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  1. The current championship is a cracking competition with very well matched clubs , is it superleague feeling a bit inferior and trying to move the goal post's ?
  2. Strange one that , Leeds doing dual reg with fev but loaning 3 of their better prospects to the bull's
  3. Agree not impressed , may have been carrying injuries.
  4. When they beat fev , loxy dear boy
  5. burning a hole in ye pocket john
  6. Well said pal , that's what the championship is all about , enjoyment , commitment and courage , good luck town have a great year.
  7. i prefer the principal or home shirt as now confirmed , thats the one i will buy , surprised that a lot of followers are not impressed.
  8. Classy and smart , just like the Knight's home and away
  9. yeah , but we will p!ss on their chips in the playoffs
  10. fax and leigh will both finish above fev.
  11. bab,s in the londesborough used to pull a fine pint of camerons
  12. haven were a credit to the championship last season ( reguardless of implications ) i hope town follow suit in what is a VERY competitive league.
  13. deffo the hoops , heritage type , if carlsberg did rugby , it would be Y C K .
  14. winning the league is great but unimportant , as we all know making the playoffs in the championship is all that matters , peak for maybe 3 or 4 games at the business end , then superleague awaits, simples
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