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  1. Widnes Sunday

    Sooooooooooooooooo proud! Sooooooooooooooooo happy! Keighley must be totally sick of the sight of the sight of us! Especially one guy who said to me as we were celebrating the league win at their gaff a few weeks back - His words were "You won't even make the play-offs!" Spelly - Swinton till I die!
  2. COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Albert Blan

    RIP Albert. Spelly.
  4. Hookers

    I believe the RFL are bringing in contested scrums again, with the strict understanding that the maximum time for one is three weeks! Of course I jest, but does anyone in our game want to return to 'em? I for one do not! Keith says a hooker doesn't hook, and I agree, but.............. A stand off stands off from where / what / who? A loose forward is loose from where / what / who? Spelly.
  5. Josh Barlow International Call up

    He does Keith! He was that way attired when Scotland played at Workington during the World Cup.
  6. YORK Game Sunday

    COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Walk ---------------------

    The final figure was £695.56, so........................ I've left the odd £5.56 in the bank to keep the account "alive" so...................... That means £345.00 each for the MNDA, and Leukaemia Research. Vicky from the MNDA was at the game today to receive their cheque, which was presented by John Duffy, and............... As Eric from Leukaemia Research couldn't make it due his wife being in hospital, I've just done a bank transfer direct to the fund's account. A huge thank you to all who walked / contributed, and watch this space for details of next year's walk, and............... I was given a tenner today to start it off, so we're already up and running for 2016! Love you all! Spelly.
  8. north v south

    What do you suggest then Anita? Kick 'em out? Abandon 'em? The only way these guys will learn the game is to compete against the better sides. As Mick pointed out, Gloucester beat Thunder a few weeks ago, and according to an 'Ornit I liaise with on Facebook you "robbed it" last night. I class myself as expansionist, and welcome with open arms teams from outside that infamous M62 Corridor. We put 94 past South Wales today. They had only 15 men to call on, as a further 19 were unavailable, but to their eternal credit, they competed till the end, and never threw in the towel. Spelly.
  9. todays match

    You did us a huge favour mes amis! We're now at home to York in the play-offs, whereas if you'd lost, we have had to go their place instead! Thank you Barrow! Spelly.
  10. Oldham

    I reckon the crucial point came just after we led 12-10. They managed to get possession from the kick-off, and they'd scored eight points before we had ball in hand again. In my opinion, the twelve point margin at the end was just about right. It looks like fourth for us now, unless Barrow can do us a favour at York next week. Spelly.
  11. Oldham

    COME ON YOU LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Great fightback

    You're bang on there with the score-line mate! We were behind the sticks when Tommy grabbed that "inter" and touched down! We didn't win many that season, but this game was the tops! Spelly.
  13. The Walk ---------------------

    Got some more sponsor money today, and we're up to £626. I'm hoping to present the cheques at the South Wales game. Thank you again to all who walked and / or contributed. It really is appreciated! Spelly.
  14. Another win

    Why did we not go for goal when we had that penalty bang in front of the posts? We "ran the ball", it came to nowt, and soon after, 'Ornits were touching down at the other end. With a kicker of Morty's calibre, we should be shooting on sight when given the chance. Spelly.
  15. --------------------- went very well yesterday, even though we got a bit wet! Thank you those who walked, and who contributed in the bucket. There's various other monies still to come, and I'll keep you updated with the figure. Thank you again! Spelly.