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  1. Comment about Seizer is nonsense, he was the better half in the play offs but Wighton took all the headlines with his GF performance. If you offered Greg Inglis to any club in the world they would have him in their side apart from a select few. Australia is going to attract better players. It's a bigger sport in their country.
  2. Just watched the same one and I agree. Sky must be lowering the volume of the crowd I reckon aswell Eddie Hemmings referenced they couldn't hear eachother speak yet the crowd seemed significantly quieter compared to the earlier game.
  3. Just watching Wigan v Saints 2003 on Sky at the moment. They've probably picked the most exciting game possible to put on TV, but how do people think the game comes across on the TV at the moment compared to back then? For me personally, the crowd seems much louder, the play is more exciting, the commentary is much louder and exciting and it came across as a bigger occasion. The game was a thriller to be fair so probably harsh comparing games to that. But do you think Sky have changed the way the game is presented over the past few years? Rather than going for a loud excitable product they've tried making it more professional? Was just interesting comparing. I don't remember the game itself at all so it was like watching it live for me. I think pre game and post game analysis we are absolutely miles ahead compared to back then but I think the product does come across completely different to how it was.
  4. RSN

    Worst 17

    I thought Ian Bell was a good player, just a nutter off the field.
  5. Can only remember 21st century for me but 2 which stand out a mile are wide to west and Burrow for me in SL. Matt Duftys try against Paramatta last season was one of the best team tries I've seen for a long time.
  6. Hope sky remove the Leeds fan next to the one of the mics who screams forward everytime Toronto a pass which isn't a yard back. Josh McCrone is awful by the way how he gets a gig I don't know.
  7. 22 - 32 FT. Great result at one of the hardest fixtures we will have all season. Let's hope fans get behind the club next week for the next home game.
  8. Time will tell I guess with the above points. AFC have let kids in for free this season and cut price tickets to boost attendances. Their crowds are just boosted on the fact Barrow folk like watching winning teams. If the team stops winning the crowds plummet. We have 20 years of data to back that up. At least the rugby are trying to change it. At the end of the day the response has been absolutely fantastic from the wider sporting community and hopefully it pays off.
  9. I've already had someone in our office at work say they are taking the kids to the Coventry game because they have brought home their season tickets. They have never been to an RL game before. When I was a school kid the season tickets were £30 for home and away games and there seemed to be a lot more kids at games. I remember playing on the pitch after games with 20 or 30 school kids pretty much religiously after every week. We need to get back to those days. The club is trying to get involved as much as possible in the community which is vital to long term sustainability of crowds. It is a lot easier to get sponsorship when the club is seen at the heart of the community and especially when it involves children. The amount of things for to for children in Barrow is pretty scarce so if the club is seen to be providing something it makes it significantly more attractive for a local business to sponsor which will dwarf any lost revenue short term. If you implement any form of change people always object no matter what it is. I will be surprised if the overall game day experience is not on the agenda of the board. The message has been pretty clear that the vision is focusing on the long term. Getting as many people as possible involved with the club be it attending games, doing community work, attracting sponsorship and broadening the range of businesses we deal with is essential to ensure this. Or we can do what us and Barrow football have done for the whole of the 21st century and rely on good results to get our crowds up which bring in 2000 - 3000 when we are winning then watching the crowds drop to 1000 when we don't win as much. Surely its a good thing that the clubs are trying to change this?
  10. Never understood the negativity last week, conditions throughout the country were levelling games out. We were complaining about beating Skolars by 20 points in winds enabling 100m goal line drop outs whilst Workington and Doncaster were both nearly beaten by amatauer sides.
  11. Barrow fan but thought it was very close. Appreciate you had a few missing but we had 12/17 produced from cumbrian amatauer clubs all apart from 1 didn't go to an SL club academy. I think our penalties cost us. We gave 3 away on 4/5 tackle which I'm not going to argue with as I'm biased as a barrow fan but that's just how it goes. It's weird as a barrow fan we were strong between 2010-2012 but you thumped us as we were stronger but as we have got weaker our performances have got better when playing you at your spot. I'd just like to say 1st time I went to Fevs ground you beat us by 70 (when you needed to win league in 11/12ish) the ground was like old school rl, but since then your ground is fantastic along with the hospitality along with the professionalism of the club. Good luck next round.
  12. Absolutely fantastic performance. Cresswell, Toal, Singleton, Johnston, Morrow, Toal, Tyson, McBain, Hopkins and Terrill all produced by our amateur clubs got beat by a team who have won their 1st 2 championship games and contained a couple of top quality SL players and several experienced championship players. We should have won, but we need to take the positives into next week. It shows that the team looked gutted walking off today. Few standouts were Ryan Johnston who was targeted in defence but stood up well, Tom Hopkins seemed to dominate in attack and defence and the back 3 were flawless.
  13. Didn't realise it was on but ended up watching the 2 mens semis and 2 finals. Great advert for the sport I think and we should adopt similar although I'd prefer mid season. Thought womens final was great advert for women in the sport. It was thoroughly entertaining and felt a big deal. Thought the St George captain was very articulate in her speech and thought their game was very much on the up based on her comments and how she spoke. The integration of men and women worked very well in my opinion, think it gives a good platform to some very good women athletes which they deserve. Good event all round in my opinion.
  14. I think you're right with Aussies due to the halves. For me it's the halves which have set Australia apart and for the 1st time in my life time they don't have decent replacements for those retiring. Lockyer/Cronk/Thurston always performed at least 9/10 every game and never went missing in big games or on the back foot. (same with Cameron Smith) and I can't say this about the current crop of Aussie halves. Wighton, Moses, Keary, Munster, Hunt and Moses seem to be in the Shaun Johnson mold of can look like the best player in the world on their day but can go missing when they're on the back foot or tough games. Think the Tonga game showed this. When they were on the back foot they did nothing, whilst the names I mentioned would put Aus on the front door despite the forwards on the back foot. That's the sign of a truly world class half back which I don't think there truly is anymore.
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