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  1. Didn't realise it was on but ended up watching the 2 mens semis and 2 finals. Great advert for the sport I think and we should adopt similar although I'd prefer mid season. Thought womens final was great advert for women in the sport. It was thoroughly entertaining and felt a big deal. Thought the St George captain was very articulate in her speech and thought their game was very much on the up based on her comments and how she spoke. The integration of men and women worked very well in my opinion, think it gives a good platform to some very good women athletes which they deserve. Good event all round in my opinion.
  2. I think you're right with Aussies due to the halves. For me it's the halves which have set Australia apart and for the 1st time in my life time they don't have decent replacements for those retiring. Lockyer/Cronk/Thurston always performed at least 9/10 every game and never went missing in big games or on the back foot. (same with Cameron Smith) and I can't say this about the current crop of Aussie halves. Wighton, Moses, Keary, Munster, Hunt and Moses seem to be in the Shaun Johnson mold of can look like the best player in the world on their day but can go missing when they're on the back foot or tough games. Think the Tonga game showed this. When they were on the back foot they did nothing, whilst the names I mentioned would put Aus on the front door despite the forwards on the back foot. That's the sign of a truly world class half back which I don't think there truly is anymore.
  3. Shame because social media build up to the game was great. Right decision though, free weekend next week and gives fans enough notice. Can't imagine would have been a great game to watch with the wind forecast either.
  4. I personally have pride watching players who I class 'one of our own' playing at a higher level and never begrudge them doing so. It happens in many forms as well. Morgan Knowles is from Barrow and Im pretty every person from the town is proud watching him play for Saints. When John Bateman/Elliot Whitehead ect play for Canberra I class them as one of our own as its an SL product trying their arm and get excited when they do well. If aren't proud of someone coming through your academy, give everything for your club and win trophies and then go on to test himself in the NRL and don't get excited for him and the prospect of watching him I think you have a sad outlook on things.
  5. Roosters will be weaker than last year, but on paper for the last 2 seasons I think they had the best club team in the 21st century apart from maybe the salary cap breaking Melbourne side. Cronk massive miss it will be interesting how they operate without him.1st game without him calling the shots may result in the Roosters taking time to find their feet. Mitchell is a big loss, he was one of their strike players who could produce something out of nothing but was quite inconsistent. He could score a hatrick making 15 tackle busts one game to then doing nothing the next. For me if Saints want to have any chance they need to get on top in the forwards. If Tedesco and Keary are playing on the front foot all game it'll be a cricket score. If I was bookies I'd give Saints 18 start.
  6. Got a real bad injury towards end of last season and think will miss half of this season (although stand to be corrected) and was off contract with us. I think clubs will be waiting to see how his recovery goes before offering a contract.
  7. Canberra favourite probably due to English contingent. After that it's probably Paramatta due to their backline and half backs they are very exciting.
  8. RSN

    Furness Raiders

    Good result, think Hull beat them earlier in the season and they have a few academy lads in their ranks I think the mail said.
  9. 1. James Tedesco 2. Josh Addo Carr 3. Joseph Manu 4. Latrell Mitchell 5. Sivo 6. Jack Wighton 7. Mitchell Moses 8. Payne Haas 9. Damien Cook 10. Nelson Solomona 11. John Bateman 12. Cameron Murray 13. Josh Papalli
  10. Barrow have retained the majority of their squad from last year, the only 2 who we were bothered about losing were Alec Susino and Deon Cross. For some reason other CC clubs have picked up players off us who didn't perform at all last year and left us with our better players. Added to the fact a large proportion of the squad have already been promoted out of this league, I think they are more than justified as favourites. I think it said a lot about the gap between CC & CC1 last year when Rochdale won away at Whitehaven.
  11. If Barrow don't get a home draw in any of the cups we have 1 home game in the first 9 weeks of the season. Nothing beats a good challenge.
  12. If true im sure some people will put a negative on the biggest name in either code signing for Toronto but I'll just ignore them and read RL stories in all the newspapers and watch better sponsors get involved.
  13. I think the video which sums Sam up the best and consequently why he had to retire is when he returns the ball off a goal line drop out against Canterbury. Literally runs as fast as he can for 25m and doesn't slow down for contact even though 3 men are directly infront of him. Unfortunately there is only so much the body can take. He literally put everything into every run and tackle. One of the best English forwards ever. One of the few forwards I've seen who can literally change the game for his side.
  14. At international level I think he tries too hard. In Canberra he clearly knows his role and does what he is told, at international level he's recognised as one of the top 5 hookers in the game so it's built around him. He's a player much better told what to do rather than thinking what he should do. Can't understand why Clark wasn't on the bench today though.
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