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  1. 48-0 after 31 mins.... 100+ anyone?
  2. Woolfpack currently going along at 2 points a minute. 24-0 up after 12
  3. Had the fixtures been kinder, and we'd been fortunate enough to be playing them at home, I'd say yes, there is every chance. But unfortunately we have to play them in Toronto, so I think the odds are stacked against a win sadly.
  4. 82-0 Final score For the Third home game in a row, the raiders keep the opposition scoreless
  5. Sorry Ron, only Huddersfield, Leeds, Leigh and Salford from the super league are included in the draw at this stage, so no chance of a TOP S/L club just yet
  6. Which one.......... Ant or Dec??
  7. The bar was certainly rammed after the game............................... But then again, after several Staropramen's I was seeing double at the time!! 😬
  8. Send him the Fryston fixture list
  9. +1 Apart from being a far far superior sport, the majority of the rugby squad, coaching staff and board members are local lads who many of us have worked alongside so it's easy to have an affinity with them. As opposed to the football whose only connection to Barrow is by name alone, not one local in the squad, and they don't even train in Cumbria!! Let alone Barrow!! As far as I'm concerned they are irrelevant to the town.
  10. I'm a big fan of the kit........... And an even bigger fan of the wearer! 😬
  11. Barrow Raiders new kits. Think the away shirt is gonna be a bit of an acquired taste!!
  12. Think the printer must be knackered Murph, the away shirt is showing up as green!!
  13. He's a shoe in for their 'A' team