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  1. We won that is it. A great game between two good sides. Players missing and points scored but lost but we still WON.
  2. Gale leading with Chisholm second and Moors third at the moment. Keep voting please, after that great win.
  3. After Hull's performance today against Wigan I feel we did very well in our cup tie against them.
  4. My Dad was born in 1900. He told me that when he was young he played for Purston White Horse. He was living near the Travellers in those terrace houses at the time. It was a long time ago but I remember him telling me. He took me to my first game at Rovers in 1938.
  5. Please may I have your MOM for the York game. First three choices please.
  6. Last vote was Wednesday so am closing it down. A close contest between Gale and Holmes. Gale won with 49 votes with Holmes second with 41 votes. Third was Moors with 16. So the up to date positions are: Harrison still leading with 7, Holmes now second with 6 and Parata and Gale have each got 5. We have no game this weekend but I will put the York game up so we are ready. Cheers
  7. Also played scrum half against Don Fox in Featherstone Rovers under 18's when he played for Sharlston. Had a good game against him. He was switched to centre. He then scored the winning try. A great bloke and a good friend .
  8. Went to school with Ron Bailey. Glad he is still around. Featherstone lad that did much for the Rovers. I remember him living opposite the Jubilee fields. Kind Regards Ron. Colin Smith.
  9. Are the Saturday times to allow workers to get home and come to the match? We usually have Sunday games so I wonder if they have something lined up for the Sunday's mentioned. Are we still allowing soccer to be played or is that season over?
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