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  1. Whatever the present circumstances it is good to prepare for the next season. With the proper organisation we will be ready to go and have a good set up for it.
  2. Doing away with scrums is short term. Don't PACK it it.
  3. Can we update Mark?. There have been a few changes.
  4. So Headingly LEEDS then. Starting with F I am not surprised we came 6th.
  5. Instead of CARParking on just don't go. The protest will be evident.
  6. This is to do with pictures but there are a lot of negative replies.
  7. Ticking over. As one of my staff used to say. Middling to ######. One day I am cold and the next boiling. Cheers.
  8. Was it Bob Crowther we had a laugh with along with. Going back to around 2013.ish. Memory not what is was.
  9. Which Union do you belong to Andrew? You will be asking for 8 forwards next. Nearly as bad as that suggestion that RU were going down to 13 players. Was there any more on that does anyone know? Hope you are keeping well also Andrew.
  10. Way back oldrover and I used to have a laugh together on this forum. Hope you keep ok after all these years OR. Colin.
  11. The circumstances should dictate. If it involves just the local nations and foreign players against us living in the UK or France, then England. If it involves overseas opposition from Down Under then GB. I am 86 and have seen both England and GB in my time. I feel that we should have both depending who we are playing. I recently saw a replay of the Tri Nations involving GB, Australia and New Zealand. It was far better having a full representation of GB players. So not either or but both.
  12. I cannot see how with a bit of fore thought why games can't be played in front of spectators. The people in charge know the dimensions of the facilities. They can then estimate by allowing 1 to 2 metres between spectators how many could a make up the crowd. A few ground stickers as used in Supermarkets could be used to show the separation limits. Then issue a statement saying the ground capacity for the match will be .......... The number of Season ticket holders will be subtracted from this capacity number and a notice sent out that there is room for another ???. These extra spectators would have to buy a ticket to get in on the day. Using Fev as an example with just estimated figures by me to show what I mean. After carefully estimating or measuring the capacity let's say that we can after leaving the required space 1500 spectators in. Say we have a 1000 season ticket holders. The club could say that the match will be played and allowing for 1000 season ticket holder then 500 tickets for the match would be on sale up to match day. Then we could watch the match and the club would have some revenue coming in. The club have complied with the regulations and on with the game. Better than closed doors don't you think?
  13. Another thought. IF we have no scrums and a tap to restart how about reducing teams to 11 players and having just 2 substitutes. That way there would still be open play and no tight binding amongst players.
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