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  1. Watson Boas named as one the stars. Makes you think. Where did the star quality disappear when he had a Fev shirt?
  2. This forum was headed 'Larne Patrick'. We have gone off that subject and had varied comments about pubs, drinking and grammar. Does his initials now stand for Long Player? I wouldn't be surprised as for diversification the amount being posted must be a record .
  3. Anybody that supports RL in any form is a RL supporter. People have differing views but wouldn't express those views unless they were interested in the game. Incidentally a parody is a feeble imitation and I think that is about right. Also Futtocks are middle timbers of a ship so the middle road is probably the right road to take. Aboat right.
  4. Mainly mechanisation and machinery. Do you reckon we should all hike to every game then? Or as your name suggests just go around in circles?
  5. Followed Featherstone Rovers through thick and thin since 1938/9. Even had the results in newspaper form sent to me when I was doing my N.S in Egypt. Restricted at 85 a bit on travelling but still get my season ticket and support what is going on. Use to go to all games even when I lived away from Fev due to the job I was doing. UTR.
  6. You are a HANDICAP and I would just suggest dropping the 'S' and becoming what you clearly are a 'PAIN'. NOW DO A BUNKER, and don't wait until TEE time.
  7. Howard Keel, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Frankie Lane and Frank Sinatra. Now they were SINGERS.
  8. I played in every G @ S musicals on stage. The music and words were great. 'Here's a first rate opportunity to get married with impunity and indulge in the facility of unbounded domesticity. You will quickly be parsonified , conjugally matrimonified by a doctor of divinity who resides in this vicinity.' The man who could put that to music was great!!!
  9. Was there that day and really enjoyed the match. Used to converse with Ron Bailey when he was a Fev resident. He wrote lots of RL literature all worth reading. Once played against Don when he was a Sharlston player and I was in the Featherstone Rovers under 18's. A truly great player with lots of creative ability. Happy days. I also knew Mick Clamp and I remember quite of few of us contemplating if that was him in the last photo when the cup was being presented. It certainly didn't look like him in the photo but it might have been the angle it was taken. Looked more like Jim Hunt. Long time ago and memory isn't what it was.
  10. (Carry on folks) fifteen. When I left the army I played some more amateur RL. At 34 (1968) I thought I would like a game and chose RU as I thought I was too old for RL. When they found out that I had played League and that I was a Fev supporter I was shown the door. Yes time has moved on but it still isn't fair. Listen to the Tele or read the newspapers RU is just described as rugby, not RU. Quizzes show it as rugby not RU, We are not given a faIr crack of the whip and to my mind the old anti RL prejudices are still there. Covered up a bit but I don't think time has moved on as much as you think. Ok my views are out of date in some ways but not entirely. OK we can talk about representing England in other aspects but they have had no connection with RL. That class distinction still exists and I have had experience of it in more ways than one. As a working class lad I joined banking in 1956 I was invited to play for the bank RU team. as an old Pomfretion . When they found out I had played RL I was not spoken to again on this matter. Time marches on but I reckon if you dig deep you will still see the same attitude from Southerners. I have two degrees but if I speak to anybody from down South they think that northern people are of a lower class to them no matter what their experience or qualifications are.. .
  11. I have watched RL since 1939. I went to the King's School and played RU. I played for Fev under 18's in 1951/1952 . Whewn I was called up for my National Service I played Union in the army. There when they found out that you had RL experience you were straight into the first
  12. Sorry folks. Just it still lingers in my memory.
  13. They lost and I am glad. I have no time for Union after I was barred from playing the game for playing RL in the sixties. I played Union in the army and at school but outside of those areas if you played League you were black listed. A load of hypocrites. Boot money was very relevant in those days and they also banned RL during the war in France. All the RL assets going to Union via the Vichy government and the Nazis.
  14. Who do you think will be available on DR and loan next season? If they are included what do you think the selection of the first 17 will be?
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