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  1. Good interview 10 minutes from the end of the time slot on Sherwood Wolfhunt. https://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1578963600/1578967200/
  2. Based on previous history, I would ring Saracens up first. Toronto v Wigan at the Manchester Regional Arena springs to mind.
  3. Its not harsh. As a sport we are facing extinction not from Rugby Union, but from the self interest within that have destroyed the sport at every level, driven away people of good character.
  4. I think as sport we have lost any serious credibility at this point.
  5. Kano Gazelles are the Champions of Nigeria the Champions of the North Kano Gazelles defeating South West Champions Lagos Haven 18 - 12.
  6. The home nations will never grow when the international game is nothing more a RFL database search for heritage players. Unfortunately the inclusion into the world cup also kills of any serious credibility as a domestic league.
  7. Eurotag (not flag rugby) has rebranded to X (cross) League. Makes sense to me and says what is better. Semi-contact variant offering wider participation opportunities for Rugby League while not being a different sport.
  8. Lagos Haven face Kano Gazelles in the National Final. The exciting thing about Kano Gazelles is they also won the youth league. Its going to be the youth leagues that produce the real stars of the future.
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