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  1. My chest is bursting. Its swelling so much with pride Again, well done to everyone.
  2. Well done Gaz, but you couldn't of managed it without your mate Bob
  3. Maybe include everything from start to finish, players arriving at the club, their prep for the day etc, right through to the party in the clubhouse afterwards and players and fans celebrating together. A lot of work involved but would be worth it
  4. Does that mean chair shots will be legal then???? Think Tonka will need a 3 piece suite Featherstone Rovers and DFS........ A winning combination
  5. Just going off what I heard Mr Unbiased commentator say.
  6. 4 sent off, 2 for each side!!! Mr Cumbria commentator blamed Fev (of course) and said we didn't win anything, not even the fight. Strange because not 2 minutes sooner there was a Whitehaven player laid out. Wants to make his blinkered mind up. Fulltime 46 - 12
  7. 46 - 12 with 13 mins to go. C'mon lads, you can do it
  8. Typical heavily biased commentary from the Bob Mortimer sound alike, if it wasn't for wanting to hear how the lads are going on I would gladly turn the prat off. 46 - 6 now
  9. 22 - 0 Sounds like they are playing the flooded pitch better than us!
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