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  1. Just had a further reply from Davide following my questions. On presentation night we will be mentioned in the presentation but the cup wont be used. Looking at the overall situation it seems this is the right path to go down.
  2. I have been in touch with Adam Hughes today and the twitter scoring is much the same as ours. After the last match I will give it the usual time for voting and then send our results to him for a combined score and the ultimate result for MOM. When you look at things broadly we are all Fev supporters so let's do what we can to support the club. I have told Steve I will do the voting next season but if there is any set up outside of the club then he or others can arrange things.
  3. The Supporters Player of the Year will be sponsored by a company on the evening. So it looks like we are in their hands if we go ahead. I will now leave it with you. Either go or not go and play it by the ear.
  4. . PLEASE NOTE. This is for MOM. Please go elsewhere if you want to rant on OUR FORUM I have enough trouble sorting out the votes
  5. Looking at the present position and all the comments all I can say is that when I volunteered to help I was under the impression I would just be doing the stats for the presentation at the end of the season. All the other matters have arisen since without my knowledge of them at the outset. After talking to Steve, I asked Davide Longo for help for as I understood it we had nowhere to do the presentation and couldn't guarantee a place or the attendance of the winning player or voters presence. Having the problem I have tried to solve it. Obviously not to everybody's satisfaction. We have had our grumbles but no real solution to the problem from anybody else. The matter is still being considered and I hope to have a satisfactory reply from the powers that be about how the October event will be scheduled. If when I receive the reply if it is not to your satisfaction then kindly take over this part of our scheme and arrange your own presentation with the cooperation of Steve if you want the trophy involved. We have from now to the beginning of October for your solution if the one I finish up with is not to your satisfaction. Let me say at that time I don't want questions about: 'Why haven't you done this, or why can't we do that'. I will do the MOM to the end of the season and if you want to arrange a presentation then I will hand over the stats and you can get on with it. That is the position and I will stick to it. Either a yes or no about which way we are going. Frankly, after volunteering to do the stats and being finished up with this if you want it you can have it. I have seen the schedule that Maureen has reproduced of the event and a lot of awards are listed. I have asked under which heading they want us and can we signify who we are and present our trophy. If the reply is rubbish in your opinion then just get on with what alternative you desire. I will not stand in your way I will just let you have the stats. End of story. I feel very much like the pig in the middle, which was not of my choosing. Colin.
  6. Found the site. 8th October starts at 7pm. I know nothing about the other votes. I am only concerned about our M.O.M end of season award. It is complicated I know and as I said further tying up of various items is required.
  7. There will be a combined vote. I thought it had been made clear that their votes were by Twitter ours in the usual way. The two total votes will be combined and the winner will be who wins the combination vote. We still have our trophy and I am going to have a further word for that trophy to be presented with a recognition of where it came from. Steve has already acknowledged that as their event is sponsored that Davide Longo has been generous after my discussion with him to let us participate in the overall award There are a few points to clear up and I will attempt to have further words with Davide. I cannot promise anything but will do my best. This was the situation when I took over due to the circumstances we found ourselves in. Please read Steve's posting about the circumstances. I haven't contrived this and we are just a victim of the circumstances we found ourselves in. Hopefully a good result will eventually be forthcoming. I understood the presentation would be in October. Has a definite date been announced ?
  8. Incidentally if those three are OUR men of the match then at the end we will gather that in their performance they played for us. Out by a YORK er.
  9. IS THAT A CON OR are you hoping to ROB in son (some) way? I reckon in the end for you will it will be ALL SIGH MAN. Or Hall Simon.
  10. Please let me have your man of the match for this game. First three choices please.
  11. Closing down on this match vote. Day was the winner followed by King and Chisholm. Overall Day has now taken the lead followed by Golding and King. Overall results for the three: 21, 19 and 17. Still close as you can see.
  12. I am elderly but I assure everyone that the voting is up to date and still being covered for each match. To my mind all I have to cover is that we get a mention at the presentation. To that end do you want me to contact Davide again and confirm that we are mentioned at the presentation or is there any thing else to consider? The trophy is in the cabinet at the ground. I went down this road because of the present circumstances as I have said previously. It is not off my back alone but the result of conversations with Steve and Davide. I have done my best and feel that the suggested end result will be the best way forward. There was some talk with Davide about not including the play off matches in the MOM awards. I will also confirm this if needs be. I have always tried to be there when needed. If I am not needed then I will say goodbye and thanks. Being 86 at the next season perhaps I will need some help if old age jumps in but at the moment my head is clear and my thinking straight. Cheers. PS I know people have different opinions and hold no grudge against people who do not agree with my methods. Colin.
  13. The gist of the conversation was that both would be mentioned but only one player as M.O.M
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