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  1. Digressing slightly, how was this decided ? I didn't go and didn't see any of the voting slips which are usually floating around at any of the games, and I can't recall 'Club person' of the year being on there before ?
  2. Words can not begin to describe how much I laughed when I saw that mistake. In grammar.
  3. I can't believe no one at the club knew about this. I know for a fact the Bulldog costume was lent out when in started in (I believe) 2012 and has been a fixture in September since then. My daughter came home with a flyer from school, it's been on facebook / twitter and BTG's pictures. Anyhow, mid / late September is not the ideal time when players and staff will have booked their holidays after the season. I suggest one of these for the Bulldogs office next year (if there isn't one there already). Laminated, you could write all the fixtures on, all the different dinners and events (Bulldogs / Batley Boys / Bissa / Supporters Club) so they don't clash, Batley Festival, who's booked hospitality, gaps where it needs to be sold etc etc. Everyone could see what was going on (as long as no one spilled their brew over it).
  4. Would the club like this info ? It would be a free member of staff and we'd get someone to help for free with the right professional background. Surely it's worth a go ?
  5. Really ? That aside, here's an idea. Last year I got on a course run by James Deighton from Radio Leeds. There were a few sports journalist students on there. Every single Sports Journalist and Sports Marketing student needs to do a placement. These people will be future professionals and will have command of social media, promotion and everything that comes with it. Huddersfield Unis tutor is Times journalists Chris Irvine who is also often on Sky. I have his (Irvines) email address if someone from the club would like to contact him to take this forward.
  6. Highlight? Not gong down. Lowlight? Not getting in the play offs. What have been the positives? The Pack What have been the negatives? The Backs What can be improved upon? The organisation of the club and the way it is run. I suggest a break down how that nepotistic madhouse is run by someone like Gordon Ramsey or Alex Polizzi. What do we need to do to avoid being in another relegation scrap next year? See above
  7. And i'm talking old Italian Lira - about £400.
  8. And some new ideas
  9. Oh and a fullback
  10. That's great. Can we have some more please. Centre, centre, halfback, halfback, halfback.
  11. I predict another 80 minutes of mediocre drudgery with our excellent front row propping up the rest of the team as the dimmer switch on the lights gets closer to being fully switched off. Batley 14, Doncaster 10. I cannot wait until the end of this wretched season (again).
  12. The few games I've seen Bloem in I'd he's one of the better Ref's in the Championship.
  13. Are you joking ? If Gareth Moore was to come back I'd celebrate it with a decorated Jamaican themed float, accompanied by a steel drum band, scantily clad carnival girls twerking, wearing 'I love Gareth Moore' Thongs while the great man threw out free cans of Lilt and Reggae Reggae ribs and wings dressed in a flamingo feather boa sat on a massive golden throne. Get a grip people!
  14. What about Adam Higsons ridiculous 90's haircut ? Despicable fashion, despicable team of thugs.