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  1. Just got home , we were very poor no standout performers today , long old season ahead if this was anything to go by , also a farcical end to the game as the ref who never got a grip called it off after 71 mins because he had lost total control by then ..by the the way bulls won 6 to 4 ..
  2. Knights have stated that there are no advanced ticket sales , yet prices are quoted as 15 pounds or 17 pay at the gate , strange to say the least
  3. Looking forward to my 1st match of 2020 , I hope Jimmy keinhorst is fit enough for a stint on sun , see you all there , up the kneets
  4. Me and the other half back from winter break this week will be at dews Sunday , we always beat the bull's , so should be a good return. Up the fantastic kneets
  5. Not a single post on here , was it that bad guy's !.
  6. Another great send off in bootham W M C . followed by the slaying of the bull's at the crescent , not a bad start to the home season after all.
  7. Glass half empty / half full mate , we will be in when it's ready , up the patient kneets
  8. Think that's what everyone is striving for ! .
  9. Enjoy your rugby today guys, unfortunately were still away on warm weather training, keep us informed with your posts , up the kneets . Happy new year to all
  10. No point reporting on now,t to be fair York press sport has been very good this year.
  11. Jimmy suit's amber and black , would look ridiculous as a red devil .
  12. Joe batch wasn't a bad centre , might be another option on a season long loan
  13. Thankfully we have the vastly underrated Jason bass to fill in when needed
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