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  1. good point , similar to when tim spears came to york, an out and out workhorse and proffesional
  2. If my recollections are correct we had a squad of 28 last season (24 now). Butterworth was a non starter, Logan and Brinning were gone by April, Antrobus arrived in July plus Hingano made 3 appearances , not much difference really with 10 weeks still before we start.
  3. nothing to worry about then
  4. Glovers nailed on, plus Brad ward really impressed last year, if you're good enough you're old enough.
  5. Hooleys don't just grow on trees, you've signed a very good fullback in elliot.
  6. hopefully just making way for mr Edwards
  7. I personally think the squad is just as good as last year's, a lot will depend on Hendo and yes we will make the six.
  8. Despite tickets being available to purchase for the bash , why are no kickoff times publicised yet?
  9. I am sure York as a club will work and assist the RL to make sure the event is a success
  10. I hope you do go, despite me living 25 miles from the stadium I will attend both days , great occasion seeing all the fan's enjoying it together.
  11. Blackpool fc doesn't want RL thats pretty obvious, York was second best choice, simple if unfair
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