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  1. Hi Puggy tried to pm you but wont let me need to speak to you about the programme

  2. Re the pinned quiz and fun bus threads would you be able to remove the out of date threads and I will post new ones hopefully the will be ok in the main topics thanks

  3. This affects us all

    Please sign the online petition Thanks
  4. Maybe like me you have already got your cards well even tho I have Im still sending a donation to this cause So frequently is bravery attributed that its currency is pretty devalued. But then you meet someone whose strength in the face of adversity seems superhuman. King is 6ft 4in, and 23. He is handsome and well dressed with a broad chest and dark hair. But below his neck, his body is useless
  5. Pub in Widnes

    There was a bowling club house just threw the widnes car park as havent been for a while it may be closed But it is a very reasonable price pint and just a stone throw away from the front entrance
  6. oy you have NICKED my avatar !!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Aw you got no friends