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  1. I think the white shorts would look weird without any white on the shirt itself (even just the collar). As I said I'll wait to see it in person and see where we go for our other kits this year.
  2. As I've said Harry, the only safe thing for a club to do is forget about whether they are a strong B or not and build to being Grade A. We'll soon learn what they are looking at to give those grading levels and clubs will have 2 years to develop themselves to the required level. Some might not be good enough, but perhaps that is the point.
  3. Coincidence that the shades of Blue and Yellow (its not amber) are lifted directly from this years LUFC home shirt? It's not bad I suppose. Will wait to see what our other 3 kits this year are like.
  4. There's a really interesting conversation to be had about Young, who clearly would have walked into the Jamaica squad. How did Wane's interaction with him go? Did Young say he'd rather know whether he was in the England side or not so he could focus on where his rep footy would be this autumn? Did Young say it was England or nothing? There's a lot to go at that could have been phrased a lot better.
  5. There's a whole thread about it. In short, it seems Oxen were due to release a new kit for England this year anyhow, the St George's cross flag shirt hadn't sold particularly well, and market research suggested blue was a popular colour.
  6. I wonder amongst the smaller nations how much crossover there could be with the RU teams? Brazil Women this year have a large contingent from their sevens RU team I believe for example. Chile's men have just qualified for the Union World Cup in France next year but I have no idea what level of club game they are drawing on.
  7. If its our MRP they'd take a look at the evidence about who brought the nuclear weapons, decide it wasn't intended as a threat by Russia's "Saint" Petersburg based players and ban the Ukrainians for playing in blue and amber
  8. Agreed, or maybe with some inspiration from the white 2017 kit.
  9. Apparently only our training and leisurewear was in that lorry. Yeah although I'd say the black is an overlay as you can tell by the global sponsor being greyed out. Who knows of the yellow is true to form too? As an aside in the Kiwis training range video they launched earlier today, it looked like one of the players had white shorts on that are definitely not from last season. See below 12 seconds in. Perhaps the new home shirt will be using the same tones of blue and yellow as the current LUFC home shirt by the look of those shorts.
  10. Whilst I'm always a fan of a traditional V(s) on international RL shirts, this is also really nice from Ireland.
  11. That is because we have certain understandings in life, generally we don't have to make rules official if people just go with the agreed model and don't take the ######.
  12. I'm sure that he had no influence at all in him getting his favoured number!
  13. They aren't putting names on shirts, and I expect some of the smaller nations won't be using brand new shirts for every game and will make do.
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