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  1. Great game, really entertaining. I'm one of those who thought Queensland had no chance at the start of the series but I fancied them today at a full Suncorp. Really, if it weren't for poor finishing they should have been out of sight with 20 to go but I'm not complaining that they made it interesting. It just shows how players can get up for a game if the stakes are high, the crowd behind you and you have a couple of quality players in the side. Where would that Queensland team finish in the NRL? would it crack the top 8? How many players would have made the NSW team? Munster and Papalii maybe. Great effort for them to win and doubly enjoyable after people like Gallen and Gould were saying they were the worst team in 40 years etc. The real decider was game 1 when I think NSW thought it was going to be easy after going into a 10-0 lead. Both teams then won their home fixtures fairly convincingly. Munster wasn't the only difference today, as good as he was. The inclusion of Grant made a huge difference to QL as Friend doesn't really offer much out of DH. QL were much more intense than NSW which I think is helped by having a capacity crowd behind them, QL's middle was dominant, Papalii and Welsh excellent with Tino, Arrow and Collins great support play. The bench forwards did a similar job to NSW bench last week. Players who really shouldnt be rep players like Brenko Lee, Edrick Lee, Capewell were excellent and really stood up. NSW underestimated QL for most of this series. They also fell foul of the old square peg round hole problem of trying to shoehorn your best players into the team and the four loose forward bench policy was always going to be a risk. There is always a chance you are going to pick up an injury in game three and they had no cover. They went through 3 games and didnt have one specialist centre on the field at any point and it cost them ultimately. Last point. Gus Gould can F-off. He ruined the GF with his relentless bias to the panthers and did the same again here. He makes good points when he tries to be objective but even then they are delivered with such arrogance and aloofness its just off putting. The fawning over Origin "that's an Origin tackle", "he's an Origin player" is BBC Rugby Union-esque. Just call the game ffs.
  2. I would expect some might just hang around as PT members of the squad, some would take the FT upgrade and the chance of a crack at SL and others you could probably subsidise the wage and loan out. If too many are just going to hang around as PT players and that prevents converting the squad to FT then its a waste of time applying in my opinion. Anyone applying has to be FT or its pointless.
  3. Fair point on Welham. Care to elaborate on the complication with their contracts? Are you suggesting they might not want to leave and are entitled to remain on their current contracts? That is true although I suspect most players will want to play and that is unlikely if they stay in the squad as a PT player. In that scenario I can see some loans with Fev supplementing some of the wage, but who knows. It would be interesting to see what Fev and York's transition plans are because I dont think they would be taken seriously if they said they were going to run PT squads.
  4. I think any team attempting a hybrid squad would get destroyed and it really shouldn't be considered beyond maybe having PT squad players to supplement the FT squad. Looking at Fev's squad I would assume the following would be ok with going FT, some of them being quasi-FT already - Hall, Welham, Minns, Brown, Chisholm, Harrison, Bussey, Ferres, Jones, Parata, Day, Halton, Ferguson (although I dont think he'll make the starting line). Players such as Davies, Hardcastle, Lockwood, Gale, Blackmore etc I'm not sure on their personal situations or preferences but you could assume some would take on a FT contract and others would want to stick to PT to keep their jobs. Say 3 or 4 went FT and the others dropped back to the Championship, that gives you a base FT squad of around 17. The young lads they have signed would probably only need a small bump in salary to go FT as squad players, so realistically you are looking at bringing in 5-8 players to boost the squad and bring it up to SL quality. Say you spent 200k upgrading existing contracts to FT, you can spend the remaining 800k on those new players, or save a bit of it when the inevitable relegation comes and spend it investing.
  5. I merely shared the objective assessment of independent consultants...
  6. For the record this was a bit of a wind up, I think Catalan are great and a real success story for RL and Super League. The more serious point is that the attachment is from the 'independent' and 'objective' assessment commissioned by Elstone into the strategic potential of professional RL in Canada. It would appear the consultants think that French teams offer nothing to SL, so maybe the Oscar Wilde quotes and cry reacts could be sent to them? The 'strategic' direction of the game seems very retractionist at the moment which I dont think bodes well for Toulouse's bid.
