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  1. It worse than the old micron club videos. If they played the games in a garage forecourt and used the CCTV it would have better camera work.
  2. That must be the uk offering then, think I am getting confused with an article I read about coverage in africa.
  3. I see the similarity, but i think the designer can sleep easy. would have been terrible if it was the same design!
  4. put us a link to the Keighley shirt I have you have broke the heart of some designer.
  5. Toronto are based out of middleton so its not that far away.
  6. Both but its going out on african tv stations. Not sure if any of the stations can be picked up in the uk. Dont have streaming details.
  7. I live in that part of the world moving from the motherland of Salford. Buy my beans in Chadderton and Failsworth if thats what your asking.
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