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In Topic: Axe Being Wielded At Manly?

30 July 2015 - 11:34 AM

Postscript to my above input,if Toovey was on the way out,who then decided to get rid of certain players and why? Think I saw on NRL360 that there are seven people on Manly`s board,but only two from the rugby league side of the enterprise. What? Methinks Trent Barrett is in for a torrid first twelve months,he has no experience of coaching at the top level,virtually half a new playing squad and a possible cold shoulder from the remaining players who`ve had to endure a tough 2015 that`s seen some good mates pushed out as well as poor old Tooves. To me all this is a recipe for disaster,even the often stupid Warriors wouldn`t be daft enough to do this.

In Topic: Axe Being Wielded At Manly?

29 July 2015 - 12:29 AM

I think the departures of Watmough and Glenn Stewart,one club players up till then,at the end of last season,signalled that all was not well at Manly. Then the shenanigans in the first three months of the current campaign with DCE and Keiron Foran combined with Manly`s poor early season form,albeit not helped by a shocking run of injuries,has confirmed that the club is in a mess. Blaming Toovey for this,as has clearly happened,would appear to be a very simplistic decision that might come back to bite them in the backside should the appointment of Trent Barrett prove to be a case of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Strangely in all of this,I`ve not heard one word from the fans,they appear to have either been completely ignored,or for some reason they don`t really care,but knowing the passion I`ve seen from their fans at Manly games,it would appear the latter is clearly not the case.

Is there something badly amiss behind the scenes at Manly? If there is,Manly could become another basket case similar to the Eels of the last few years,time will only tell,but the achievements of Toovey as a player and coach speak for themselves. All the best for the future Tooves,you deserve it.  

In Topic: Brilliant...

05 July 2015 - 11:41 PM

Thank god Newcastle`s not in Yarkshire!!

In Topic: Tragedy in Australia

26 June 2015 - 01:55 AM

Yes,Molo has been cited,but the Brisbane Broncos have hired their top lawyer to defend him at the Queensland judiciary,so I don`t think he`ll receive much of a ban,if any. The club have completely got behind Molo and James Ackerman`s family have stated that they have put no blame on him for the sad incident last Saturday. The funeral will be next Wednesday and I`d guess just about the whole of the south east Queensland Rugby League fraternity will be there to farewell such a popular player. Sunshine Coast`s game with Townsville Blackhawks is unlikely to go ahead on Sunday.

In Topic: Tragedy in Australia

23 June 2015 - 12:38 AM

A bit of confusion here. Sunshine Coast played Northern Pride (Cairns) at home last week,but this tragic tackle suffered by James Ackerman was this week,once again at home,but against Norths (Brisbane). The tackler,Francis Molo is contracted to the Brisbane Broncos,but Norths,and a few other Brisbane based Queensland Cup teams,are feeder clubs to the Broncos and Molo was not required by the Broncos for their game against Melbourne Storm this week,so turned out for Norths. As far as I know (and I`m currently reading a Queensland newspaper),"the collision between the two players was fierce,but there was no malice in the tackle,it was simply a rugby league play gone wrong". Unfortunately this latest tragedy comes only two weeks after an Easts (Brisbane) player,Grant Giess,also died following a night out with his team mates. I haven`t read anything about a head injury suffered by Ackerman in the Northern Pride game,but it is possible that there was something amiss from that game that only needed a heavy hit to complete the fatal damage to James Ackerman,we might never know. Needless to say the game in Australia has been stunned by this tragedy,like so many here,the bloke lived for the game. His family say his organs will be donated thereby possibly saving another ten lives.