. Even when the cricket goes down under its the same in my experience.
  4. Yeah they're 100% Championship quality clubs in waiting, hopefully they'll get some sort of boost from the World cup games they're in line to host.
  5. An informative twitter thread for those interested in those things, takes it all step by step.
  6. What did they say? L1 seems to be a bit forgotten atm
  7. Those 3 in key positions/roles within the team at the same time would be a huge loss. At Leeds we lost Kylie Leuluai, JP and Kevin Sinfield at the same time but crucially we also lost Paul Aiton at hooker too. That loss of 2 play makers and two up front leaders at the same time was almost catastrophic.
  8. At junior/amateur levels in my experience in Rugby and Football there is a sort of unwritten rule that you only wear flashy coloured boots if you're good. So centre backs or props that aren't skillful and are really there to make up numbers and/or hurt the opposition tend to be the ones going for the black and white sondicos. At the professional level though all the players are "good" haha so they've earned the flashy boots.
  9. I like it in principle and think it will work. I'm yet to see my team play with the rule (or indeed anyone play against Wigan) and the biases that come with it however.
  10. Mick Gledhill wrong again, its a shame really because as a commentator he's very good
  11. I remember reading originally that the plan was for all mens games to be available live but only half on main tv channels. Hopefully this builds on that.
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