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  1. Sadly Salford have lost their best players in Jackson Hastings and Josh Jones. I can see Salford getting relegated in 2020. I certainly think they will be in the mix with Hull kr and Wakefield.
  2. It’s a new sport in Canada so it will need to be given away for a few years to build up the Canadian viewing figures before a broadcaster is willing to stump up cash. However Toronto should be able to sell their games in the UK, as they receive nothing from the current sky deal, I don’t see how they can be stopped selling their games elsewhere. They have a proven record of attracting good viewing figures for their games in the uk. Argle can’t pay all Super Leagues clubs costs indefinitely, if they continue to demand such ridiculous expenses from Argyle I’ve no doubt it will come to an end, I think most are hopeful they see that and common sense prevails.
  3. That means 278k was the peak for the 2018 Grand Final between Warrington and Wigan. Amazingly Toronto Wolfpack almost got that figure for their Championship Grand Final this year. Toronto must be in a strong position to sell their games to sky or another broadcaster.
  4. L Coote R Hall O Gildart B Austin J McGillvary G Widdop J Hastings J Graham(c) J Hodgson T Burgess E Whitehead J Bateman L Thompson C Hill A Walmsley D Clark J Jones
  5. Lots of players missing through injury, the squad doesn’t look very strong, can see us winning only 1 of our 4 games.
  6. Toronto Wolfpack have set a new record for viewing figures of a Championship game with 245,000 watching their grand final victory. This is higher than lots of Super League games. Despite their clear draw and the value they clearly add to our tv deal with sky, Toronto won’t receive any of the Sky tv funding for an unknown reason. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/grand-final-sets-record-high-for-championship-on-sky-sports-in-2019/?utm_content=buffer6e26b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  7. “There’s no point bagging the ref - they beat us 23-6. A couple of calls won’t change that, at the end of the day they were too good. There were a couple of calls that were 50/50 but you’ve gotta be able to defend that and have resilience. I don’t like ref bashing so I’m not going to do it. It was his (Chris Kendall’s) first Grand Final and good on him. Everyone moves on from here.”
  8. Great to see the England shirt given this level of publicity. Sadly England don’t play a single game this year
  9. Jackson Hastings has been a great addition to Super League and a well deserved man of steel, I’m looking forward to seeing him in an England shirt.
  10. Over 8000 down from when Leeds were last there, who have had over 70,000 in their last 3 grand final appearances. Anyone who agrees with changing Catalans and Toronto a final attendance bond must also agree with charging Salford a bond. This final was literally on their doorstep, if it was at Wembley their support would be significantly smaller. Hopefully some of those Salford fans yesterday go to some Salford games in 2020.
  11. It’s a bit of a pathetic way to get some attention, both Schofield and Hopkins should be given no media platform whatsoever
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