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  1. Raiders aren't stacked with regular SOO and test players. Papalli fair enough. He's the 2nd best prop in the comp behind Nelson Solomona (unsure how Haas got ahead of them for Dally M prop) Wighton and Cotric have just made it into NSW teams. Tapine, Rapana and Nicol Klopztad get into NZ squad but aren't any of their better players and aren't guaranteed to start. Then the England boys of Whitehead Bateman and Roby. A full strength England squad has: Makinson, Percival, Roby, Thompson, Walmsley and Knowles in the 17 and maybe Lomax. I'd give Saints 8 start personally. Then t
  2. Doesn't read that he wants to actually go to the NRL just if he had the choice he would go to Gold Coast. He says he would like to play in the NRL, but if you asked any ambitious player if they would like to test themselves at a higher level they are bound to say yes. Story fabricated out of nothing IMHO.
  3. Josh Reynolds played less than 10 games and was told in July he wasn't part of the clubs long term plans. Robbie Farah was 35 in January and wouldn't make the top 10 hookers in the league. Hastings improved massively in SL and would go back a new player. He lost his confidence in the NRL which is a very tough league to get it back in, his form in SL has been noted by a few respected Aus pundits. He wouldn't go back the best player, but the debate isn't that the best in SL would be the best in NRL you're stating the best in SL would be at the bottom of the NRL which just isn't true. The NRL is massively stronger. The Titans who were shocking would put 50 into SL sides outside the top 5. But Saints would 100% compete with the side they have. Some of the performances from their players at international level prove they can compete with NRL best.
  4. Their pack is too reliant on Taumalolo. If he doesn't play well the others go missing. Cooper is 34 and past it, Hess and McClean had a couple of good seasons but were average this year. Saints are just as reliant on their backs for go forward than their forwards. Their backs are much better than NQC and Saints are far more structured, it was quite clear JT was holding the side together. Morgan is a ball runner not an organiser IMO and you can't operate in the NRL without an organiser.
  5. Absolute nonsense. West Tigers nearly made the 8 and they've got a much worse squad than Saints. Corey Thompson and an aging Benji Marshall were 2 of their best performers this year. There is a massive gap between the bottom half of the NRL and bottom half of SL but to say that Saints wouldnt tread water is garbage.
  6. If I was setting the handicap I'd give Saints an 18 point head start. That seems a lot, but you're forgetting this Roosters side were -8 against Canberra on neutral territory after Canberra had just beaten Melbourne and Souths back to back. This Roosters side has the strongest side on paper in NRL history IMHO. I think they are seriously going to struggle next year with salary cap, they've been fortunate with some good youth coming through, smart recruiting and some existing players seeming to step up a level. You go through their team they have: James Tedesco, Dally M winner, man of series SOO 2019 - Probably best player in the world. Cooper Cronk - Multiple grand final winner played for Australia most of his career. Luke Keary - Probably starts for Australia when fit. Manu & Mitchell - I'd put them both in my top 3 centres. Isaac Liu, JWH & Zane Tetevano - All got into NZ squad. Boyd Cordner - NSW SOO captain. Victor Radley - Made NSW squad. Jake Friend - Has been in Australia squad. Brett Morris - Regular in Aus/NSW squad over the last decade. Angus Crichton - Been in NSW squad. That's 13 players who have made international for Aus/NZ or played origin which is ridiculous. Being realistic with Holbrook as coach I'd expect Saints to finish 5 - 8th in the NRL. Player by player I think they would probably have 7th or 8th best side but Holbrooks coaching is exceptional which gives them the potential to go up a few spots.
  7. The grand final looks absolutely amazing on the TV looks like a massive deal.
  8. I agree with this, the way the commentators defended Cronk made me sway towards it being a sin binning. They used the fact Papalli was 20 - 30KG heavier to justify getting it wrong. You can't use that as a justification in the same way you can't pull someone's shirt just because they're faster than you. It's unlucky for Cronk and no intention but it was the right call IMO.
  9. What a shame the grand final has been decided by a refereeing blunder. You can't signal 6 to go then change your mind.
  10. I think you're correct on this. McCrone goes missing for me when it gets tough. I remember at Barrow when we drew at home with them. Literally the worst conditions I've seen (rained for weeks before hand) and he was avoiding getting the ball. Someone who I was with didn't realise he was playing.
  11. Don't think Featherstone could have played much better but Toronto too much class. Great for the game that they've gone up, interesting how they do in SL hope they sign some big names.
  12. Morgan Smithies is absolutely mad. He just got in a spat with Gil Dudson won a penalty and decides to run the ball as hard as he can at Dudson and Mossop. Unreal for his age.
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