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  1. I guess they are leaving the option open of playing in stadiums with limited capacity due to social distancing
  2. Sky screened all of Toronto’s Championship games, but apparently they have no interest in them been in Super League and would prefer Featherstone.
  3. Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington and Catalans, our 5 best and most successful clubs are in favour of having Toronto in Super League. I guess they are clueless too and should take advice from Wakefield and Hull kr.
  4. No. Toronto we’re told they were only allowed in Super League without tv funding. This is not the same.
  5. Yes, it’s because sky do want to show Toronto games and they do add value to the tv deal
  6. But that’s £1.8M Toronto should already have, with it they’d still be playing and paying players. How many other Super League clubs could pay their players wages without the sky money?
  7. If that was the case why have Sky shown so many Toronto games over the last few years and so few games of Leigh/Featherstone who’d likely replace them
  8. How can his only job be to negotiate a tv contract. Elstone earns a massive salary, even if he does manage to negotiate an increased tv deal for SL, most if not all of it will need to go towards paying Robert Elstone. He has done a good job if he brings investment into the sport???? He is actively chasing away and trying to block investment into the sport.
  9. Salford, Wakefield, Castleford, Huddersfield, and Hull are the clubs that want to scrap Toronto Wolfpack. This says it all, small time clubs holding the game back.
  10. He’s a year younger than Gareth Ellis who’s still playing Super League
  11. Elstone can’t see what Toronto bring to Super League, this shows how little vision and ambition he has for the sport.
  12. They still both have a home game. Leeds have played games in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle. If the Grand Final was moved to one of these places because they paid big money to host it I’d be fine with that.
  13. Seems completely logical to me for 1 game to be in Sydney, 1 game to be in Brisbane and 1 game on the road each year. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch bidding to host a SOO game will only spread the game while bringing more money into the sport.
  14. If Covid is going to put restrictions on the 2021 tournament, it makes absolute sense to delay it to 2022.
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