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  1. I might of misheard this, but did Phil Clarke slate Catalans as 15 years ago 9/17 players were French then Terry Mcdermott state 9/17 are French today?
  2. Congratulations to Newcastle. Based on RFL statement it's based on potential in the area, they don't really elaborate on anything else apart from coaching set up and community outreach.
  3. It's between Newcastle and Barrow for me personally. Newcastle have more potential, but there has been a club in the North East for quite a while so they'll have to put a solid case in how they are going to tap into the potential which I'm sure they will. They have a nicer ground albeit shared. Barrow has higher crowds, own their own ground and more established amateur game which produces SL players in their favour. I saw on another thread an article was posted about the ground not being fit for purpose but that was more from building income streams point of view rather than being
  4. I'm in a group chat with a load of mates who don't watch rugby league and they're saying it's one of the best games of sport they've watched in their lives. Comparing it to when Aguero scored a last minute winner for Manchester City in 2012. Only rugby league fan can describe the game like you have.
  5. Trainers should only be able to stop the game for an injury either immediately after a tackle (any the player injured is involved) or if its a serious injury. If a trainer stops a game for a serious injury, the player involved must come off the field.
  6. Sharks had 3 grand final winners in their side in 2016 Melbourne had 5, so not too much difference in experience there. Fair enough with the Roosters, but the Roosters team in 2018 on paper IMO is the best side this century and had a good contingent who had won in 2013. I think Penrith have Tamou and that's it on this occasion for experience.
  7. Melbourne for me, I think experience in these sort of games is absolutely massive. It will be interesting to see how Penrith cope if things don't go their way, I can see them buckling. It reminds me of the Castleford v Leeds final in 2017. Castleford absolutely exceptional throughout the season and won the league leaders shield but just fell short against Leeds who had 4 or 5 seasoned grand final winners in their side. 2 outcomes in the match, Cleary guides the team to victory and goes on a similar path to Jonathan Thurston, Andrew Johns ect or Smith gets his fairy tale ending.
  8. He signs along with Duffy.
  9. Couple of players out of regular position, but I would go: 1. James Tedesco 2. Roger Tuivesa Sheck 3. Joseph Manu 4. Latrell Mitchell 5. Josh Addo Carr 6. Luke Keary 7. Nathan Cleary 8. Josh Papalli 9. Cameron Smith 10. James Fisher Harris 11. Boyd Cordner 12. Kikau 13. Jason Taumololo
  10. We had Puara last 2 seasons who hasn't been signed yet (I imagine will be unlikely but who knows) so I'd say we would likely want to retain Mossop.
  11. His first few games were baffling. He probably had the highest decoy to hit up ratio in the NRL. He played well, but wasn't world class. I think he needs a full pre season to get back to his best.
  12. I think Jarome Luai is just as important for Penrith as Cleary and often doesn't get any credit as it all goes Clearys way. In attack Luai is a bigger threat than Cleary and I think Penrith are well drilled enough to still implement their systems even if Cleary was injured (similar to Roosters who have been swapping halves all year) so I wouldn't write them off if Cleary was missing. I do think if Korisau and Cleary were missing they would have no chance, but you could probably take the starting 9 and 7 out of all the contenders and say the same thing.
  13. If he came back I would hope he would be more of an impact forward rather than playing 80 minutes every week. His playing style was the reason he had to retire early. He played 80 minutes as if he was a 20 minute interchange forward and didn't stop until the final whistle went. Im unsure what will happen with regards to the cap. Souths have signed Arrow for next year and they were looking to offload Johnston for cap space but they have resigned him. They may have to offload a few players.
  14. Lunt was paid for by the 1875 club wasnt he? The supporters trust was referenced in the Facebook Post in making a big contribution to the Harrison signing who have still been raising money through COVID. From the face of things there is more income streams, Lincolns burger, the bill boards facing Hollywood Park, the beer garden plus there seems to have been a lot of grants/funding throughout the COVID, I know a few sports clubs who have come out of COVID in a better position than beforehand so could be the case with us.
  15. I've just switched on Eels v Panthers on sky sports and sky sports played the fox league intro to the game. The 1st thing I noticed was the how much better the quality of the intro was compared to anything sky sports produce (not just rugby league). The game felt absolutely massive and that every player was a superstar. Are sky sports falling behind the rest of the market on these sort of things? Or are the Aussies just better at it than us? I also think fox sports content is absolutely fantastic. It is very serious at times but they make the game relevant to casual fans with
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