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  1. It’s a massive admin mess up over there. Embarrassing for the league and exactly what it didn’t need. Nothing to do with pandemic.
  2. The east games are magic weekend style at one location on a Saturday with games back to back from 2:30 est. West games are all being played in Vegas so I assume same format but not sure on the day. Obviously they are 3hrs behind so if they play Saturdays there will be some overlap but you’d have back to back games for about 8 hours
  3. Let me frame it another way. I get paid to coach a team, if my players wrote a letter to the owner saying they wanted rid (also rare), I’d leave in a second. Someone hanging around after that is deluded and narcissistic. Doesn’t surprise me given Parish’s personality.
  4. You call me naive but think that no one has ever resigned from a job. Outstanding.
  5. Such a terrible situation, what a man he is.
  6. If I was coaching a team and all my players wrote a letter saying they didn’t want me to coach them I’d walk away. The fact he’s staying there for the money is depressing on many levels. Glad it makes you smile
  7. Parish needs to go, he’s awful and the players don’t want him. If he had any self respect he’d walk. As for the others, it’s disrespectful and they should keep their mouths shut. I doubt they’re the answer. John’s was an amazing player but talks , if he was any good at coaching someone would have taken him permanently rather than letting him do 5 minutes on the side with young halves
  8. T-Rex been axed due to comments on Hayne case. Good on New York.
  9. Top down development is about having a professional league to aspire which will facilitate teams being able to develop from bottom up. That's why Toronto worked so well, as they had a professional pyramid to enter and the (seemingly) real opportunity to progress to the top. For once Big Picture has a decent point in that it would be virtually impossible to grow a professional league from the bottom up. There needs to be a 'big bang' at some point, which we are now seeing, and the formation of a league with funding to back it up. Where I, and almost everyone else, disagree with him is that
  10. Not really an appointment, he’s been there 5 years. Good retention though!
  11. He's clearly a good player but some people get done by the mental side of it. He'd have been better not going to them mid-season but that's with hindsight. He's clearly got the drive for it so he'll be fine. Shame he's in a bad team but he'll be ok. Not sure about dominating but playing people week in week out certainly takes away the aura.
  12. They are both absolute idiots and no sane manager would have them anywhere near their team.
  13. Said it since the start, Thompson was dealt a bad hand and was going to struggle. The fact he's still there and not sulked and asked for a move home tells me everything I need to know about his grit and resolve. By the end of the season he'll be one of the better middle players in the competition.
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