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  1. I've been to Trailfinders several times, its a tidy, high-end amateur level ground that can just about pass for Championship RL level. SL should never have been played there, at least it shouldn't if the idea is for it to be viewed as an elite competition. Nice surroundings but not suitable for top level sport. I lived in London and have been involved in RL down there, the Broncos do nothing in terms of branding, the sport is virtually unknown. They were doing a good job with the development officers but that ended. I'd love a strong London and I stated they are one of the teams who should be considered but it's time we stopped this dreaming about what they bring to the game. If the whole London operation was lifted ('stadium', fanbase, juniors, commercial operation) and planted in Pontefract they wouldnt even be in the conversation. Its good to have a geographic spread but not for the sake of it. Promoting Newcastle now would be disastrous. Teams need to be promoted when they are ready not because of where they are based. I can provide you with several examples if you like, one of them being errr Newcastle/Gatehead.
  2. I'm not holding that against them, I'm saying it was rushed and failed after 1 year because it was rushed and planned on the back of a fag packet. Fev have had financial difficulties as well if you want to complete the set but the difference is that with most established clubs there is a way back. There is a big difference between a club being mismanaged and an expansion fantasy being rushed through, artificially promoted and falling at the first hurdle. Newcastle arent in a position to be fast tracked to SL, you know that as well as I do. I hope they keep progressing and get a chance in the near future though. EDIT - I should have just said, I would judge a club on their current status and ability to step up, not previous incarnations. The comparison with the previous Gateshead franchise was just a convenient example of a rushed failure of an experiment that happened to be in the same part of the country. The current incarnation of Newcastle is much better but have a way to go yet. Getting out of League 1 would be a start.
  3. Yes it goes both ways, I agree. I was looking specifically at this thread in honesty where certain people think its fine to mock any club with ambition. I think the contempt of those from the 'heartlands' towards 'expansion' clubs is driven out of perceived favouritism. I'm not sure there is much favouritism and I agree there is some bile in the other direction which doesn't help. I don't see much ill will towards Catalans to be honest but I guess there's always one or two idiots. Where I have to disagree is that it isn't black and white. We have another disaster - this isn't up for debate. I've argued tooth and nail with fans of my club about the positive aspects of Toronto and what they bring to the game, I've been hammered for it but stood my ground because I'm a RL fan. I now have egg on my face and have to acknowledge I was wrong and I need to re-evaluate what is actually good for the sport. The sport as had no successful expansion projects. Catalans are a RL heartlands team, as are Toulouse. London could potentially be argued as a good example if only for the grass roots work that has been done but the reality is they play in a park in front of 500 fans. They do none of the 'raising the profile' that people think they do, it's a fantasy. The reasons for our constant failures are surely complex, yes, but the fact is we have another disaster. The point of the thread was to look at Newcastle. We've had a disaster there before but yet people want to fast track them based on them being in another part of the country and having a good set-up. I'm merely pointing out the folly of that approach. As I said, we have 4 clubs in a position to step up in my opinion. The sensible thing for the sport to do would be treat them all fairly and with the same scrutiny if one of them is to take Toronto's place.
  4. The utter contempt shown by some people towards clubs trying to do the right thing but just happen to be in the 'wrong' part of the world is really distasteful and typical of rugby league. We are staring at the rubble of yet another disaster of an experiment and the answer seems to be to spit on those who have built and want to progress. There are probably 4 teams currently able/willing/deserving to step up to take Toronto's place whether people like that or not. They are Toulouse, London, Featherstone and Leigh. All have various pros and cons and sure, if all you care about is having a team not from Yorkshire or Lancashire then the first two would be attractive but to constantly talk down to the other two, who have both done a lot of great work on and off the field, doesn't help anyone. People can trot out fantasies about Newcastle all they like, the fact is they are on the right path but have some building to do. We have had a failed experiment in that region already, I was there at the time and it was too much, too soon without the requisite planning which led to yet another of the sport's great farces, the Hull merger. They should continue on this path and build to being a top Championship team then when they are ready I'm sure they would be a great addition. Buying this Toronto 'License' sounds like a ridiculous idea which will gain them nothing.