  7. I imagine this will upset a few people, but given the current situation it’s worth assessing the long term value of French inclusion in SL. Catalans in their own right a success according to the report, which I think everyone agrees with. However, it’s clear that SL is subsidizing SL for Catalans rather than the other way around. Despite the fanfare they offer nothing other than a pin in the map and a good away trip. Given Toulouse is a much weaker club, why are we even entertaining them as an option? The fantasy needs to end, everyone from families to business are focusing on their strengths. French teams is English leagues is not a strength.
  8. Fev, Leigh, Toulouse best squads which is what was panning out this season. Fev relatively easy upgrade to full time with existing players, so I reckon all three would need 7-10 players depending on the quality they can bring in. whoever goes up I hope they stay up just to stick two fingers up at the corruption
  9. Whoever goes up will sign obviously. The interesting analysis of this is how can they use a million quid to boost the squad. How many PT players will convert to FT and will they improve as a result? How much will that cost? They all need improving but with some wise spending could be competitive. good work listing all the teams.
  10. Fantastic player and career. Shame he got so many injuries towards the end but that’s to be expected. Carried a team like Wigan at times which is some feat. His injury (along with Hodgson) cost us the wc in 2017
  11. I would assume that it looks like Leigh are capable of building a squad capable of staying up with Degsy's funding which might put teams off. As I said on another thread though, Leigh are kind of building a squad to win the championship so I'm not sure how much space they have on the cap. Fev and York may be able to better spend the million but I'm not sure. Both would need to transition from hybrid/PT which would be more difficult. I doubt Sky are overly fussed about Toulouse or London, at least not to the point they would push them. Neither bring in more viewers and certainly not more subscribers despite what people would like to think. Heartland teams will likely increase Sky viewers and subscriptions albeit only a small amount. Bradford probably do look the best bet, but they'd have to back to Odsal and...well we just can't can we if have a shred of integrity! Nothing against Bradford btw but they deserve to be where they are at the moment and have to build organically.
  12. Firstly, the absence of any meaningful grading or weighting makes the criteria a little bit of a joke. I get they don't want to back themselves into a corner as they have probably already decided but why go to the effort of the sham detailed criteria. It's clearly not a serious evaluation process. I've been thinking about this a lot and it would have been interesting to make the bids anonymous and given them to a panel of selectors who didnt know anything about RL. I suspect the ranking would be a lot different than people are expecting it will be. The big question for me is what SL (because let's face it they are choosing) think of Toulouse. The leaked Toronto assessment which concluded that having Catalans in SL had no positive impact on SL's bottom line could be damning. No French sponsors for SL, extremely poor TV deals and no improvement in national team don't really help. COVID is another big issue given there is a question on how clubs will respond if COVID continues. 'Not well' is clearly the answer in this case. The majority seem to want Toulouse to continue the expansion dream but during these times of retraction and isolationism I'm not sure this is their time. They don't really stand out on any other criteria either, whilst holding their own. I think the SL clubs (who have apparently voiced who they want to Elstone) will want income and the best opportunity to avoid relegation. This is obvious from the funding debacle. Could London be the expansion alternative? Well maybe but their bid must come across incredibly weak if you take location and their SL 2019 performance out of the equation. The stadium alone should preclude them, playing there they do more to damage the image of SL than build it. Objectively, someone without any knowledge of the game might look at Bradford as by far the best candidate if they weren't playing at Dewsbury and dont go bust every year. On field hasnt been great in the past 2 seasons either but more than that, it just can't be them this time. Widnes also look strong on paper but I think their finances probably rule them out and I would be surprised if they bid. Fax I dont consider a serious chance, as much as I respect their right to bid. So, what of the 'heartland' teams, Fev, Leigh and York? I think all three will come across quite well and have reasonably good bid, all with different strengths and weaknesses. Fev - runners-up, own the stadium, good facilities but close to cas/wakey, Leigh - good facilities, FT squad ready to go but recent financial troubles and less on field success in last 2 years, York - exciting location, new stadium, team on the up but only recently promoted and still a small operation off the field. I think this will come down to do SL want an expansion team to placate the progressives after Toronto, i.e. a statement promotion, or do they want to retract and bring in a safer team who bring fans and are more likely to be able to play if COVID continues. And of course the main criteria - how likely are they to finish bottom. Toulouse/London or Leigh/Fev/York I honestly think theyll go Fev or York and whoever it is will be on a hiding to nothing.
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