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  1. I assume you mean 'writes' . So Cas' can do it but we can't? Also amateur clubs have reports about them. Does your statement add up on that basis?
  2. I today bought the P & C Express as I usually do. To my surprise there were two pages on Castleford Tigers. One on Blair's comments and one about their doctor. I turned pages over and looked twice but couldn't find a word about Featherstone Rovers. Surely we could have a column about our team or a player and the way the supporters are rallying? OK we are a championship side but to be excluded completely is annoying. I am tempted to not buy it any more.
  3. Different qualities as you said. A good player doesn't make a good commentator.
  4. Wow!! Thanks for that I remembered the try but leading up to it I had forgotten how we got the ball. Thank you so much Les Tonks Sidestep. That was a Magic Moment. After the whistle had gone!!!
  5. As we have no current RL I have been watching past games on TV. One game in particular irritated me intensely. Leeds v Bradford. The people who should have been commentating went on and on about other items such as past players experience, coaches, injuries, etc etc. All during this garble the match was going on without any commentary. I know that this was the past but we still get it now . Not quite as bad but still badly organised. When the season starts again could we please have ongoing commentary with interjections and discussions only when play is stopped or at half and full time. When the game is being played lets just have commentary.
  6. One thing that comes to mind. I saw all those great players and the club brought them on to their heights and then we had to sell to survive.
  7. Cheers. That brings it fully back to mind.
  8. Just refresh my memory wasn't it Will Sharp who scored a winning try after the hooter had gone and the opposition player threw the ball towards touch as a final gesture. it didn't reach and Sharp picked it up and scored the winner. That final effort stays in my mind but can't remember the opposing team .
  9. Can I say that as a kicker of the ball I have never seen a better or more accurate kicker than Freddie Miller. His touch finding was great. If he had been around and playing nowadays he would be 40/20 it on a regular basis.
  10. Not sure if he was still playing but if he was add Eric Batten to the list.
  11. I remember Steve Evans running almost 80 yards when we played Leeds away. He beat the players in front of him and then outpaced the chasers. Sticks in hy memory as one of the best trys.
  12. Wow Steve, You have the old brain thinking. I will list the ones I remember but not necessarily in their positions as some would have the same position. Here goes: Freddie Miller, Gary Jordan, Don Metcalfe, Gary Cooper, Mick Clamp, Joe Mullaney, Don Fox, Malcom Dixon, Jim Barraclough, Joe Anderson, Colin Clift, Terry Clawson, Norman Hockley, Harry Street, Eric Broom, Jackie Blackburn, Tommy Smales, Graham Westwood, Mick Reynolds, Alan Marchant, Keith Cotton,
  13. Eric Batten was a class act both as a player and a coach. I remember one game he played in when he was faced with a centre and a wing man coming straight at him. Instead of going for one of them he turned around and faced his own line then ran parallel with the two players in between them towards the try line. Whilst running he bent low and with his right hand he tackled the centre who was unable to pass to the winger as Batten was between them. I also remember him being faced by an opposing wing who crouched to tackle him and he jumped right over the top of him. I also remember when he arrived as a coach he stopped the players on training day from going onto the field with a ball. He stated that nobody touched a ball until they were fit to his standard of fitness and that henceforth exercise and strengthening was the first priority. He took a team of local lads and has been castoffs to Wembley in 1952. What a player !
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