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  1. Can we get back to talking about jimmy keinhorst bursting through the opposition's defence and scoring 20 tries next season
  2. Don't think Jamie peacock was much more than 14 stone ? He wasn't too bad eh
  3. Downloaded the 2020 fixtures to my phone and tablet , thanks to the knights for this facility again
  4. Got my home shirt , ready for 2020 can't wait
  5. Don't forget , Harrogate knights meeting at the empress pub Monday eve 7.30pm , guest appearance from radio Yorks one and only Andy Atkinson.
  6. Hopefully that's why squad # 3 shirt is not filled yet
  7. So you can draw the game , but still come away with 2 points, Crackers !.
  8. Any info on deals for season ticket holders at the bash?
  9. Pacey winger , had good stints at York and hunslet .
  10. georgeb1

    Summer bash

    Nowt like celebrating being back in the championship then !
  11. Toulouse are playing another double header at Leeds in August, Leeds v Catalans , Toulouse v London , this balances the home fixture in may instead of playing at Blackpool .alls fair in the end
  12. When were the R L fair or logical?
  13. Defense can be suspect , especially from the cross field kick, think that's why He's gone for the 6 foot 2 of Elliott
  14. But surely the same applies with Elliott Wallis?
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