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  1. https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/17317095.rugby-club-will-deal-with-incident-internally-after-star-is-seen-drunkenly-falling-from-christmas-tree-in-barrow-town-centre/
  2. There speaks a man, not afraid to show his feminine side ?
  3. He's quoting the article you urged ALL Fans to read............. But I'm sure you know that, Having read it........ Hmmm.
  4. Like it more than the home shirt to be honest
  5. 22-24 the elusive away win.......... get in.
  6. We get enough Ban's off the RFL, We don't want anymore!!
  7. Worst possible draw if ya ask me. Any other team in that draw would have at least brought a coach load of fans. I can't imagine the woolfpack fans are chartering a couple of 747's as we speak!! Out of the cup, and no payday to show for it!!
  8. . No 7... World snooker champion? When, what, where, who, why? If anybody answers that question i'll buy them a pint.. ................. The 2018 world snooker championship takes place from 21 April to 7 May 2018 at the crucible theatre Sheffield there's your where and when, the most appropriate bit being 2018!! I'll settle for just half a pint
  9. FFS.................. Now you tell us!! I had £20 on you for 1st and last scorer come August 26th!!
  10. But whatever you do, don't high five him back....... It could be classed as "deliberate contact with the referee".........This may result in an 8 game ban!! ?
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