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  1. May I have your MOM for the Batley game. First three choices please.
  2. Just got back from holiday. I was amazed that York had beaten Halifax at Halifax. So on to our game with Batley
  3. After the Halifax game the leaders are: Bussey 24, Moors 22, and Davies and Jones 17. I am including what games are still to play. That is Halifax at home and when we win Leigh in the Final. UTR.
  4. Closing this match voting. The winner was Moors with 30, Briscoe 26 and Koppy 19.
  5. At 7pm on Monday the scores are: Moors 19, Briscoe 18, Kopcaz 14, Jacks 8, JSL 5 and Springer 1. UTR.
  6. After the Sheffield game the leaders are : Bussey 24, Moors 19, Davies and Jones 17, I am including the play off games. UTR
  7. May I have your MOM for the Halifax game please. First three choices. UTR.
  8. Think that after 9pm on Friday night this is last vote on this game. The winner was: Moors with 14, second Jones with 11 and JSL and Smith with 9 each.
  9. Monday night and we have: Smith and Jones 7, Moors 3, JSL 2.
  10. Any votes yet? Match is now over and we have a result.
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