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  1. Kingstone press team of the week

    Kingstone Press Championship One Team of the Week 1 Sean Morris (Oxford) 2 Callum Mulkeen (Oxford) 3 Danny Maun (Hunslet Hawks) 4 Sam Gee (Oldham) 5 Andy Ballard (Hunslet Hawks) 6 Pat Smith (York City Knights) 7 Benn Hardcastle (York City Knights) 8 James Houston (Hunslet Hawks) 9 Craig Cook (Gloucestershire All Golds) 10 Jason Boults (Oldham) 11 John Oakes (Hunslet Hawks) 12 Lamont Bryan (London Skolars) 13 Chris Vitalini (South Wales Scorpions)
  2. Super league class

    Got to agree fev were excellant only 1 thing spoiled it for me was the blatant head butt by dickens cant see him getting away with it to be honest good luck fev u deserve super league rugby..
  3. hey up Stu sat with our Grimmer last night talk about fuming over that tosser Ronny Laughton he was sick believe me. Said your John went really well and should start in the second two every week as he is playing a lot better than Rob Kelly but he doesnt pick the team does he.Hope you and yours are ok Stu take care mate Col

  4. NRC

    NO at least 4 teams will have 9 points or more fev can only get 8
  5. Featherstone V Rochdale

    play ur reserves its impossible for u to qualify u need 9 points and u cant get 9 plus ur points difference is ###### also.....maybe next year ur coach may take it serious