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#3086215 Rugby Union's rapidly decreasing try scoring, line breaks and general ent...

Posted by DiddyDave on 10 March 2015 - 05:13 AM

Rugby Yawnion has always had a good following in the rich parts of the UK, hence the "popularity" of the game and with the establishment BBC where you had to be a toffee nose to get a job for a good twenty years after the war. I can recall those awful 5 nations games of the fifties and sixties when only Wales played the game that you could just watch, but Auntie BBC with Peter West on Saturday Grandstand thought it was marvellous. In 1972 I went to New Zealand and had to endure 35 years of the All Blacks being rammed down my throat, but no more. The game is for the brain dead both on and off the field, thank god it`s only a minority sport where I now live here in Australia. As I used to tell them in NZ, Kiwis are only good at two sports, rugby and rowing, and you don`t need any brains for either.

#3080625 C`Mon Hornets!

Posted by DiddyDave on 28 February 2015 - 11:11 PM

First match of the season, so let`s start as we mean to carry on with a decent win and set things up for a return back to the Championship. Come on lads, all the best for the upcoming campaign. From far off New South Wales, I`ll be cheering you on every game!!

#3078765 Titans in Crisis - Just before the 2015 season starts

Posted by DiddyDave on 25 February 2015 - 10:34 PM

Yes, the board have stayed on, the NRL presumably paying the bills, though I`d say they`ll be desperately trying to get a new major sponsor to take the Titans into the future.

#3077796 Titans in Crisis - Just before the 2015 season starts

Posted by DiddyDave on 24 February 2015 - 10:09 AM

Well the Titans have been put in administration and have gone under the control of the NRL, so let`s hope the club will ride this out and eventually come out the other side with an optimistic future.
It looks like this would`ve happened even without this latest players` aberration as they don`t have a major sponsor. Let`s hope the Gold Coast will get behind the club in its hour of need, but somehow I have my doubts. History tells us that the Gold Coast doesn`t really care too much for its sporting teams in most codes. League, soccer and basketball have all seen teams disappear from national competitions in recent years and Aussie Rules only survives through a massive investment from the AFL, so you`d have to think it`s going to be a long struggle. Anyway, we`ll be there for the first game and for as many games as we can get to this season. I`m a Warriors supporter through and through, but me and the missus will be there so we can do our bit to hopefully ensure the Gold Coast Titans survive this season and beyond.

#3060390 Cock-a -doodle Burgess

Posted by DiddyDave on 25 January 2015 - 03:33 AM

Are there any players over there not called Burgess??


Posted by DiddyDave on 22 January 2015 - 02:11 AM

Yep, Arthur Buckley, head of the junior school, he was an Anglican minister as well. He used to take us for the odd lesson, but he`d always get side tracked by saying, "I remember when I was in the army", and away he`d go. He gave a lot of us the cane one day when we all went outside the big gates on Park Road to get fresh snow for chucking snow balls at play time! Silly owd ######. That ha`penny shop; was that Audrey`s opposite the Cloverdale on Entwistle Road? You could also get a threepenny Tizer or Dandelion and Burdock drink too. She was a lovely lady, I think somebody said she met a bloke and went out to Canada. Great memories of that brook than ran from around Watergrove down to where it joined the Roche at the bottom of Gower Street, we caught loads of sticklebacks in there and fell in a few times too! Great memories as we didn`t know anything else in those days and wish it could`ve been like that for ever, but we all have to grow up.


Posted by DiddyDave on 17 January 2015 - 02:39 AM

Hi Baron,I can`t recall Maryland Place,but it sounds really grand! It must`ve been off Cook Street then,cos that`s where Hamer WMC was? Did you know Seamus Conroy who I went to the Tech with? Also,Fred Preston,John Forsyth,Bomber Stratton and Ian Caveney (Dweller)?

#3048555 Rochdale AFC, EGM

Posted by DiddyDave on 23 December 2014 - 10:17 PM

Don`t know about true colours shining through as the Baron said, but I`d call it being realistic. How does the Baron work out that Dale have ensured that the Stadium Company was to fail? No matter. Surely the Stadium Company has kept both codes in existence, but times change and it`s time for a change. The Hornets of today are a lot different than the Hornets of the eighties, they were doing ok, but Super League came along and clubs like Hornets were basically sent to the wall. You have to thank Red Hill for that, they only wanted elitist clubs and they got it, the rest were left to survive as best as they could, and Hornets, bless `em, are doing just that. It sounds to me like a good deal for Hornets, at least they don`t have to struggle to find a ground to play on like Oldham and Swinton, and I`m sure most visiting teams would be more than happy to play at a decent venue like Spotland. Time will tell.

