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  1. Just gone onto Sky bet and I too cannot believe England are underdogs for this. A little crispy one gone on for sure, because if they lose, they deserve absolutely NOTHING !! 11/10 !! I cannot see past the Aussies.
  2. Do Saints play at the LSV ? Its a Rumour thread after all, and apparently Walmsley may be only off to Leigh should Thompson come home early. You may have misinterpreted me a little. Speaking of Saints, will be interesting see how they go next year under Wellens. I think the competition is more wide open than the bookies say !
  3. Well thought of, but he is crackers ! Fev will be some attacking force though. They will be good to watch.
  4. Unfortunately, I can’t see past the Aussies as winners but I will be rooting for PNG. Tonga and Samoa will put in the hits and will likely put out an England side so bland, it’s unbelievable. I would love to be surprised though !
  5. We can only see. My good friend from Saints knows his stuff. Does a Yorkshireman count on the quota ?
  6. Logan Tomkins To be fair, he was the best of the bunch !
  7. Leigh have improved SL under IMGs proposals in my opinion. It’s not all what’s on the field, but it’s one of the best RL stadiums to attend and a hotbed for RL. A strong B for me which will get better once we finally get the go ahead to invest at grass roots without interference. The future is bright.
  8. I am not talking about St Helens and quota spots. The person they are desperate to bring back is British (LT). Walmsley getting too injury prone apparently. The Kiwi is a replacement for Sam Stone.
  9. Could Alex Walmsley be leaving Saints ? Rumour also of a current Kiwi International forward joining the party at the LSV !! He's a biggun too ! (Could that be two bigguns ??)
  10. Yes, I too noticed that Derek ensured our players clapped you guys for the part you played. You have been awesome all season. Let’s hope the 13-1500 who turned up become the hardcore of Mount Pleasant next season. You certainly deserve it.
  11. Let’s get one thing straight. Batley we’re amazing. I happily bet against Leigh giving 42. Glad I won. They and Barrow have been fantastic
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