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  1. Huddersfield need to be smarter with which parts of the stadium they open. They currently have Away fans in the South Stand (capacity 4000) which works fine, the North Stand opposite end behind the posts should be completely closed which I think is the case nowadays, the Northern end say (30%) of the East Stand (capacity 7000) and West Stand (capacity ???) should also be closed as should the upper tier of the West Stand. That would probably cut capacity down to around 15k? It’d mean the fans are in closer proximity to each other and create a better atmosphere in the ground. Obviously I’m takin
  2. He’s on his way back for now, but I can’t see him playing the full season in Super League at a Wigan
  3. It’s sad that we can’t even manage 1 standalone rep weekend
  4. But how many times have they given a date in 2-3 years time they expect a new stadium to be completed and no work has taken place. if they build a new stand at belle vue that’d be great, the ground in its current state isn’t fit for Super League, but how much will it cost and how are they going to pay for it?
  5. Don’t worry, Leigh only sign ex Toronto Wolfpack players
  6. With 53% of the vote going to the 2 Hull clubs I can only presume the poll was conducted in Hull
  7. Don’t Wakefield, Salford, Leigh and every Championship club get lower attendances than Huddersfield?
  8. The Oceania Cup should give them just that. It’s a start and an improvement on what we previously had.
  9. It says a lot about Wakefield that people born and bred their don’t want to join their academy and choose to go elsewhere
  10. 1 day after Robert Elstone leaves his post a French tv deal looks to have been agreed
  11. Internationals, Super League, NRL, Championship, in that order
  12. I didn’t say he wasn’t going to honour his contract, just that players should, however 2 weeks out from the start of the season he’s still in Australia.
  13. Are there more incidents of concussion or is it just that they are highlighted more now. Players now leave the field for an assessment after a head knock when previously they stayed on the field and went under the radar as the game carried on.
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