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  1. Don't know , but we should all attend home and away whenever possible , always radio York to fall back on which is far superior to our league.
  2. Quite agree , next year he may get more chances
  3. Great news York fan's have been through the mill this year , fantastic to see the club rewarding the best support in the league
  4. Hope to see good numbers at Donny this sun , anyone know if the club are running coaches
  5. The moderator will be after you coolie you contribute nothing that has any relevance or wit.
  6. Hopefully this is the guy we've all been waiting for to finally make this team click , anyway fingers crossed for championship rugby and better season all round next year
  7. We at York also have seven absent through covid , credit to both clubs fulfilling their fixtures
  8. Time the club acknowledged on social media that they have problems , the Fan's and floating speccies will be lost if nothing is done .
  9. Marshy has been out for 21 days now , Frankie hasn't.
  10. Yes you can sit where you like within those blocks , and yes if your first choice is not to your liking you can move to another seat within those blocks .
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