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  1. Croatia has 4 million people and hardly any major diaspora whereas Fiji does to Oz and NZ. Point is it doesn't matter.
  2. What? Like Croatia? If they get there on merit they deserve to be there. Good luck to them!
  3. I saw that interview and thought the same. Perhaps its a more NSW problem too?
  4. Piggybacking on the back of football isn't necessarily bad and as said previously this isn't about a wholesale move to Amazon but perhaps having games that aren't currently shown on Sky shown on a different platform.
  5. Yes, but I don't expect this to be a wholesale move to Amazon ever going forwards. Regardless it helps being on the same channel as football.
  6. Every pub I've been in over the past couple of days (I'm a student not an alcoholic!) has had the amazon games on. I think the point with amazon and any other broadcasters is that they'd be complimentary to what sky do rather than replacing it.
  7. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/hull-fc-dual-reg-reserves-3608720 https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56084/reserves-and-academy-fixtures-released-for- Reserves fixtures have been released with several clubs looking to use them as pre-match build up for SL games. Looks like a straight h/a fixture list. Interestingly the Hull Daily Mail article (and another one directly quoting Lee Radford) seems to think that certain regs around Reserves are going to make it difficult for some clubs. Limited to 2 amateurs and 2 University players apparently. Not sure what my thoughts are on this tbh.
  8. Yes, with Toulouse too and perhaps another Canadian team going forward we could guarantee certain timeslots throughout the season.
  9. If Sky are only broadcasting 2 (at best 3) games a week anyway at their own expense then they shouldn't be given that much control. I wouldn't mind an arrangement where sky get the first pick of games but they certainly shouldn't have exclusivity going forwards.
  10. I definitely think that with the breadth of SL now we can comfortably schedule any game to not clash with any other. Thursday Night, Friday Night, Saturday 3pm (UK), 5pm (Catalans), 7/9pm (Toronto) and Sunday (or perhaps 2 on Sunday). These can be and indeed should be split up between broadcasters.
  11. cAnAdIaN pLaYeRs AnD bRoAdCaSt DeAlS? eRiC pErEz These sort of "facts" I assume
  12. I think the next broadcast deal cannot be exclusive to sky regardless.
  13. On standards, stadium is important of course. However what was brought to light by Fev being in the Championship Final was full time professionalism. It is inconceivable that any club in Super League could operate at a semi pro level imo and yet is it clear whether that is a requirement to being in the league or not?
  14. They're starting to introduce "Category 3" academies based out of colleges for a number of clubs, Leeds, Wakefield, Halifax afaik but I assume there are more. Perhaps going forwards looking at universities could be an option too.
  15. I honestly don't know to be honest. Could be either Ward or Martin for me atm.
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