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  1. There are no fans at most normal NRL games so it's just about the same as it was.
  2. The Dortmund v Bayern game was very good though. They must have had someone playing different sounds to match what was happening e.g. there was whistling when Neuer held the ball too long. Actually felt like there was an atmosphere which as a TV viewer was all that was missing. It worked on the NRL too, I thought they did a good job.
  3. Enjoyable game and great to have something to watch! Adding crowd sounds makes a bug difference. I watched Dortmund v Bayern the other day and the added sounds made it a much better watch than the Bundesliga games I'd watched earlier. It feels like the cameras are trying to maintain an angle that doesn't show too much of the stands too which is a good if I haven't just imagined it!
  4. Cipriani would absolutely not make a good NRL half. He wouldn't make a good SL half but might be able to play Championship. A couple of us took the time to watch him closely in a game once and he just simply would not be able to play league. He played like an u15s player, running across, never squaring up, terrible passing, worse defence. He might have looked good in union where the halves have a very different job. I'd love to have seen him try and play NRL, it would have been hilarious. Same as Gavin Henson when he was mooted as coming to League.
  5. That's fantastic. Shame it's only had 5000 views. Would be great if Bleacher Report or ESPN did something similar.
  6. That's a good one. I assume injury as he had a couple of bad ones. He was pretty good at Fev briefly then left for Bradford I think. Didn't hear much from him again.
  7. Both had pretty decent send offs in 2018 after long, high profile careers. Mannering in particular had a well documented and high profile retirement season with guards of honor and the lot. Just type Simon Mannering retirement into Google.
  8. 12 players would be imbalanced. You have a FB as the odd mad out making it an even 12 in the line. The game is exciting enough and there are plenty of tries. We should be making try scoring more difficult if anything. Easy tries aren't appealing.
  9. Just read this context Mike, sorry I missed it. Glad we agree on a lot of things after reading that. I think the difference with RU is that they have time to set and do a 'move'. League is so fast you have to be able to execute on the fly so it makes sense to have plays ingrained into the players so you can play fast and execute quickly. Clever coaches are now setting structures that allow for creativity, whilst still playing in a structure. Get to this position in this shape and play what's on. Needs good players to do it well though which is part of the fun.
  10. You are too generous Mike but yes, I do have a bit of insight. In fact I'm cutting up some stats for my mate's championship team at the moment as a way to learn Power BI. The bloke I'm talking about is a big fan of Tim Sheens and says he learned a lot off him but we had a discussion about why he wasnt that successful in the UK despite being technically elite and one of the best man managers around. Might be a different discussion but the psychology of managing players is changing a lot. In terms of playbook, I think the game went stale for at least ten years when everyone did the same play and it was just about who executed it better which ultimately meant that the teams with better athletes and better mentally conditioned players would win. We've seen a return to creativity recently, in England driven by Darryl Powell, and its good to see. One of the things I noticed about the game in the lockdown period is that games in the 80s and early 90s were more entertaining. It wasnt necessarily the best way to win games but it was what they did. Runarounds in their own ten..Fck it. Glad more creative play is coming back and playbooks are a natural part of that. As players get more well drilled and athletic, defences get better so its natural that attacks then have to get more creative, but also have to balance it with percentages. Part of the fascination of sport! Did that answer the question? I've had half a bottle of tequila.
  11. Nail on head. Now more than ever, it's so painfully clear how much influence the media have on the opinions of the masses. I could name numerous examples but will avoid politics. The best one recently is women's football. Basically, a nothing sport, no interest, no funding, no coverage. The BBC and others decide (rightly in my opinion) that they deserve more coverage. This takes off and obviously scores brownie point with progressives and all of a sudden you've got blokes in the pub talking about the relative merits of england women's players. It took around 2 years to raise the game from obscurity to being one of the more higher profile sports in the UK. Steph Houghton has 212k instagram followers Sam Tomkins 56k Gareth Widdop 44k Luke Thompson 12k Even Sam Burgess only has only 346k and he is a cross code, international player Australia is no different. Yes we need to be competitive but we're pretty much there and Australia lose often enough. The key to the international game is getting their media to actually get behind it. Can't see it happening any time soon unfortunately.
  12. SL just put him up for one the options for the SL all time dream team. In that sense he's vastly overrated. He was an honest and decent player, don't think he was underrated at all.
  13. I agree to an extent but I think Locky is rated fairly highly. I remember talking to him about this about 8/9 years ago and he thought he wasn't big enough, which may be true. I reckon he could have been a SL player, he's certainly tough enough mentally and physically but as he pointed out himself may have just lacked a little bit in size and/or pace. Excellent player though and very well respected. I dont think he's underrated by his peers but maybe fans.
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