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  1. Exactly, thinking going on a course saying "domestic violence is terrible" is sinister? Wait until they find out prison exists and what it does! Sinisterness-ometers will be going through the roof!
  2. Well I say 23 years, I can actually only remember as far back as Euro2004...
  3. Its hard to look past France, on paper their second team would be good enough to win. That said the Euros have a way of enabling sides who are plucky or take their rare chances. Denmark, Greece, even Wales and Iceland making it very far etc. Only Spain in 2008-2012 properly dominated like a tournament favourite should on the way to winning. Sadly I don't see England in that same way. Perhaps its 23 years of punishment forcing me to be pessimistic? That said, low expectations were good in the most recent world cup. My main gripe is that we still don't seem to be able to attack creativ
  4. Yeah I think Hetherington will stay on as Chairman or something similar for as long as possible whilst DoR roles will be all Sinfield's and Commercial is all Rob Oates. If Sinfield did take over, would he take the DoR rule with him? Possibly.
  5. Some of those are quite interesting. I do think the international RL design starting point for most teams should be a V (can be single/double/triple) though. It makes our kits look like other national jerseys, yet instantly RL too - or at least I think it is important to make us look a little different to Rugby Union. For World Cups, should we go down the cricket World Cup route and have national team names across the shoulders like we did in 1995?
  6. Thing is though he's basically at the ceiling at Leeds now, and arguably by extension in RL full stop given the financial resources at Leeds vs most of the rest of the game. Perhaps Hetherington would want to pay him more on a sliding scale based on time and success, but realistically DoR at Leeds is probably as good as it gets financially. If Leicester are able to/willing to offer more for a mere Attacking coach by comparison... I don't see him going unless the money offer is too good to refuse. He has a cushdy position at Leeds and probably will never have a better position (in ter
  7. What qualifications did he have to be Rhinos DoR tbf? I'm not saying I particularly disagree or agree with that appointment, but just that in a world where there are basically 2 professional Leagues (on opposite sides of the world) its hard to get experience for that sort of role so a lot is given to people with less or no experience.
  8. So much of (British) sport is settled in common law style gentleman's agreements: Drop balls in football for example. There's nothing compelling anyone into any of this action beyond a shared sense of fair play and morality. In football, the goals that have been scored in "unfair circumstances" always count. The ref makes no moral judgement. For all its purported "values", RU is one sport that plays on regardless untill the play is literally on top of an injured player and the medical staff. In more gentlemanly conducted sport, you'd like to think opponents would act in a gentl
  9. This won the FIFA fair play award. I'd have personally expected Saints to do something similar frankly, but maybe that is expecting too much? It was controversial, but it was the "fair" thing to do
  10. Is the monster logo not on the replica kits?
  11. Yeah fair enough, I suppose it must be tough but perhaps because I'm removed emotionally from the situation its a bit easier for me to say this was entirely expected. I take it then you think this is a move initiated from the top to see if anything can be salvaged? Perversely that performance against Wigan might have kept Duffy in place a few weeks longer. I had hoped that Leigh, backed by DB, would stuff some of the selfish clubs in Super League, but like you it seems I remained thoroughly unconvinced that he was a coach capable of doing it. I do get what you mean about Duffy as a c
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