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  1. Toulouse home march 31st Barrow away april 7th , tough start?
  2. newcastle away 28th jan and trinity at home feb 4th in the 1895 group format , good to see thunder still competing plus a great chance of a bumper crowd against the former superleague club
  3. good choice for 2024 , always vocal in the right way and really matured as a player under Hendo
  4. Alex Donaghy is probably the fastest player in our squad , so with the right service could be devastating next season
  5. Allowing for another signing or two , this is MY first 17 1 Dagger 2 towse 3Edwards 4Kienhorst 5Brown 6Myler 7Williams 8Santi 9Daley 10fitzsimons 11Thompson 12Dee 13Hingano 14 Jubb 15 Tai 16Teanby 17Cunningham Let's have your views
  6. Kirmo would have been joint assistant coach had he not gone to wakey
  7. Good move this , young but with a wealth of knowledge and experience
  8. come on , chin up pal , the replacements will just fill their boots
  9. Are you a city fan , your remarks are very similar
  10. i hope he has better luck with injuries and the disicplinary panel next year
  11. Sorry have to disagree, both are fine , shows our colours perfectly and any fan should be proud of both .
  12. Fev expecting attendances to drop after the disappointment of the last 2 seasons , so the £25 the hardcore pay will make up the shortfall
  13. Not really burning through money , more investing in a squad for the future plus entertainment for the fans to ensure attendances hold up. My glass is half full
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