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  1. Do you know Sport or just Rugby League?

    . No 7... World snooker champion? When, what, where, who, why? If anybody answers that question i'll buy them a pint.. ................. The 2018 world snooker championship takes place from 21 April to 7 May 2018 at the crucible theatre Sheffield there's your where and when, the most appropriate bit being 2018!! I'll settle for just half a pint
  2. Toronto Again

    FFS.................. Now you tell us!! I had £20 on you for 1st and last scorer come August 26th!!
  3. Dominate

    But whatever you do, don't high five him back....... It could be classed as "deliberate contact with the referee".........This may result in an 8 game ban!! ?
  4. Toronto v Coventry

    The young lads haven't been around long enough to aquire criminal records yet, apparently 100 lines and/or detention don't count :-o

    What a day.......... Proud to be a Barrow supporter today. To all those who made the trip to Blackpool.... See you at Craven Park next week? If only
  6. Look on the bright side

    We've got this to look forward to next Saturday
  7. Toronto v Barrow

    Oh dear....................... Another uneducated fool jumps on the bandwagon. You're obviously not from a posh southern town known for its education (Unless you are the exception to the rule) Everybody knows that in this inaccessible northern backwater, we do easy stuff like build nuclear SUBMARINES
  8. 48-0 after 31 mins.... 100+ anyone?
  9. Woolfpack currently going along at 2 points a minute. 24-0 up after 12
  10. Had the fixtures been kinder, and we'd been fortunate enough to be playing them at home, I'd say yes, there is every chance. But unfortunately we have to play them in Toronto, so I think the odds are stacked against a win sadly.
  11. 82-0 Final score For the Third home game in a row, the raiders keep the opposition scoreless
  12. Who do we want/dont want?

    Sorry Ron, only Huddersfield, Leeds, Leigh and Salford from the super league are included in the draw at this stage, so no chance of a TOP S/L club just yet