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RL Revolution,Australia Style

09 December 2014 - 05:11 AM

Has anybody seen the new "radical changes" that the Aussies (NRL rules and competition committee) are reportedly wanting to bring in? They`re proposing four twenty minute quarters over a 100 minute period obviously to accommodate more advertising that would "generate millions of dollars". In other words American Football by default. Have the powers that be in the Old Dart been notified of this load of codswallop? How come it always seems to be the Aussies who want to change this game that we all love? I`m sick of going to NRL matches already with the amount of advertising and crass music they play at every opportunity, preferring to watch the local footy where you get eighty minutes of what I expect, RUGBY LEAGUE. Don`t let this happen, stuff Channel 9 and Foxtel.