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  1. The man is a clown, typical of journalists who think they have all the answers. Not a clue about anything that actually goes on in the sport. Big things happen when people put in hard work with long terms plans not because fantastists will them to happen. Accusing anyone who can see what clearly was going to happen as a flat-capper. The main reason expansion fails in Rugby League is we push a side realistic plans to pursue follies.
  2. The RFL are the tumour in the sport. The RLEF needs to be purged of people with RFL backgrounds.
  3. I can tell you now its not. A lot of professional sports administrators have got drunk with power over the years. Nations are essentially self-financed and ran on a volunteer basis and my own experience is people don't get treated respectfully by the RLEF. Humans being humans need to have checks and balances when you get power or you end up with narcissists gaining control.
  4. My thoughts having read the article in the sun. Its looks like an other opportunist who has sprung up.
  5. This same bloke who not long ago was slagging off the 'little' clubs in the UK.
  6. No you need to stop the pathetic tactic of trying to guilt shame people just because your unable to debate the topic at hand.
  7. Assuming none of this relates to the UK?
  8. Most sane people want change, but splitting society on race lines and supporting people who make inflammatory statements is not something a sport should be endorsing. This is not a way to solve problems but create them.
  9. It is very much political to the point it does not have the overwhelming support of black americans. Hate mongers like you need to be stood up to.
  10. When black celebrities and angry young men are coming out and making statements that white people are the enemy. I don't see it making society a better place. Racists want to outline we are different and not the same. Its going to recruit more people to the far-right if anything.
  11. The thing works on white guilt, I have none I don't care what colour someone is. I dont only have friends and family of the same race. I don't feel guilt-ed into supporting this. I see it as a marxist movement, causing social unrest while world has time on its hands. In America you have the whole slavery hangover.
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