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  1. I'm sure every club in every sport has 'tried' to increase their revenue streams and of course they are not all going to be successful for a variety of reasons. What I'm saying is that there isn't really a huge pressure to do that at the moment as you can compete with TV money and basic crowds as it is, just as Salford proved this year. Clubs may well not be able to generate more revenue but I'm of the opinion that these clubs shouldn't prevent teams like Toronto spending money if they have it. I understand the away fan argument and its easy for any of us to say 'just get more revenue streams' but financial models shouldn't be built on the volatile variable of away fans. A club might budget for Leeds to bring 2000 fans but then the fixture list has the game at the end of the season on a Thursday after Leeds haven't done well again and that number is down to 500. I would be much more inclined to focus on things I could impact as club that bring in fixed guaranteed income such as season tickets, corporates, sponsors, online subscribable content, events, merch etc. They might need to be creative but its better than relying on an income stream that can be severely affected by something as variable as the weather. Away fans should really be under the 'Potential additional revenue' header on the spreadsheet.
  2. I've long been a fan of the cap but am now starting to question it. To me there were two reasons it was brought in: 1) Make the league more competitive 2) To save clubs from financial mismanagement You could argue that the first objective was achieved to some degree but yet we still have only had 4 winners of SL in 20+ years. There have been a few league leaders you might not expect and the general feeling that teams are unbeatable seems to have gone but it's not done enough on this front for me. The best players still want to play for the 'biggest' clubs. The second objective hasn't really worked either with teams seeming to have financial troubles even with the cap in place. It is impossible to know if more teams would have suffered without the cap though and it must surely help clubs balance the books. I'm with Dave on this one, a cap which is related to income is probably the best way forward. This would allow Toronto to sign Latrell but would stop Salford trying to sign him and going bankrupt. It may also push teams to increase their revenue streams to increase their cap. At the moment there isn't that level of incentive for the smaller teams as they know they will never be too far away because of TV money, a modest crowd and the cap.
  3. Leigh are making a bit of a move but I do still have doubts. They didn't look great defensively and I would worry about the composition of the squad and how Duffy can handle that. He's a great bloke but hardly a disciplinarian which would be a worry. The success of Fev depends on Webster. Can he actually deliver as a head coach? It also depends on which Dual Reg players we get and how consistently. I assume we'll have Corey Johnson all year along with Sutcliffe and McLelland which would certainly put Fev in top 2 territory if Webster can carry on Ryan's good work. Such a good league this year, I can't wait. With the automatic promotion place it makes it truly fascinating to see who'll replace HKR next year.
  4. I'd make Toulouse favourites. They're up there every year and are very difficult to beat away so I can see them finishing top and ending up with an easy route to the final (wherever that may be). Fev have recruited very well with Hall, Minns, Ferguson, Ferris, Parata but the big question mark is over Jouffret and the main signing, Webster as coach. If those two can deliver in their important roles, fev will be up there again. Leigh, who knows. I don't get a great feeling about them but they will be strong and could challenge if everything clicks. London I think will disappoint having lost some key players and will be a target from day 1 having been relegated. Might even miss the play-offs but in Wardy they have a great coach and are full time so I'd back them to do well. Another great coach at York, who should have another crack although I think they will drop a little. Widnes, Bradford, Fax could push into the top 5 with a good run if things click but a lot of problems to iron out for those clubs. At this stage I'd go: Toulouse, Fev, London, York, Leigh, Widnes
  5. Wigan will be most improved by their signings I feel, I might even make them favourites. Quality not quantity. Cas have picked up a couple of decent signings too which should improve them.
  6. The same garbage principle that Queensland followed? Loyalty and consistency aren't bad qualities if the players had good records. Don't confuse this with me thinking Bennett has done a good job or picked the right squad. Hall hasn't played enough this year and someone like Grace or Handley should have been in, because they have played well. Whilst Hill and Graham maybe in decline, I've rarely seen them play badly for England, up until this tour and had no qualms about them being in along with standout performers in SL like Walmsley and Thompson. I'm against throwing young players in just because they are young and have potential. Newman and Smithies didn't justify an international jersey last season. If you want an international jersey you need to earn it, not have the potential to earn it. I repeat, those players would have likely been set back by going on this tour rather than developing.
  7. You mean experienced. All the 'old' players picked on the tour have very good track records internationally. It's much easier to pick someone with experience and a good, recent international performances. Hall, McGilvary, Graham, Hill have been excellent performers for England for a long time, their time is probably up now but they rightfully had the shirts based on performance. Smithies has been an ok performer for Wigan for 3 months and got beaten up by Mossop and Dudson in his most high pressure game to date where he looked nothing like ready for international football. I'm sure he will be a top level player for many years but sending him on tour to get smashed up by those forward packs could have quite easily set him back rather than helping him develop.
  8. Payne Haas won NRL rookie of the year and NRL Prop of the year. Mitchell was Centre of the year in a competition vastly superior to SL. To say Newman is at the same level is a fantasy. I think Newman has fantastic potential but as things stand today he isn't anywhere near the level of Haas or Mitchell. Newman has had a solid start to his SL career and hopefully he can kick on but he would need to improve a lot in the next year to make the England team, which he may well do. Same with Smithies. We can't just pick players because they are young.
  9. Forgot about Johnston. Hopefully he can make it back, great player. There’s a full thread on Hodgson but it feels like he tries too hard for England/GB. He’s an excellent NRL player and I disagree about the safety first stuff. He’s very skillful and creative in the most exciting attacking team in the NRL. I think it’s an attitude thing and someone needs to get hold of him and give him a clear directive on what his role is. Otherwise we’d be better off with Danny Houghton for 20 mins and Clarke coming on for him. Roby is one of the best players I’ve seen but his time is done at international level. Agree it feels wasted. The positive is we can start again...hopefully.
  10. So, big disappointment with GB and what now seems like a long road to get over Australia next year. I still think it’s achievable but how do we get there? My thoughts: Coach - need a change. I’d go with Wane on a full time basis. I think his motivational style would be perfect for international football. Back room - hard to say but I’m not sure what Sinfield is offering. Or Peacock for that matter. Schedule - mid-season game v a pacific island team and pre-tourni game v France as a minimum. Several meet ups during the season. Team - needs an overhaul. A lot of players at the end now and time for a few to step up. If everyone is fit I’d be looking at: Hardaker, Makinson, Percival, ???, Burgess/Grace/Handley Williams (depending on NRL form), Widdop (depending on Warrington form) Thompson, Hodgson (Bear with me) Burgess Bateman, Currie (injuries), Whitehead Burgess, Watts, Walmsley?, Clark, Jones Players that need to be put out to pasture - Hall, Mcgilvary, Hill, Graham. Others who aren’t up to it at international level like Lomax binned. Hodgson is going to get picked so we need to find a way to get the best out of him. I still think Widdop is our best half but has a lot to prove. I’m hoping some young guys step up as well but I believe we have the tools. We just need to plan and execute better. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the plan for 2020?
  11. Ideally that’s how it should be as well. Hunters as a nursery for talent that then goes and blossoms at a higher level. They’ve been a real success story.
  12. That was a low quality game. Cook Islands didn’t look interested, they should have won by 50.
  13. I can empathise. There needs to be a lot of change in the UK and globally in terms of the administration of the sport.
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