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  1. "There's only one way to find out FIIIIIIGHT!!!!" :lol:
  2. I heard on BBC radio Leeds Wino's this morning that Zak will be making his Leeds debut against Wakey on Boxing day . If they are going to use him for these "nothing" games I hope he comes through unscathed and they send him back to us in time for the season proper .
  3. Cheers Andy . I should be able to do that easy. No danger of me having a drink or two before the game tho but good advice to the others about not going too overboard.
  4. I know there are 3 games on the day but what time does our match kick off? I have to work on the day and trying to work out if I can blast over to Warrington in time or will have to make do with the game on Sky??
  5. Me? Nervous?? No not at all, I'm sh1tting bricks!!!
  6. Anyone who makes them out of cotton instead of horrible 100% nylon printed tat will be fine by me . I have bought some great quality T shirts and polo shirts from the shop why is replica shirt quality so awful?
  7. Just been on the Barrow forum and there is a link to the local Barrow rag. Looks like Steve Mcormack has quit, Des has accepted his resignation. Not the best preparation heading into the play offs.
  8. I know what you mean Daz, I'm bringing the missus for the first time this season but if it's still a poor crowd with free entry for females and a good chance of being crowned league champions at the same time then we ain't ever going to get good crowds back ! It probably won't get any better than this on the pitch for us COME ON YOU FEVVVVV!!!
  9. Well done mate, not far off 0-48 . A fine display and effort from the boys, not long left now and no sign of them taking their foot off the gas
  10. Hardman try 44-0 2 mins to go
  11. Second half now Fev 34-0 up
  12. Hard to believe not long ago we couldn't buy a win away especially anywhere in Cumbria HT 30 nil up
  13. 24-0 up now
  14. Hardacre try again 14-0 to Fev
  15. Now winning 10-0