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  1. James Bentley played his junior rugby in Leeds and came through the Bradford academy. Every club signs players that didn’t come through their academy, no club is completely self sufficient. As for half backs Saints have a Frenchmen in Theo Fages.
  2. That’s the weakest England squad I’ve seen in a long time, I can’t see them beating a combined Nations side.
  3. I’m sure that will be factored into the contract he’s been given, Gary Hetherington is a shewed businessman in that way, that’s one of the reasons Leeds have been the most successful club in Super League, along with the fact they produce more professional players than any other club.
  4. I think there are genuinely 5 teams that could reach the Final in this tournament, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa and England. While Australia will be favourites against whoever they face anyone of those sides could beat them. We’ve had some big RL upsets in Internationals recently, Tonga have beat Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, Fiji have beaten New Zealand, PNG have beaten Great Britain. I’m sure one of the so called Tier One Nations will lose to a Tier Two Nation at some point in this tournament.
  5. I’d say the reality is most Scot’s won’t know they are playing in a Rugby League World Cup, rather than them choosing not to watch due to the percentage of players born outside Scotland, after all it doesn’t seem to stop them watching the Six Nations.
  6. Leigh could do with taking someone on as their Defensive Coach
  7. I haven’t read the article either, I’ve got very little time for Schofield, but of course Tonga or New Zealand could beat Australia, Tonga beat them recently.
  8. Looking forward to Jamaica v Ireland at Headingley, I’m supporting Jamaica for sure.
  9. France v England Knights would be a great competitive fixture that could go either way, why has it never happened?
  10. Brett Hodgson is spot on. There should be no Super League or Championship games on that weekend with as many Internationals taking place as possible. I’d like England v Exiles France v England Knights Wales v Jamaica Ireland v Scotland
  11. Do you think clubs from New Zealand should compete in the NRL or a fully domestic New Zealand league? What about the PNG Hunters and the Fijian side the Silktails? Should they stop competing in the Australian Leagues and go back to the PNG/Fijian league?
  12. Not when they have their travel paid for them, it’s certainly more expensive for the overseas club travelling every other week to play in a League at that standard.
  13. International teams playing in League One certainty isn’t ideal, it’s far from it.
  14. League One isn’t suitable as an International League, the Championship and Super League are.
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