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  1. Deon Cross was named Try of the season
  2. Great night last night Well done to everyone who got an award Onwards Hornets Onwards
  3. So we had only 16 players ??? I was at the game and everyone of the Hornets lads who played gave 110% and gave Featherstone a game Theres few really good sayings 1, You can please some of the people all of the time ,you can please all of the people some of the time But you can't please all of the people ALL of the time ... John Lydgate OR Thumper Bambi 1942 My mama always said ...if you can't say nothing nice ,you shouldn't say nothing at all Finally It is wiser to find out than to suppose
  4. To gain entry if you have a child season ticket you will need to go to the club shop before queuing at the turnstiles The shop is located just past main reception to collect a ticket free of charge on proof of season ticket holder this will gain you entry through the turnstiles Many thanks
  5. Just to save time for those who have Kids season tickets for Rochdale game you need to go to the office in main reception to get your ticket exchanged for a match entrance ticket before you can go through the turnstiles
  6. I said we didn’t have a box, of course we watch the match but we sat in the stands and joined the game I personally only saw one home game kick off whilst I was on board and that was when the kick off was postponed due to incident on motorway and some of team and match officials were in the held traffic As Brent said he’s never seen directors in a box
  7. Hornets Directors don’t have a box , as all directors are expected to work/help out match days so there would be no one in it
  8. Eric was on everyone's mind on Sunday there was many fond memories spoken of him Last year Chris Churm arranged for Eric and his guests to come to a game ,with Eric going on the pitch for recognition of his services to Rochdale Hornets I personally spent many a Friday night in the Cock &Magpie with him & Liz ,a truly lovely gentleman who loved not just his family from the bottom of his heart ,but his Rugby League family too each & every man & boy he had come across so many happy hours listening to his tales Eric loved his time spent in Rugby League & he had so many friends & memories To Liz & his family our thoughts and prayers are with you all
  9. Please note you will need to come to main reception to redeem your voucher at the office where you will be given a ticket to enter the game though the turnstiles many thanks
  10. Please note kids season ticket holders will need to come to the office at main reception to redeem a ticket for the game they will need their season ticket this is free of charge Thanks Buzzybee
  11. Please sign the online petition Thanks www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/Protect_our_NHS_Petition#petition
  12. Maybe like me you have already got your cards well even tho I have Im still sending a donation to this cause So frequently is bravery attributed that its currency is pretty devalued. But then you meet someone whose strength in the face of adversity seems superhuman. King is 6ft 4in, and 23. He is handsome and well dressed with a broad chest and dark hair. But below his neck, his body is useless
  13. There was a bowling club house just threw the widnes car park as havent been for a while it may be closed But it is a very reasonable price pint and just a stone throw away from the front entrance
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