  5. How many current SL clubs have many pennies to rub together without central funding? 6?
  6. There is a contract with Sky that stipulates a 12 team SL
  7. Looks like Fev have asked for discussions with RFL/SL about taking the 12th spot in 2021. Has it been confirmed that there has to be a 12th team? I read that is the case contractually with Sky in which case there is a bit of a conundrum. - readmit Toronto (if even possible) - admit someone through a selection process, licensing in effect - have a mini tournament this year i like the idea of it being decided on the pitch but that may not even be possible. So how do you pick then? Fev last years runners up, London who were relegated, Toulouse who finished 2nd in the league? There are some big decisions coming up, I wonder if the games governing bodies can show some leadership....
  8. There is no evidence a TV could be struck that would provide anywhere near the amount needed for decent breakaway league, it would be an amateur comp effectively and over time people would drift to the superior SL product. Players would not want to sign and be chained to a comp that doesnt pay. Whataboutery isn't a justification for the credibility of your idea, there can be multiple bad ideas at the same time and usually there are.
  9. There is nothing triumphant about it at all. It annoys the hell out of me, which I thought was pretty obvious.
  10. These fantasies get trotted out on Fev pages quite a lot and there are some basic problems with them. I get the feeling of unfairness, it’s legitimate, especially for Fev and also for many other clubs. I still feel for Keighley who weren’t able to capitalize on their crest of a wave, who knows what they could have done. unfortunately, the sad fact of the matter is that any breakaway would be suicide. It would be a demotion to amateur status. All the clubs know that, including the SL clubs, many of which would be in the same boat. So, you have a situation where some want in and some are desperate to stay in. They all know what they are and that is why it’ll never happen. There are at best 6 professional clubs and about 15 semi pro clubs who are where they are due to circumstance and luck. Our sport is great but insignificant.
  11. Letting the game flow. Origin games seem to be reffed perfectly which is weird as they could surely ref every game the same. refs are too fast to give pens. Penalties are game changers and frustrating for fans. I’m hoping the 6 again rule will minimize bs penalties and let games flow a bit more.
  12. Somewhere between 0-10 quid. The value is probably in telling sponsors it goes out to an American audience. its a surreal and fun experience say in ny watching Fev v Leigh on Verizon though.
  13. Answer to the original question. People are generally arrogant and lazy. A large proportion of people in the UK don’t know there are two types of rugby and a large proportion of those that do think rugby league is a small provincial sport (they are correct) and have no reason to think that is different or inclination to research whether it is different anywhere else. Australians like rugby, the thing Jonny Wilkinson played. we have no brand, we have no presence, we are a small time sport in the UK and will forever be perceived as such. I used to listen to talk sport for my sins and there was once a quiz with a prize of going to the World Cup final. Alan Brazil asked the question ‘what is the most popular sport in Sydney?’ The caller seemed fairly intelligent and said rugby. ‘Which rugby?’ Brazil asked. “Union’ he said, ‘no, the other one’ Brazil said, obviously wanting him to get it. The guy couldn’t think of it even after Brazil prompting him with clues like ‘in football the top division is the Premier...’ thats how well known RL is and it’s presence decreases yearly.
  14. That shows how out of touch you are with the modern game. A wingers primary job is play 2 metres and kick returns. Finishing tries is a standard skill they all have. It’s like saying a half back should be able to pass. please provide an example of a winger moving to back row or middle in the last 15 years.
  15. As per my response to him, throwing around terms like ‘marxist’ and ‘fascist’ are convenient dog whistles sounded by people with particular interests aimed at people who are easily manipulated. its quite amusing that blm has been labeled both Marxist and Fascist with 2 pages of the same thread by the same person.
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