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  1. iam sure fordy will have it all sussed out
  2. My 1st Summer bash this year , loved every minute , looking forward to meeting fan's like yourself again , roll on Blackpool 2020
  3. If like me you'd have stayed to watch fax v bull's after our match you would have seen at least 6000 speccies enjoying a great contest
  4. How narrow minded, I know many York Fan's who watched most games both days , we as a club had 400+ loyal speccies for our game, fantastic couple of days and long may it continue
  5. Got to fancy them for top 5 with the guy's knowledge
  6. Their 2 playoff games averaged about 1200 , no future with that support.
  7. You got rid of diskin so why not forget it , me personally I hope he Doe's well at Oldham and please let the Oldham Fan's come to their own conclusions
  8. Of course we need one , makes the club a fortune .
  9. Suits brad but not sure about the weird looking guy on the left .
  10. I hope we get our 2020 season replica shirts out before Christmas , there a lot of kid's and big kid's waiting
  11. Ash definitely not a winger, doesn't have startling pace if his centre put's him clear , good to have marshy and ash challenging for the fullback roll, perry Whiteley has proved to be an excellent winger this season and if we get will sharp as rumoured plus chillo as back up we'll be well covered
  12. ronan and jubby are essential to us next year and i still feel tims got a bit left in the tank , i feel as mentioned in previous posts a halfback and winger is a must.
  13. with james green added to a very strong looking pack we really do mean business next season.
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