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  1. New recruits all playing well. Want we want now is a settled team for coordination and play structure.
  2. As I have said before my old Mum bless her used to send me the Express through to Egypt when I was on active service so I could keep up with the Rovers games and Information. That was in the 1950's and I still get it weekly. I also go to the obituary column as quite a few friend are passing away for funeral details. Local details are in local papers and quite a bit of information is not available elsewhere. I agree about the Wakefield Express, some cover there for their locals on Fev should be included.
  3. The more we see of our teams efforts how the heck did we lose to Barrow and Dewsbury at home?
  4. Great display. just a bit unlucky in parts. Inches would have got us two more trys.
  5. Sorry the heading should of course be M.O.M. I have already said that Day has taken the lead. Overall the leading positions are: Day 17, King 15, Golding14, Chisholm 13. Head not right at the moment got a heavy flu.
  6. Could I have your man of the match for Toronto versus the Rovers. First three choices please.
  7. Closing this down now. Day a clear winner followed by Golding with Walters third. Overall Day has now taken the lead.
  8. 1. Golding 2. Day 3. Walters. Well played all the team. Both in attack and defence.
  9. I really enjoyed today's game that could have gone either way. The ref didn't give us any of the 50/50 decisions and we came out on top by good rugby. Well done lads in all departments.
  10. Just the way my mind works Fev 1983, I like a laugh. I find it the antidote for most ills. Cheers.
  11. At the moment he is Ryan CARR and is moving smoothly along with us. When he becomes Ryan AIR I will expect him to move.
  12. Sorry chris g, I know you had already said it. It was the feeling of satisfaction when the actual line up was announced on the tele that made me say it again.
  13. Could you please votes for you M.O.M in the Featherstone Rovers v Leigh match. First three choices please.
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