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  1. What’s the criteria on whether someone is classed as overseas or not? Does a European passport get someone off the overseas list? Will the likes off Hastings and Coote count as overseas?
  2. Do we know we know the path groups winners will take through the quarter and semi finals yet?
  3. Not obviously, maybe he’s enjoying life playing Rugby League in France and doesn’t want to move to a different country.
  4. So we will carry on wasting money paying Robert Elstone a massive salary to achieve absolutely nothing. Meanwhile the reserve league has been scrapped to save money.
  5. Sivo is some winger too. Both Fiji and Samoa could turn over a big side at the RLWC2021, those 2 and Tonga are the sides I’m most looking forward to seeing play.
  6. I wouldn’t rule out Hamilton on population alone. Townsville is similar at 180k. Most places over here are smaller Warrington 160k, Wigan 100k, St Helens 100k, Wakefield 100k, Castleford 40k. Hull have 260k but split between 2 teams.
  7. I don’t know much about where has previously bid for a 2nd NZ NRL franchise, but has anyone shown interest in Hamilton? 125km from Auckland and a 25,000 council owned stadium in the heart of the city.
  8. He coached Catalans in Super League for 4 years, who would you of liked to see appointed as coach to the new League One side?
  9. I’ve never watched an international game and thought, I wish more players came from their domestic competition. I have watched international games and thought this game is so one sided, it’s a shame the game isn’t more competitive. And I really like to watch lesser nations at World Cups. Greece fielding a weaker than necessary match day 17 achieves nothing for me, it just means I’m less likely to go to games Greece are in as they will be less competitive.
  10. Completely agree, nearly. Home games in Leeds, Manchester and London absolutely makes sense. But I’d love to see England v Tonga play a 3 game series with game 1 at Elland Road, game 2 at Tottenham and game 3 at Etihad. Tonga are an absolute force at the moment, they’ve beaten Australia, GB and NZ, we made a massive error not bringing them over in 2018 IMO.
  11. 50,000 for test matches against NZ, PNG or France. It’d be great, and we should be working towards it, but has it ever happened before? England play at home so rarely I fear the England brand built up at the 2013 World Cup and the 2011 and 2016 Four Nations has gone to waste. Since 2016 all the home games we’ve had are a friendly against France and a few games against a weakened Kiwis side. To get to a place where we draw 50,000 at home to PNG or France we need to play home games every year.
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