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  1. I curtailed the MOM for the Chamionship games to try to get a presentation. Hall was our winner but no joy with cooperation with the Rovers. So as a point of interest how about us choosing a MOM for the remaining games ? We have to beat Halifax of course but if we do we could have two games in the semi final and the final. Lets have a go on our own bat. Lets keep going and survive. JCS. It would be nice to let Hall know he was our MOM as well. We also paid tribute to Harrison so our thinking is much in line with the so called official channel of voting. All the best Colin. Here as long as I can. As one of my old 93 year old mates used to say: 'It's only a number' Lets keep OUR ball rolling. MOM FEATHERSTONE ROVERS V HALFAX. FIRST THREE CHOICES PLEASE. UTR. ONWARD,,,,,,,,,, TOTAL RL FEATHERSTONE ROVERS RL FANS FORUM. keep VOTING next season.
  2. Final overall scores leaders: HALL 18, Chisholm second with 17, Harrison third with 16, Gale fourth with 15, and Davfies fifth with 13. Harrison was leading by a lot before his injury and would have been a leading contender.
  3. Had trouble with the computer. Few votes after first day. So Halton won the Sheffield match and Hall was second. That second place won the MOM for Hall. Just beating Chisholm. No response for the Presentation. Initially I suggested a joint effort but that was rejected as the presentation was fully booked. Happily I beleive their MOM was also Hall so their presentation is ours as well. If I am wrong please excuse me. I am closing MOM for this season and hope to see you for next season. Enjoyed it but as close to 88 years old please let me know if you want to take over. I will carry on if you want me to. Thank you for your support. HALL our winner. Good luck to him.
  4. I had that thought as well. Whitehaven playing well
  5. Cheers Grinder. I also suggested Full time.Plus I asked for what they thought best. Colin
  6. Cheers. Still trying. Thanks for the message.
  7. More votes please. Still waiting for an answer on the presentation at the semi final game.
  8. Dont forget our seasons MOM will decided after the voting ends for this game. Still hoping to get a half time presentation in the semi final game.
  9. If we get to the Final wouldn't it have been great to have the match as a curtain raiser at Old Traffolrd instead of playing it at Toulouse? If SL final is not at the top clubs venue then ours shouldn't be either. All part of RL scheme to get Toulouse into SL and enhance the French connection.
  10. Is that all? I have been trying all season for a presentation or a joint presentation. Hope my luck changes.
  11. Message sent asking if we can present our trophy at the semi final game. At half time if necessary. Keep you posted.
  12. After Maureen's comments and the present situation I am ending our MOM after the Sheffield voting finishes. I will try to get a presentation at the semi final game. Thank you. So end of voting on Sunday and try again to get a presentation. Cheers.
  13. HI Mo, I asked for a joint effort and also a presentation as you suggested. No way is that going to happen. I am trying to get our award done. It doesn't appear as if it is going to happen. I take your point but I am getting no cooperation from the powers that be. I would have loved to have done it last night but was told they had their own presentation. We have quite a few supporters and also many up look at the Featherstone Rovers Total RL schedule but I feel we are total outsiders.
  14. The singing would be by our choir. Join in if you want to.
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