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#3090702 headguards

Posted by wilson on 18 March 2015 - 10:27 AM

Don't want to sound ant-headgear but it isn't quite as simple as it seems.  In fact after lengthy research Amateur Boxers are to be banned from using headgear at international level - in a bid to reduce cases of concussion. As a side issuefurther research suggests that headgear also reduces peripheral vision and therefore diminishes the chances of taking evasive action.

Also where does it end - crash helmets? American Footballers suffer more than most and promising players are quitting early because of the threat of permanent brain damage.

And on Sunday wasn't there an Oldham player taken off after a high tackle.  He had been wearing  headgear.

It might be a lot easier - and safer - to outlaw head tacklers by giving them hefty bans .. not the token game or two. It used to be an eight-match ban. 

#2815926 Long lost amateur clubs

Posted by wilson on 24 October 2013 - 01:28 PM

Tameside Borough were formed in 1982 at a meeting at the Star pub in Ashton and survived until 1997 (somewhere I've still got the handbook we self-published of the 15 years in the Pennine League. I was chairman when the club played those matches in Perpignan and Dublin and remember the French game very well. We asked for an early kick off so that the players could enjoy a weekend in the city before going to the Test match on the Sunday. However something must have been lost in translation because when we arrived in Perpignan there posters advertising a game against Palau (kick off 3 pm) and St. Maries 5-30. After a quick piece of diplomacy by the coach Dave Whitehead and myself we managed to duck the Palau game but the St. Marie's game was put back to 8-30 on the Saturday night.  It doesn't take much imagination to guess what state the players were in come kick-off time. However with ten minutes to go we were level at 18-18 (despite having two French referees). Unfortunately our friendly hosts then brought on three fresh players (one of them a French international and we lost 42-18. However, we did get a much bigger trophy than the winning team and there was a late night reception at the town hall.  You can read all about it in Dave Hadfield's book Thirteen Winters (It is in a chapter called The Season of The Win). A player shortage caused the club to fold and switch to summer in the new National League Three but after a nomadic five-year existence playing at Oldham RU, Dukinfield RU and Ashton on Mersey RU we agreed that we were fighting a losing battle and the club folded completely.  But they were indeed happy days at Droylsden's Medlock Centre.

#2811309 England v Italy - Live Score Updates

Posted by wilson on 19 October 2013 - 07:38 PM

It appears that,according to MD, heritage players are fine as long as they are rubbish. But no matter what we would all like to believe RL  is not a world game at professional level so if we did not use them we would have a World Cup of five teams as in the past. If that's what you want, then OK, but the argument that it will do no good in Italy or the USA if they have the odd good result is, in IMHO wrong. USA Soccer was built on the backs of foreign players, so was the game in Australia. Both are now regulars in the football World Cup. We have to start somewhere and a World Cup seems as good a place as any. You never know, it may even get locals interested in the game.