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Challenge Cup Final

31 August 2015 - 06:24 AM

Correct me if I`m wrong as I missed the end of the game and the subsequent handing over of the trophy,but I take it there were no royals in attendance at the game. The pre game introductions were carried out by some lady politician,the escapes me,so I assume she handed over the trophy too? Bloody disgrace that some royal or another couldn`t be arsed going along,but maybe they`re all on holiday at the moment,not that they`re hardly ever not on holiday somewhere. Just shows what they think of the plebs north of Watford,but bet there`ll be a few royals at the ra ra World Cup final whenever that will be.

New TV Deal in Oz

04 August 2015 - 05:42 AM

A $1.7 billion deal until 2022 that could see the star players earning "up to $1.5 million a year",is on the verge of being secured and Dave Smith hopes to sign off on the deal before the end of the season. Hmmm,I guess it will stop the odd "star" heading off to rugby yawnion or American football because $750,000 isn`t enough,but whether it will mean better games is a moot point. The NRL need to ensure that the game stays exciting and still affordable to the average supporter,but if it means an increase at the gate,or an increase to get the game on Fox Sports,well they can stick it for me. As if these blokes aren`t on enough money already when the average ordinary Joe Blow`s wages and conditions are constantly under attack these days from greedy employers and brain dead politicians has me shaking my head. It`ll be interesting to see what Paul Kent thinks about this as he was the one on RFL360 last week who put forward the possibilty that 12 clubs might set up their own competition after 2018 if "a lot of their concerns aren`t met by the NRL". In other words,another potential Super League type war.