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  1. HunsletJosh6

    Well done Hunslet

    Are you for real?
  2. HunsletJosh6

    Well done Hunslet

    Our current squad is capable of competing in the Championship and with planned recruitment's we should be well equipped for the coming season. Looking forward to the Fev games there always crackers.
  3. HunsletJosh6

    MOM - Whitehaven

    Agreed and Divorty got through a good shift when he came on.
  4. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    I wasn't implying a direct contest between Finn and Black but more as to who comes out on top at full time with regards to performance. You can't compare players based upon their on field characteristics over their positions but regardless it should be a top game friday.
  5. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    Should be coming through after Hunslet game on friday mate and not sure about Warrington because were in Spain til 17th but I will let you know. Cheers
  6. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    Will be interesting to see how Finn copes with Ben Black on friday or maybe the contest will be more the other way round! I look forward to being proved wrong (hopefully).
  7. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    Robbie Paul, Ben Black, James Webster and if it wasn't for a lack of consistency with these players I would even go as far as saying Paul Handforth, James Coyle and Jon Presley.
  8. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    and I made reference to a comparison between Liam Finn and Tommy Haughey when? I like Fev and come to quite a few of the games so any comments I have on players is purely that and nothing to do with the club as a whole.
  9. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    Your last sentence pretty much sums the debate up and DP would be stupid to change it at present. The problem I have with Finn is that he isn't really superb at anything and over the course of a season I don't think you will reach your optimum with him at 7. Plenty better scrum halves knocking about in the Championship
  10. HunsletJosh6

    liam finn

    Finn will only play for about 20 minutes out of the 80 he is on the field and it will all be within 10 metres of the oppositions line. Kain will play all over the field and constantly probe defences for the full 80 hence 17 tries last season. Looking good so far this season for Fev seen you against Dewsbury and Batley but I think if you started with Kain at 7 then things could be even better still based upon your recruitments in the threequarters and forwards.