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  1. Winning team Cowboys 1st player to score Hodges Half time Broncos 6 - 10 Cowboys Full time Broncos 18 - 23 Cowboys Points 41 Poll 7 And Good Luck FEV
  2. Unfortunately ###### seats G.Bloke next to me but his arms up on the wall so a didn't see half the field, The usual row of the rat pack was fill with 'one game blowins' who appeared to cheer for whomever was winning ? Sad way to end a season for Melbourne,but Nth Qld came with the hunger & the game plan. NFI what Storm took to the field ? O WELL ! Bring on 2016
  3. Sadly this is a thing affecting a lot of bored n stupid young men Have operation - Get given post op meds - Find they are wonderfully relaxing Addiction is not far away
  4. Bourbon Rat

    Early sale of finals tickets

    Happens every time the NRL does finals tickets. One year the four front rows at our end claimed to be 'All sold out' but come game day - Full of Telstra customers who got cheap or free tickets :-( Look for the rat pack on the wall in Section 1,(usually the away fans section to the left of us)
  5. SO - Finals tickets for Week 3 went on sale at 10AM Monday morning for 'ticketed club members' Strange then that at 1005 Monday morning,when the rat pack went to get tickets for the row they've used for a very long time they got told SORRY ! That area Sold Out last week. Once again the NRL's control on finals tickets is shown to be extremely dodgy
  6. Congrats to all who took part - I missed out being on hols I did manage to catch the Roosters / Storm game on at Changi airport Some of which was sitting in O'Leary's Bar n Restaurant next to a fellow NRL fan He lives in Manly but follows the Dragons & was heading home.
  7. Full Time - Broncos 12 - 48 Storm WOW Where the hell has that hunger been all season BOLTS ?
  8. Winners Storm Roosters Knights Dragons Cowboys Raiders Manly Bulldogs Points 313 Away 4 Will manage to watch the Storm game - On a flight to Singapore Friday so the rest ?
  9. Congrats Graham And well done to all who participated !
  10. Winners Broncos Roosters Sharks Bulldogs Storm Tigers Dragons Raiders Poll Sea Eagles vs Roosters Points 313 Home 3
  11. Winners Dragons Rabbitohs Sharks Cowboys Broncos Titans Sea Eagles Storm Poll 3 games of 50 or more points Points 313 Away 2