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  1. Me and vicki will have ours Sunday.
  2. Glad to see the return of the A team system, young and upcoming players given a chance to progress , plus guys coming back from injury easing themselves back in . Last but not least , should virtually make dual reg extinct .
  3. Staying till the end of season , great news
  4. Rose tinted glasses mate , we're all the same
  5. Back to liam salter back in the centres and Sam back in the second row if fit , not a bad alternative .
  6. You'd never make fordys 19 with an excuse like that
  7. Heads up for diskin today , well drilled and got what he could get from limited resources , better luck and a following wind next season will see you o . k .
  8. Toronto are streets ahead , 10 points clear as we stand the least they deserve are home tie's .
  9. Loose the toss , you get no choice .
  10. Thanks for the info , will use the bar and garden at the ground , good if we all help with funds staying with the club's .
  11. As Pete said in an earlier post , let's get behind the sticks at the covered end and make a right ding.
  12. At least he won't be able to understand the Batley Fan's
  13. Beat Batley and the bulls then we will make the playoffs .
  14. Amazing season at York , regardless of what happens now theve certainly shocked some of the supposed big boys this year. When the going gets tough , enough said
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