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  1. Not to state the obvious, but the grading is part of the system. A lot of clubs will have voted for it without knowing the full impact, people are allowed to change their minds once they get a fuller picture. I suspect there was also a lot of 'toeing the line' from clubs that didn't really like the concept but didnt want to rub their new corporate overlords up the wrong way. It still doesn't get away from the fact that London have abandoned their academy because of the IMG grading system. Even if they are using it as an excuse, without it there would be no excuse and we wouldnt be here now. I suspect you might have even seen an investment in their academy to take advantage of the fact that their pathway could lead to SL, that opportunity has been taken away from them.
  2. London's decision...driven by the new system.
  3. Whether it's in Hughes pocket or put back into other areas of the club is irrelevant. Hughes doesn't see the value in running an academy under the IMG system, the IMG evangelists can try and spin it however they want but that is the formal, official reason.
  4. They wouldn't have stopped if this system hadn't been implemented. They have effectively been told they won't be in SL in 2025, so what's the incentive to spend money on something that will bring them no immediate benefit? They're better off spending their money on a big screen and some fake Facebook followers. This development is a direct impact of the IMG system. London are free to invest their money where they see fit.
  5. It's ok saying that the RFL are to blame for not letting clubs run academies as that to me was a huge failing and ridiculous decision in the first place, and it wouldn't be fair to compare clubs in this instance, but then it's not fair to compare on finances or crowds either. However, IMG have brought in this god awful points scoring system KNOWING that was the case and junior development is a huge part of any sport, particularly one with dwindling pathways and playing numbers. Did they just think this wasn't going to come up? It seems like every day another huge hole is exposed in this fag packet plan and it's barely even operational. All the spreadsheet RLFC fans were cheering to the rafters when London won promotion - "just what we need", Kyle Amor - "Great for the game". How many more of this kind of story are we going to get before the penny drops? While it's terrible for the game that London have taken this decision, I don't blame them in the slightest. They are pointing out yet another flaw in a system that has taken their ambition, ripped it up and wiped its backside with it. They could be gearing up for a crack at SL but instead they've thought why bother. Why bother indeed.
  6. Wonder if Kyle Amor wants to re-evaluate his stance. What a terrible decision.
  7. It's this simple. We're so pig headed as a sport we can't do the simple things. Even if the Pacific teams had players in Origin, who cares, give us enough international games to make it worthwhile. It's a real shame that our leading country is so isolated and inward looking to the point where its stifling growth and they can't even see it.
  8. 'Missing' is a little aggrandizing, most of them are just players who weren't picked. Squad depth, yes ok, you could suggest that and I think we do have and 4 or 5 of those guys would probably be in the seventeen. Tonga had some good players missing as well, not least Taumololo, but it's the nature of the beast at this stage of the year. I hope KPP kicks on as we're starting to look a little light in the back row going forward.
  9. He's lucky he plays for Saints, he isn't a top tier prop as proven in this series and I didn't say he was an average championship player I said he wouldn't stand out and I firmly believe that. He's a salary cap player for Saints.
  10. Great series win. What this doesnt do is get me excited about a 3 test series against Samoa. It would be nice to get involved with a tri or 4 nations instead.
  11. Lees is not an international front rower. I cant believe people were bigging him up last week after 3 carries and 8 meters. So basic. We're hardly doing anything to promote our refereeing standards either. God awful officiating.
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