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  1. This is another Wide to West written all over it. Thousands of posts by over elusive expansionists with wrists the size of Popeye every time Leigh get stuffed ! Get this one saved Degsy and shove it up every one of their backsides ! Toulouse would obviously stuff Wigan, Warrington ,Cas etc.... and play in front of 45000 people every bloody home game etc... blah blah ! Well done Leigh for sticking their necks out and give it a few more weeks, may be competitive enough to escape relegation ! It really is boring !
  2. I can see Leigh pinching this one. I can honestly say that Huddersfield have not impressed me at all and Leigh can only improve the more they play.
  3. A big game though in regards to confidence. Huddersfield really fancied and been deflated themselves so an interesting clash.
  4. Don't understand the negativity. A 30 point loss is the same as a golden point loss and I would be the first person to state its rediculously if HKR go down after losing to Catalans. Brand is never a SL player but he is all we have at the moment without sau. Lots of players to come in and not too worried. On paper, Wire have probably the best pair of half backs in SL. No coincidence that they murdered Brands side for their tries and fair play to Duffy for admitting responsibility. Onto next week and well played wire.
  5. Sidlow 6:4 and Mason 6:5 and both well over 18st so both similar size / slightly bigger than Liam Watts. Ioane is just over 6ft and 16 1/2 stone, so proof in the pudding that even the smaller guys are getting bigger !! Thank God i dont play anymore !!
  6. I thought the opposite. I was surprised with the size of our pack. I'm 6ft 3 and 16 st. God knows how big Sidlow and Mason are! Ioane is smaller but a very nimble prop who compliments hood well. Once we get fitter, things should get better.
  7. Plenty to be proud of. Leigh were not battle hardened and in the end, match fitness caught us out. Wallace was really disappointing but the 3 who impressed me the most was the starting front row. They took it to Wigan, and it was no coincidence that we played better with them on the Park. Hood is a great hooker and great from dummy half. Hopefully, the new signings when available and more fitness will get us to compete for 80 mins, but it has been over 12 months since our last true competitive game ! Our kicking game for the last 60 mins though wasn't great. Well done Wigan for grind
  8. By far not Leighs best 13 either. Contain them in the pack, could come away with something. I agree though, a packed LSV and a proper home game would have seen Leigh through. Wigan by 10
  9. Leigh beat Saints. I would have thought Wigan would beat Us easily but looking at the teams, 12 start could go either way. The loan signings were to bolsster the squad and to help with the Wire friendly. We had 18 start last time. Wigan needed 16 in the end to draw level. Week 1 always springs a surprise or two.
  10. Proud to be part of Leighs first academy side way back in 1990. A good move if given the nod
  11. Make it 2 up to SL. Top of the Table up by right. 14 team SL in 2022. 26 Fixtures plus 1 Magic based on the current league positions at the time. 1 up and 1 down from then on.
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