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  1. Peter Collins lives down there. His brother is Michael "Bobby" Collins.
  2. He went to a wedding Graham.
  3. We'll be OK today! We have only conceded one try at home and and scored 100% of ours heremail. 😊
  4. Fifteen minutes without playing the ball beginning of the second half , lost us this game
  5. He is better running on to the ball.
  6. I'm not bothered about the rugby,when can I see that ref again?
  7. Not 7th tackle though
  8. Hope all the Blackpool fans have gone from the pitch before our game against Batley.
  9. Hale
  10. Maybe we're only after a crowd equal to our beer supply.
  11. Passing to the left is the natural side for a right hander to pass the ball. So maybe we are full of left handed players?
  12. Why are people saying Batley are in form?