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  1. When you look at the possible subs it shows you how strong we are. Roll on 2021.
  2. Somebody asked me about Income and Expenditure. They are also current items that are part of the up to date Cash Flow. We could also have changes in Fixed Assets and Liabilities. The ongoing situation is recorded in the books on a daily basis. If the club wanted to give an up to date position regarding trading, income and overheads and the current position with forecasts on the outcome they could do so. Interim accounts are a feature of regular trading. In my banking days i used to see them on regular basis to asses how the business was going with a view to how to advise them on how to conduct their progress. Those days have gone from a banking point of view and much is now conducted by computers. WE knew our customers in the old days and everything was conducted in the branch with the final assessment going to Head Office. I hope this put the picture clear on what I was asking. The current position and what is planned is something we ought to know about.
  3. Also Station Lane is connected especially when the players are TRAINing,
  4. I am well aware the audit accounts are not ready for 2020. I have been interpreting accounts for over 35 years. What i was asking was what is the current position? Every business has daily records and keeps a cash flow record and also a list of Debtors and Creditors. Our overheads will have continued and eaten into the surplus shown . I was only asking the club to show the current position so supporters could help if required. Cash flow is all important and I wondered if an input into the club has occurred.
  5. Good idea. if we followed that street with its back to back houses we could get back to back wins!!
  6. Arthur played for George Street so he must have lived at some time where I said. George Street is near where Phipps St was.
  7. Used to walk up from Scarborough Terrace. In the back to back house days. I had a feeling that Arthur Wood in his youth lived on the street near Gough's shop. opposite the Square, where I lived until I was 4ish, near Goldings and Candlings and my old mates Billy Parks and Ralph Morgan . There was Chapel Street and Phipps Street somewhere near there. Sorry about the error.
  8. Sorry didn't see Morris and Hepworth. Saw the rest. First game 1938 went with dad nearly 5. Carried away seeing Arthur Wood again.
  9. Any relation to Bob Whitton? Fev lad from the PAST.
  10. Saw Arthur Wood play as well as the others. He was a true Fev lad and well known in Featherstone. Went on to play for Leeds. I feel sure he made international honours. When hookers were hookers he was one of the best.
  11. What a great answer. It answer most questions asked.
  12. Yes but we still have overheads so what is the current position? It is alright quoting December 2019 but where are we in October 2020 . What I was meaning was where did the income come from then and what is the present position. I take your point but with the current problems over health and no income how are we now situated.
  13. It would be interesting to know where the £40k came from. With no gate money how have we obtained income to invest. Further the only way to see the overall picture is to see the audited accounts. Then we can see if we have sold any assets, let sponsors have a charge on any asset, a loan from a director etc. Looking at the Balance Sheet would give us the true situation as to our viability. It would also on the Income and Expenditure indicate if our cash flow was good or are we in debt when looking at the overall situation. One figure does not give the overall situation regarding the true position of any club. It would be interesting to see the audited accounts.
  14. Sorry I didn't know he had left us permanently. I thought he was on our books and had gone to Leeds on DR..
  15. Loans will still continue so has much changed in this department? If you need a player and he available then you take him on loan. Very similar to DR in terms of availability.
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