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  1. Was very surprised how strong Yorks team was to be honest, especially the pack which boasted a lot of SL experience. I do think we have a chance of getting 6th but that's probably our limit. You can see the difference between us and Fev, Halifax, Batley, York and no doubt Leigh. These sides have had years to build up a battle tested championship side so we can't really complain. Huge 3 games coming up. Obviously a semi final next week but I believe if we beat Workington and Dewsbury we can play with a bit of freedom knowing relegation is near enough impossible as can't see the bottom 3 getting enough wins.
  2. Was a neck injury it looked like, I'm hoping the stretcher was precautionary but who knows at this stage. Difference between the 2 sides was offloading from Halifax and how clinical they were in attack. We made 3 or 4 poor misreads but their shape and push was fantastic which meant they scored everytime. We scored 4 tries and produced an error off the following set everytime which you can't do against good sides. Effort was there and we competed in a lot of areas. For a team in its first season in the championship we are still doing well, a lot of the sides we are playing have had years to develop squads so we aren't going to win every game. Onto York next week.
  3. RSN

    Fev away

    Statistically that's unlikely to happen to us but I take your point. My point was that performances against Halifax/Widnes/Batley ect will define our season. No one will will take points at Fev this season so I don't see much value in dwelling on the result.
  4. RSN

    Fev away

    Effort was there today but unfortunately well and truly outplayed by a much better side. Today had no bearing on our season, getting beat by 50 or 2 points it made no difference. We are where we are at the moment. Fev have a ridiculously strong team but I'll be surprised if they sustain it, the numbers I've been told they're paying on players can't be sustained long term on their crowds. Onto Halifax next week.
  5. Tee Ritson, Ryan Shaw, Anton Iara and Dan Toal were unavailable.
  6. Nearly had a heart attack watching that. If we were disciplined we win the game easily, fortunately had enough skill to get us through. The fact we beat them playing with 1 less player for 60 mins is a testament to the side. Sin bins were very dubious, Bradford player blatantly knocks on into Sam Brooks and he is sin binned. I was unsure whether it was given for dissent or a strip as we conceded 3 penalties previously. The Mossy one as far as I could see he put a heavy shot on a player who wasn't tackled on the ground, although I could be wrong. Saw a few social media posts a few games into the season about Sammut being a dodgy signing due to missing a few games due to injury, we don't win games like this without players of that calibre. Good half backs deliver in great moments. Friday is a free hit for us, I don't think anyone will win away at Fev apart from Leigh but who knows the team as the character to pull it off. Despite the great start to the season I was always half conscious of relegation, today has put those doubts to bed. I feel there is too much skill and mostly importantly character in this side to go down.
  7. Batley still win the game easily with a proper referee not arguing that. I'm not discussing play by play on a forum but most rugby fans who get the game will have encountered the type of referee we had today and the frustration it caused. In my opinion the route cause is an RFL training issue.
  8. You can still coach people understanding of the game rather than think they're good refs by being arrogant and bold.
  9. Barrow beaten by a clearly better Batley side. A man sent off after 30 mins didn't help, but you could see the difference between a good well gelled side who has played many seasons at this level and a good side still trying to make a mark. I'm not going to bash the individual referees but I feel the RFL have promoted a lot of referees with a lack of understanding of the game (haven't played) who combat this with arrogance and bold decisions (to appear in control). The RFL need to look how they train referees.
  10. Since Ritson has been his winger ill be shocked if he hasn't had the highest tries per game in top 3 leagues. No one seems to be able to tackle Miloudi 1 v 1 and Ritson over 10-20m one of the quickest in the game hence the record they have.
  11. I'd take a SL side at home. Today proved no team in our league is an easy win. Leeds/Wire/Wigan/Saints at home please
  12. Scoreline didn't represent the game today was really even contested between Barrow and Town. A mixture of town running out of steam and Barrow having a few more match winners which won the game. Sammut despite being 35 can crack any team at this level. Proven today and previously at Widnes. Hopefully get a SL team at home if we are lucky.
  13. Unreal result. First 10 minutes I think the pace of the game due to the pitch caught us off guard but we quickly adjusted. There's a real togetherness about the team which is resulting to a resilient side with loads of character. Our scramble in defence is superb and the pack plays as a real unit. Let's hope a lot of people watched the game on TV and it encourages them to come to the cup game Sunday.
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