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  1. Very glad I went today had a good time at the match and was nice to see a team I'm supporting win at Headingley for once this year. But for the love of god can we play some internationals in Summer I'm frozen to the bone
  2. Wouldn't be so sure its gone totally yet Jamaica been much better this half and England now down to 12 as King is sin binned for stupidity
  3. Enjoyable first half, England able to keep Jamaica at arms length and Jamaica not getting any luck with the ball. Very physical game but some good skill on show too
  4. Catalans already do in the French league and Toronto don't have to as they are just promoted. Don't know about future seasons
  5. That was pretty stupid timing by Leeds tbf. I doubt they've done much since the 18th and could have had it open till today at least.
  6. I think Sydney is just the wrong place to host this. They repeatedly don't turn out for internationals.
  7. Once again Bennett shown to be a great man manager but a pretty poor tactician - Bateman will be playing Centre for GB
  8. Wales were tactically inept and England were just on fire at times.
  9. Was a good listen although I must admit I didn't agree with what was said about the nines world cup.
  10. Some real quality in there. No Jack Walker so would seem Evalds to start at FB. This is the best test for both teams. Shame its only 1 game this year sadly.
  11. Exactly. The new Wembley does also seem lacking something to me as well. Cardiff, Old Trafford and Murrayfield are the best I've been to (not been to Celtic Park, Emirates or Spurs' yet) and even then OT is still best placed to host across a number of factors.
  12. Actually I've come round to it, we can be the International Rugby Association whilst t'other code can be the Rugby Union Council with its grassroots members joining Union Volunteer Federation.
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