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In Topic: Ennis the Menace

22 September 2014 - 03:39 AM

That`s the point though Ken,re the refs,most of what he does is borderline,so inevitably he`s going to get away with the odd indiscretion. He made a huge cock up on Saturday,though luckily for him the Doggies got the win,but he took the ribbing like a man,as he would. No,to me,the game needs "bad" guys,it always has,but that`s not to say we don`t want thugs and Ennis is hardly that!

In Topic: Ennis the Menace

21 September 2014 - 01:04 AM

Good on Ennis,it`s all tongue in cheek anyway. I wish the Warriors had a bloke who gets under the opposition`s skin like he does,and that`s all what he`s about. The game needs characters like him,a la Tommy Raudonikas and Garry Freeman,the wowsers in the game have made rugby league such a bland game these days as it is.  

In Topic: Match Day 2015...

21 September 2014 - 12:55 AM

Think this is a non starter straight away. The RFL would have to pencil Hornets in to play at Spotland on when Dale are away,and in any case nobody has yet mentioned if the opposition would want to play on Saturdays. I rather think not as a lot of players would work on Saturdays with Sundays being the only day free to play. And,as has been pointed out,Mayfield play on Saturdays,so no,it`s a bloody stupid idea. 

In Topic: Andrew "Pugwash" Birch.

22 August 2014 - 12:20 PM

Wow,what a great post Stephen,I`m sure I never met Andrew,but I also got hooked on Hornets and the game of rugby league at that 1965 Lancashire Cup Final at St.Helens with my good mate,Philip Halstead. I didn`t agree with everything Andrew posted on here,and he certainly put me in my place a few times,but his love for Hornets could never be questioned and it`s a sad day for the club to be losing such a true supporter. I hope Hornets office closes down during the time of Andrew`s funeral ensuring they,the board,and as many players as possible,have the chance to be there for his final game. RIP.

In Topic: Dale Bid for Stadium

10 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

Fair comment about Dale living on the breadline,selling their best players is clearly the only way they can survive,there`s nothing new in that,but so is buying the stadium in the long term. It`s the old argument about buying or renting,most of us have had to make a decision which way to go on that score. Tyrone Shoelaces assertion that the only reason Dale want to acquire the stadium is to kick Hornets out is ridiculous knowing that we all agree that Dale are so poor. Think about it,the only added source of income for Dale is using the pitch,Hornets are doing that and presumably keeping up with the rent. I have a place that I rent out,I don`t know the bloke who`s in there,but he pays the rent on time and looks after the place,so why would I want to kick him out? I`ve said it here before and I`ll say it again,for two clubs just about on the bones of their backsides and getting almost non survivable support,I would`ve thought mutual tolerance would be paramount,but for some,that`s obviously not the case. Hornets did this,Dale did that,it`s pathetic. Live and let live,you know,it`s the only way.