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  1. Patience , watch this space
  2. Tim's been amazing but go out at the top big man .
  3. georgeb1


    Obviously needs a decent coach behind him
  4. georgeb1


    With fordys record he will be linked with any superleague or top championship coaching position that becomes available.
  5. georgeb1

    Covid 19

    We need you fighting ###### for next season , come on you can do it.
  6. So they only had to wash his kit once in a month
  7. Hope Joe porter and Jason bass are amongst the next few signings
  8. Best of luck to him could probably do a job for them .
  9. Still got a job to do at York , more potential at York in the long term.
  10. Still at saint's , but never gets a look in.
  11. Fantastic signing , experience , pace and power , next season can't come quick enough.
  12. Tawera was arguably the best EVER loose forward to wear a York shirt , hopefully all that class has been passed on to his son .
  13. Need some beef in the pack, hopefully jack, Ronan and Jordan to commit for next season
  14. Him or Jarrod sammut I reckon
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