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  1. Not really a cryptic thread title, it’s sbout females in rugby league and the title is females in a rugby league forum.
  2. On Thursday history will be made when Belinda Sharp becomes the 1st female to referee a game in the NRL. Brilliant stuff.
  3. Surely this can’t be true, every English cricketer must be a born and bred Englishman or Cricket would be the laughingstock of sport, as apparently will happen with Rugby League if Hastings and Austin play for Great Britain
  4. Great to see this squad named, im really looking forward to England’s games this year, who do we play again?
  5. This is thanks to the Toronto effect on the Championship. Toulouse have also added a lot to the competition. It’s no coincidence that broadcasters are now interested in showing Championship games. Great news.
  6. You can hardly compare Headingley to dumps like Belle Vue and Wheldon Road. At Leeds it’s from £30 to sit and £24 to stand. When the standards on the pitch are back up to scratch that will be good value in what is the best stadium in Super League.
  7. Absolutely agree with this. How disrespectful would it be to our armed forces, to say to someone you can serve and fight for us, but can’t represent us in sport.
  8. The ground is owned by the local authority, they are responsible for its maintenance, not Toronto Wolfpack. This is yet another poor attempt to criticise Toronto, plenty of clubs have played in poor stadiums for 100+ years and done nothing about it. Personally I think Lamport is a great little RL ground.
  9. Angela Powers yesterday asked Danny Ward about scoring more points than the opposition. I’m looking forward to an improvement on that
  10. I’d like to see some former players take up interviewing the players pre and post match. It might mean they actually have a bit of a clue about what’s going on and hopefully improve the quality of the questions asked. Not Terry OConnor though, someone with a few more brain cells.
  11. He’s a good winger but behind Makinson, Hall and McGilvary for me. If we take 4 wingers on the tour I would include him as the 4th, we may only take 3 though.
  12. Ridiculous, the annual changes to the league structure are one of the few things RLfans enjoy
  13. Clubs could in theory spend £5m or even more. Two marquee players only count as £150k on the salary cap regardless of what they’re paid.
  14. Does it matter whether we’ve heard of them or not? Isn’t £30k from one company not worth the same as £30k from another?
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