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  1. walneyboy

    Players Visas for Toronto trip

    I couldnt care less whether hes a volunteer or not, if he can't do the job he shouldnt volunteer. As I said earlier why wasn't this sorted months ago instead of waiting till the last minute?? An absolute joke!
  2. walneyboy

    Players Visas for Toronto trip

    I've just heard this news too Richie. apparently some muppet at the club was too late in applying for the visa's (why they never applied for them for the whole squad months ago when the fixtures came out God knows!) but it looks like the biggest game of the season is gonna leave us travelling with 3 players short!! cheers for that
  3. walneyboy

    Barrow V Town

    Can't argue too much with that Vet, except the ref was a he'll of a lot worse than "not great" Town played some decent rugby to be fair but barrows defence was good, but it needed to be as they had plenty of defending to do some cos of their own mistakes but plenty after the ref deciding that his whistle needed blowing and it was about time he gave a pen. Ruined the game for me.
  4. walneyboy

    Barrow V Town

    yes there would, they'd have used a different ref, possibly one who knew what he was doing. the one we had was as bad as I've ever seen, ruined the game for me and was the main reason why workington were still in the game.
  5. walneyboy


    all of it i would guess