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  1. I've just watched the video. Looks like he is trying to get out of the tackle so he can play the ball.
  2. So am I. I thought he got better and better as the season went on.
  3. I saw some water bowls and a dog ,which wasn't a guide dog up at the mount the other week. I was thinking about asking the same question to the Twitter account .
  4. Same here. Looks like there will be a long two wide queue wanting forms pre match.
  5. Simpson was said to be season long but could be called back. Currently on two tries against the rhinos. Do you think these players are just called back? If so , we should just get out of the loan situations aswell as the drs.
  6. potato ram


    You could be right. He has a squad number in Wakefield's first team squad.
  7. The ball is travelling at the same speed as the ball handler. If he passes flat it travels forward at the same speed at first. So if you pass backwards at a quicker speed than travel,the ball can only go back. So to save confusion why not outlaw the flat pass?
  8. I've heard they'll be here early September. They're working their passage to save money ???
  9. Didn't Toby leave for travelling issues?
  10. Peter Collins lives down there. His brother is Michael "Bobby" Collins.
  11. He went to a wedding Graham.
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