#3044303 RL Revolution,Australia Style

Posted by DiddyDave on 12 December 2014 - 10:17 PM

Good on ya mate, this great game is OUR game, not theirs. People like Smith and his ilk are here today, gone tomorrow to some other grubby big money venture, while it`s us fans who actually keep the game, or any other game going. The ABC have some good journos and commentators who often ask questions about the general health of the game, though their two best, Dave Morrow and Warren Ryan, have both recently fallen foul of the pc brigade and have both resigned or retired. But as spectators, we should all have a say on the future and direction the game is going, not just accepting carte blanche what the blokes in suits tell us, so we need to "watch this space" whenever news from GHQ is reported. As I say, it`s OUR game, not theirs.

#3043201 NRL Team Wellington

Posted by DiddyDave on 09 December 2014 - 10:52 PM

As a bloke who`s lived in New Zealand from 1972-2007,I dispute the clamour for another team entering the NRL from the Shaky Isles. There might be more Kiwis playing in the comp, but a big majority of those are from the Islands who just used NZ as a stepping stone to enter Oz. Everyone knows rugby yawnion is the main game played professionally in NZ, all eventual League players having been forced to play the 15 a side game at school, which is not the case in Australia. As R L Winger says, Wellington or any other proposed new NZ team, should wait their turn if they were to increase the comp to 18 teams, though I have big reservations about even that. The comp can`t even play every other club twice a year as it is now, so how they`d run it with two extra teams defies logic. Think about it, one NZ team is always going to be better player wise, financially wise, and interest wise than two.  But after 20 years the Warriors are still to show us that they can cut the mustard with the Aussie teams, two losing grand finals and occasionally making the play offs, to me, does not mean they`ve been all that successful. They have a massive supporter base, junior base and a good stadium (for how long, we don`t know), but are still to show us that they are an automatic top eight side, so let`s get real.

#3043173 RL Revolution,Australia Style

Posted by DiddyDave on 09 December 2014 - 10:22 PM

Well, all I can say is, I don`t want to see any game that is spontaneous, like Rugby League is, to be controlled by television like sport is in America, more money or not. To me, all games are reliant on the people who go along every week and pay our hard earned through the turnstiles. No fans means no game, but television doesn`t care about that, all they want is to slam us with the same boring, intelligence insulting ads at every opportunity, and I for one don`t want a bar of it. As I say, I`ll refuse to watch the game if these crackpot "innovations" eventually take hold. There`s half a dozen clubs or more that I can go to see within a few miles of where I live here in Tweed Heads, and to be honest, I get just as much enjoyment and more from watching them as I do going up the road to watch the Titans.

#3042714 RL Revolution,Australia Style

Posted by DiddyDave on 09 December 2014 - 05:11 AM

Has anybody seen the new "radical changes" that the Aussies (NRL rules and competition committee) are reportedly wanting to bring in? They`re proposing four twenty minute quarters over a 100 minute period obviously to accommodate more advertising that would "generate millions of dollars". In other words American Football by default. Have the powers that be in the Old Dart been notified of this load of codswallop? How come it always seems to be the Aussies who want to change this game that we all love? I`m sick of going to NRL matches already with the amount of advertising and crass music they play at every opportunity, preferring to watch the local footy where you get eighty minutes of what I expect, RUGBY LEAGUE. Don`t let this happen, stuff Channel 9 and Foxtel.

#2999685 Match Day 2015...

Posted by DiddyDave on 21 September 2014 - 12:55 AM

Think this is a non starter straight away. The RFL would have to pencil Hornets in to play at Spotland on when Dale are away,and in any case nobody has yet mentioned if the opposition would want to play on Saturdays. I rather think not as a lot of players would work on Saturdays with Sundays being the only day free to play. And,as has been pointed out,Mayfield play on Saturdays,so no,it`s a bloody stupid idea. 

#2974873 Dale Bid for Stadium

Posted by DiddyDave on 10 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

Fair comment about Dale living on the breadline,selling their best players is clearly the only way they can survive,there`s nothing new in that,but so is buying the stadium in the long term. It`s the old argument about buying or renting,most of us have had to make a decision which way to go on that score. Tyrone Shoelaces assertion that the only reason Dale want to acquire the stadium is to kick Hornets out is ridiculous knowing that we all agree that Dale are so poor. Think about it,the only added source of income for Dale is using the pitch,Hornets are doing that and presumably keeping up with the rent. I have a place that I rent out,I don`t know the bloke who`s in there,but he pays the rent on time and looks after the place,so why would I want to kick him out? I`ve said it here before and I`ll say it again,for two clubs just about on the bones of their backsides and getting almost non survivable support,I would`ve thought mutual tolerance would be paramount,but for some,that`s obviously not the case. Hornets did this,Dale did that,it`s pathetic. Live and let live,you know,it`s the only way.

#2939052 All things NZ Warriors

Posted by DiddyDave on 04 June 2014 - 03:01 AM

Don`t get too excited with the Warriors` resurgence,impressive though it might be at the moment. As soon as you think they`ve turned the corner,they come up with abject performances a la Penrith. The really worrying thing is that none of them seem to be able to "put their finger" on what goes so pitifully wrong. I`m with you,Mt.Smart,I`d love the Warriors to do well and win the comp,but somehow I think a few swallows do not make a summer.