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  1. The Four Nations was a brilliant competition, it would be even better now Tonga are an international powerhouse. Bring Back The Four Nations!
  2. He’s trying to earn a new contract, whether that is with Toronto Wolfpack or elsewhere. He’s unemployed without one, that is what’s in it for Gigot.
  3. Toronto Wolfpack will have a full squad of homegrown players before the stadium is built.
  4. Percival is in the squad. Sydney Roosters don’t seem to have names a travelling squad anywhere.
  5. Kept the same name and the same ground rather than moving here there are everywhere for a start. London Broncos have called the following stadiums home. Craven Cottage, Crystal Palace, Polytechnic Sports Ground, Barnett Stadium, The Stoop, The Valley, Griffin Park, The Hive and now Trailfinders Sports Ground. Rather than one club that’s been around for decades they are more like 9 different clubs that have each been around for a couple of years.
  6. Gigot would be a good signing for Toronto Wolfpack. I guess they might release Cunningham, who is out injured for 6 months to free up cap space. Alternatively it could be Chase Stanley, who suspiciously is still waiting for his visa, despite having a visa to play last season.
  7. Just as Adelaide has far more potential than Rockhampton, London have far more potential than Fev. Adelaide and London are the clubs that should be in their respective top tier competitions. London have many problems including been poorly run for a number of years, numerous ground moves, name changes and a higher cost of living than their competitors. They have also had some success such as their development of young players. Going for small town clubs in the top league is never going to help grow the overall competition.
  8. It’s a waste of money renting another stadium when Saints can use their own for free
  9. Adelaide has a population of 1,300,000, Rockhampton 80,000. Adelaide has so much more potential, not only with people attending games, but to add to the tv viewing figures, which is where most of the sports revenue comes from. Queensland Cup is the right level for Rockhampton.
  10. Rockhampton is too small and isolated. Personally I would like the NRL to become a 20 team competition with new teams in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and New Zealand. All these places could have successful viable teams.
  11. This is just one of the controversies going on with the Tonga National Team. Cash forfeited by the players which was supposed to go to Rugby League grassroots has been spent on things including funding the Rugby Union Sevens Team. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/thats-our-money-andrew-fifita-reveals-how-he-blew-the-whistle-on-tonga-rl/news-story/8df0b4a7d2b0e1f01796dd2e6a5adfd9
  12. Huddersfield-Sheffield-Doncaster Giants has a ring to it
  13. What a waste of tax payers money, governments should not give subsidies to private companies.
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