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  1. If your over 55 you shouldn't be doing anything non-essential. The young population needs to separate from the older. People over 55 react far worse than the under 50 to Corvid 19.
  2. Whats the odds on David Ayres playing for the Wolfpack as well... 42 yr old man who got drafted in at the last minute to play in the NHL in Toronto when a team didnt have enough players.
  3. The dog ate my homework. (or may be it was a Wolf) Surely if your this all singing all dancing corporation of a transatlantic sports you would have employed the services of an immigration lawyer? Or at the time was a tattoo artist for the players seen as the main priority.
  4. They will be most grounds have the gantry above the main stand. Which never looks great.
  5. Was there not an issue with players misusing visa's last year? I can't help but think that Toronto Wolfpack are going to get looked on badly by the home office. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/48519482
  6. I think it also blinds people into thinking we can do away with the amateur game and just have academies. Which is a bit like saying if we all go to university then lets scrap High Schools and Primary.
  7. Well on paper they were well attended.... 2013 Canada v USA 28th sept - 5,176, 6th July - 7,168, 2014 Canada v USA 7,356 Did you allow for the several thousand in the beer queue??
  8. they got a good location, end of. Perez played the genius card like a footballer at the world cup who gets lucky goal. we had it in manchester when the storm played at the arena.
  9. Not true. The use of beer festivals and transport links was allowing Canadian Rugby League to hold internationals several years before which were well attended at the Lamport.
  10. That's not how Rugby League works you need a big squad, you will get injuries every game.
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