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    Thought we were pretty unlucky today the committement was 100% there. There was a blatant knock on and a forward pass in the lead up to their 1st 2 tries and against sides like Leigh we need that luck. I do believe this side can get wins against any side in the league, but too many times this year we have fallen short in games we should have won. The local lads should be enough to get out of Div 1 if worst comes to worst. On a more positive note I thought Cresswell was the best player on the pitch today and has been outstanding since injury and Carter seems to be maturing every game and does not look out of place one bit.
  2. How can the incident be put on report? They've seen the shoulder charge, it's blatantly to the head as you have a player on the floor unconscious asking his trainer what happened. Can't see the logic in that at all. Toronto lose a player for the rest of the game due to a head injury and its penalised the same as a ruck infringement. Absolutely bonkers.
  3. Red card for me personally, shoulder charge to the head off the ball has to walk.
  4. Yeah I agree should have been a red card. In my opinion if someone throws a punch, the opposition does not throw one back and they continue to throw it has to be a red card.
  5. I think this has been a brilliant game to watch im unsure why people are complaining.
  6. Toulouse were back to normal today against Barrow, they've struggled for a bit with injuries but with key players back they looked too good against us. Too much strength pace and power plus some skillful halbacks.
  7. Got beat 36 - 6. We didn't play badly to be honest. Combination of them being a very good side, not getting any 50/50s and a few individual errors cost us. Not a fan of slagging refs off but the way he reffed it was bizarre. Literally doesn't blow for anything for 60 minutes and gives them most decisions and then spends the last 20 minutes evening the penalty count up with penalties which weren't even penalties. York fortunately scored last minute against Dewsbury which has helped us. Massive game next week.
  8. I'd go the same except I'd maybe put Puara on the bench for a bit of impact coming off the bench. Sunday is definitely winnable after the last few performances.
  9. Shock the RFL putting the semis closer to Widnes and Leigh rather than the Yorkshire clubs #conspiracy. Only joking.
  10. I'll be shocked if Leigh and Widnes draw each other. Leigh at home to Sheffield Widnes at home to Batley.
  11. Better side lost according to pretty much ever Leigh fan who came over to the barrow fans. 2 even sides in a very tightly contested game. Unfortunately game breaker was when we were 16 - 18 up we kick on the 5th and Johnston is blatantly shoulder charged, they break off the kick win a penalty and square it up. The touch judge who was 5 yards away should be dropped. The turnaround from the side needs to be comendended. They were absolutely superb.
  12. RSN

    1895 Cup

    Carter can't play because he played for Whitehaven against Oldham hence he was unavailable for Bradford.
  13. RSN

    1895 Cup

    Carter is cup tied as in Ben White. Will likely be Johnston and Puara.
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