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  1. Up to date scores on Tuesday at 10pm. Leilua 35, Lockwood 11, Aekins and Lacans 10, Gale 9, Moors 4, Cozza, Wildie, Kheirallah 3, Hankinson 2
  2. Seems to me that there is a scheme to stop us getting promoted.
  3. Who ever they are SURELY they can be identified. I still reckon we have outsiders pretending to be Rovers supporters.
  4. Thank you for those kind comments TPH. I will continue as long as I can. Will give the scores tomorrow late afternoon for this game. If nothing forthcoming will close down on Wednesday night (a bit early but going by the voting). If I get more voting then Thursday will be the surmising day. UTR.
  5. I didn't hear anbody either that is why I suggested it could be outsiders getting us into trouble.
  6. Then name them !!! We have had perpetrators in the past pretending to be Fev supporters who have caused problems. When they start let the real supporters stop them whoever they are, and let the authorities know. I was merely suggesting £1 a head if it helps us going foward by paying the fine via us.
  7. No votes today. Will give it while tomorrow. Leilua well in front on the Widnes game. Gale looking overhaul like a likely winner he is 6 in front of anybody else. But seeing as I am including the play offs somebody could catch him up after them. UTR. Hope everybody is happy with that. Nearly 90 so doing my best.
  8. Only a £1 a head from supporters if you think we are missing out on players signings. Let the club start a fund gathering.
  9. Few selections lately. However I will give it time as we don't play again for a while. Leilua well in front with 32 votes. Nearest to him Lacans with 10, Aekins and Locxkwood 9, Gale 8, and Moors 4.
  10. At 5.30 today we have: Leilua 30, Lacans 10, Aekins and Lockwood 9, Gale 7, and Moors 1. After due consideration I am including the play off games to determine our MOM for the season. Oh if we could present OUR trophy again I would be so pleased. UTR
  11. If he had given both the result was the same so fair does.
  12. Please may I have your MOM for the Widnes game. First three choices please.
  13. After the Toulouse game we have: Gale 20, Aeikins, Bussey, Hau and Ford 14, Hardcastle , Kheirallah and Lacans 12, Springer 11, Leilua 10, Dean 8, Jones and Davies 6, Moors and Hankinson 5, Wildie, Briscoe, Day, and Cozza 4, Koppy 3, Taylor, Chisholm, Lockwood, Hall 2, Longstaff 1 .
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