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  1. They could certainly do with getting another win, but it’s round 12 of 27, it’s not last chance saloon just yet.
  2. The Final is. Round 4, round 5, round 6 and the quarter final is a disaster and needs an overhaul.
  3. The Challenge Cup needs a restructure, all rounds before the semi finals are dead ducks and even the semi finals can’t match its Super League equivalent game attendance. I think IMG will make the logical choice of moving to 4 groups of 5 in place of the knockout rounds, with the winner of each group into the Semi Final. Tickets can then be packaged and sold within the season ticket. This should allow the BBC to show plenty of games and not broadcast from empty stadiums. It’s not what it was but the Final is still a big event, however Wembley is far too big. The Final should be moved imo, Old Trafford Manchester, Anfield, St James, Emirates Stadium, London Olympic Stadium, Tottenham Stadium are all decent stadium options if they’re going to fork out and pay to host the event then Edinburgh or Cardiff. Wembley should host big England Internationals, it’s being too long since we played there. It’s a shame the World Cup Semi Final isn’t At Wembley.
  4. Clubs need to make money out of reaching finals, not subsidie the costs of fans travelling to the final. I think Huddersfield will take 10k, Wigan 20k, 2k-3k from Leigh and Featherstone, with approx 25k neutral RL fans/general sports fans/Tottenham fans.
  5. I thought it was a great game and being live on bbc will help to grow the Women’s game. It got me thinking I’m presuming Sky have the rights for the Women’s Super League and they pay next to nothing for them? We should be aiming to get Women’s Super League on either the BBC or Channel 4, even if it’s just the Grand Final to begin with. I agree it should be a standalone event.
  6. If that does happen the NRL should go with a free to air broadcaster in New Zealand and take the revenue hit
  7. It’s for Politicians and elections to sort social problems like gambling, NRL clubs are not responsible and operate within the law, they are simply participating in the society around them.
  8. With the massive number of Kiwis playing in the NRL and the new tv deal in New Zealand with only 1 Kiwi side, it would be madness not to include a 2nd New Zealand NRL team. the recent broadcasting deal with Sky NZ saw TV rights income increase 70 per cent to over $30m a year (This is the New Zealand Warriors 27th season in the NRL, this is what we can achieve in France if we keep Catalans and Toulouse in Super League)
  9. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium only holds 62,850 compared to Wembley’s 90,000, it’s a far more suitable size for a Rugby League Final. With the novelty of a new stadium attracting neutral Rugby League fans I think it should be close to if not full.
  10. But this also included the Women’s Challenge Cup Final remember, this event alone should be aiming for 5000. This should be the last time the events are combined as either a double or triple header. We have plenty of suitable decent Rugby League grounds these events can be held at, St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Leigh, Huddersfield, Headingley, York. Any of the combinations below would be better than holding a triple header. Women’s Challenge Cup Final Leeds v Saints - Warrington or Headingley or York Semi 1 Saints v Wigan - Warrington or Leigh Semi 2 Huddersfield v Hull - Headingley or York
  11. Chris Hill turns 35 this year, is he the last Super League player Leigh produced
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