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  1. York at home v Leigh centurions , 2 teams giving it their all in testing conditions, game could have gone either way but we won by a point , that was to prove so typical in last seasons matches , and to me showed what the championship is all about , as all longing for the rugby to return , let's all be patient and keep safe
  2. Stupid comment deano , grow up .
  3. Don't think there's any chance of games continuing for months .
  4. Can't see much point in playing , unfortunately that's the season virtually over, health must take priority , very disappointing
  5. Well done dews could be a great season , all the best
  6. might get sonny bills left toenail for that !
  7. Far too early for concern yet , maintain Sundays standard and we've got no worries, we must remember we have played 4 teams who will arguably make the playoffs. Chins up everyone
  8. Would make sense as Kris brining took a bad knock at fax and may miss a few .
  9. Looking forward to this one , both sides will be eager to get back on the rails , the players will need our usual noisy enthusiastic support , as a team let's do it and get behind the lad's and grab the 2 points
  10. Quite right , the paying support of city and the knights rightly expect an update, me personally i don't care if we continue at the crescent all season , but as long as we get some info, all the photos months ago show the stadium virtually complete so I can't understand the delay and silence.
  11. If we fancy giving Matty marsh a run in the halves , I feel Jason bass would be more than capable at fullback , pace, strength and reads the game well.
  12. It's not all about who put's the ball down over the line !
  13. Next weekend can't come quick enough , surely we can't be as bad as this again, yes in fordy i still trust , but by hell he's got one hell of a job on to get this team on track again
  14. Where have you been ?
  15. georgeb1

    D r

    If the guy from cas play's He's hardly forcing anyone out , as said we have 3 first choice winger's out injured , dual reg actually been used correctly
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