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  1. One poor note , sad to see many supposed fev Fan's leaving 5 minutes before the end , obviously like the team they had run out of oxygen and energy . Roll on the playoffs let's hope we can make it 2 wins apiece this year
  2. Only lost to Toronto , Toulouse and Sheffield at home in the league , as long as we see a good match we'll all be happy .
  3. You could be right on that one , shame Cameron Scott is out injured , as He's looked class last few games , hopefully fev will experience the real York on Sunday , third time Lucky lad's. Up the persistent kneets
  4. Thankfully game over 56 6 loss, roll on fev next week . Good luck to the wolfpack in superleague next season.
  5. I've heard em called worse
  6. Feels really flat today , gutted we can't even listen on the radio, still chin up fev at the crescent next sun will be a great occasion.
  7. Ben will be a fantastic role model for the hull kids , enjoy it and good luck .
  8. Ed Smith , long time in the wilderness sign's on at Oldham .
  9. Good player for us at the knights , don't really know what went wrong but good luck to ed and you Fan's , I think you've got a good un
  10. Great news , next season we should be regularly filling 2 coaches for away matches .
  11. Certainly 1 of the players of the season, welcome to 2020 for bassy
  12. Covered in speccies , we hope .
  13. Better make sure we all tell our neighbours , let's fill the crescent and make it a day to remember
  14. Me and vicki will have ours Sunday.
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