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  1. You maybe missed the part (and point) where I said 'effectively' loans. i.e. very little chance of them being called back to Leeds and every chance they would remain at Fev as long as required, which is what has happened apart from with Briscoe. The way to make DR effective. Douglas was a good move for Leigh, he's had a good season.
  2. Fev must be favourites but York can't be dismissed at home. I do feel like they achieved their goal when they reached the top 5 and it's been a fantastic season in any case. If both teams perform equally Fev win, if Fev drop in performance then York win. Fev look motivated and with the result going against them a couple of weeks ago I think they will still be motivated so will go with Fev by 10.
  3. All of which are effectively season long loans from whatever point we brought them in, which is why it's worked so well. DR doesn't work when it's players coming in for a week for match fitness. It does work when they integrate into the team which these lads have as you can see by their attitude and enthusiasm in things like the victory song and try celebrations. Fev actually pay for this DR arrangement too which many people forget. As I understand it, Fev pay Leeds a decent sum of money each year in return for a pick of non-selected players at Leeds. Obviously Leeds have first pick but the 5 regulars (these 4 plus Briscoe) weren't going to get a game at Leeds unless there were injuries, so Fev could integrate them properly into the squad. A good arrangement all round and much better approach than having Brett Ferres for a week then Parcell for a week etc.
  4. Bateman is a world class back rower, there is no argument about that, at least not from anyone with any sense. I've never seen him not perform consistently at any level, so him doing well in the NRL shouldn't be a surprise. Talk about size is naive, I don't know why it comes up so often. Their are countless examples of smaller blokes being great players and incredible athletes being average. Greg Bird wasn't a bad back rower was he. I'm not sure about this myth that the NRL has bigger players at all, it's probably the opposite as the game as gotten faster. Great to see Bateman proving people wrong.
  5. Fev would be a good bet to make the final now. York are beatable and Toulouse will have had a tough trip to Toronto.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if both teams were happy with a loss here. Nobody wants to go to Toronto twice in a couple of weeks and I wouldn't want to go there, get pumped and then have to come back against a fired up Toulouse/York/Fev/Leigh. York in particular are probably better off losing here and preparing for Leigh or Fev at home then having a proper crack at Toulouse (should they beat Leigh/Fev) after they've been to Toronto.
  7. To be fair he's won a lot more games than he's lost for us and I don't think anyone was under any illusion about what we were getting. He's not really a Cooper Cronk style half is he and if you're going to have him in the team you need to accept the brain farts!
  8. It's ridiculous. If a team wins away they should take home advantage from the other team should they meet again. Repeat fixtures are the worst thing about this format, which could be somewhat tempered by reversing the home/away aspect if the away team won the first game.
  9. "What if Salford actually won the Grand Final?" Scotchy's head would explode.
  10. Yeah, I'm not saying he isn't effective, he clearly is but some of his defensive efforts are just lazy or selfish. That's something that's easily fixable and is purely an attitude thing. I kind of don't mind the passes going into touch, the offloads or a wayward kick when he's trying something creative in attack, that's the trade off. Defending isn't the time to do something maverick, just stick to the plan. You can do individual things in attack not defence, if you don't defend as a unit you're done. Hopefully he can defend a little more selflessly this week, if he does and he is on song with the ball we have a chance.
  11. I wouldn't to be honest as I have first hand experience of it when me and 2 other lads Fev/Cas signed for Leeds when we were 15 some 20 years ago and that practice carries on still. Big clubs are more attractive though particularly ones that provide so many young players with a path to the first team like Wigan and Leeds. The Wakefield District is of course inclusive of Cas and Fev so it can be a little misleading but the area does produce a lot of talent even if they don't get developed by those clubs. I just saw on Facebook a lad from Fev Lions signing for Wigan for example so it still goes on and will continue. For this type of discussion its probably best to look at players the club produces and their impact in the game to identify how good their scouting is but more importantly how good their system is at producing top players. I know that Wigan put a lot of effort into the culture of the club and developing the mental toughness of young players as well as skill and that shows in the players that come through. Wakey have produced some excellent players over the years and some great ones recently such as Tom Johnstone which would suggest they are doing something right.
  12. When you say Wakefield have produced more players than any other area, do you mean the club or Wakefield district? I know the club have a decent record producing players over the past couple of decades with people like Brough, Westwood, Ellis etc but I wouldn't have thought they were anywhere near Wigan or Leeds, or even Bradford come to think of it. Genuine question, I'm not trying to cause a fight.
  13. I'm well aware of golden point. I would have to assume if they contrived to draw after 80 mins they could carry on the debacle for the duration of golden point. I don't think they will or would do it either but it's odd you recount an example of it happening elsewhere then dismiss it completely. It would be more difficult in rugby but not impossible, particularly a 0-0 just do 5 boring drives/scoots and a basic kick repeatedly for 80 mins. The pressure is hardly the same is it. If Hudds lost on Friday, Wakey playing a couple of days later would know they were safe so the pressure would be off, which is hardly fair to HKR...or Salford for that matter. Same scenario if HKR played before everyone else and lost.
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