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  1. down to four

    reading on fevs web page,http://www.loverugby...with-wigan.html looks like leigh were playing for more than 3 points and their pride. dont win this second half and theres plenty of wigan players to fill your boots. admittedly there are a few changes to rules on which players they can take but it looks like fev, shef ,fax and ourselves thonly teams left to stand against the world domination of the super league take over. hope if we manage to survive this season the powers that be get some stability back into our game.
  2. good friday kick offs.

    just looking atthe easter fixtures and there is some wiered kick off times . worky v haven is a 1 0clock tee off and swinton v leigh is a 12 oclock. i know the travelling for these to games is non egsistant but is a bit strange.suppose it gives you 3 more hours to recover for the monday game but saying that there is a few games kicking off at 7-30 on fri night,
  3. Featherstone V Halifax.Thurs 9th 19.33

    good luck thurs fev. you deserve a crack against us at warrington. make sure you rough up fax for us when barra take them on .i wish ide put money on at start of season as i predicted this. wouldnt have bet any money 3 weeks ago though haha.
  4. Championies

    well done rovers from a barrow fan. you deserve your title for the season you had. for me this is as big as winning the grand final as it is your result from a long season not just a couple of play off games to get to the gf.hope we meet up at warrington though.
  5. Super League

    looking on our barrow site it looks like we are going to get shafted by rfl and the criteria for toulouse has been amended .why dont they just say widnes, toulouse your in. you 2 your out and then we can all get on our rants 12 months early?
  6. Referee

    grow up. you had not a bad game. show a bit of grace in defeat. when you beat barra you got a lot of plaudits and we never blamed ref .infact that was a try when pulled for double movement. its a long season .