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  1. After a match end the comments and votes on the following Friday and then start comments on new match. I will start the new season with the heading on Friday 31st January.
  2. That's what I meant. You have put it so much better. I think I will call it MOM Match Thread. Could go well.
  3. I agree Steve. When I asked for comment I didn't mean a dialogue from people, just a line or two about their choice. I reckon I will carry on and see who it goes. At least we will all be able to discuss in some way the matches. Cheers.
  4. Had a word with Davide Longo. The joint effort no longer applies. Seeing that presentation, where to hold and getting the winner there is so difficult, I am altering the format to a debate. Squidward brought it to mind. So here is how I am suggesting we progress. We still do our 1,2,3, MOM but after each selection I would like you to put why you have selected that player for that position. Then until the following match we can have a backwards and forwards discussion between us on why the selection was made. It should be interesting and at the end of the season we can summaries the debate. I would be interested in your views of my idea. We will still have OUR MOM but the result would be after a discussion on the overall factors. If I get a negative response then we can just abandon the system. I am only a volunteer so all I am trying to do in keep some interest from a supporters point of view.
  5. No further replies since Friday. Thanks to the fans who did reply. In view of the answers I did get I will continue as I did last season. Cheers.
  6. Perhaps just the back then. They were very clear.
  7. I Steve. Just a quick one. I have posted about MOM. If you have any comments please let me know. Colin
  8. Seeing it is creeping closer to our first match (Feb2) I am preparing myself for the MOM. In view of quite a few things that happened, including the final joint presentation, are you happy for us to continue the way we are? I have just recovered from a bout of chest problems but I am willing to carry on if the format is the same. If changed we of course would need a fine bit of preparation. The biggest is find a place to hold the event and secondly to get the winner to attend on that date. Constructive answers only please. If you feel we have run the course then let me know. It was enjoyable last season to see that our selections were there up front so we are not far out. Cheers
  9. Watching the cricket England v S Africa I was very impressed by the large numbers on the players shirts. Seeing we have had so many changes I would love to see numbers of that size on our shirts. If on front and back and in large size it would be easier for us to identify each players even with a bit of mud on them. What do you think?
  10. I reckon he has talent. Good luck. A good signing.
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