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  1. Cheers thanks for the info,
  2. Hi All Hopefully someone can help me out here. and explain or direct me to the right site as to what happens after the 23rd. I'm preparing for us to be in the bottom four and as I understand we'll be in a similar position to last year fighting to stay in the league. Do the next round of games start the week after on the 30th ? I'm trying to establish if there's going to be a game on the 30th or not. On from that, how are the fixtures arranged and do we keep the points we've already got. ............. I'm sure there must a link somewhere but I can't seem to see it anywhere. Thanks all
  3. Think as a whole the guy put in a massive effort and did what they could. As a whole we have a decent squad, halfback excluded.Hewitt and Owen had decent games tonight but none of the three are good enough for this league and combined they pull the rest down with them. Apart from SGee there's no leaders on our pitch Must say again though the boys did the best they could. P.s don't blame the ref for our failing tonight or throughout the season. The table doesn't lie at the end of the season.
  4. totally agree with the comments brooksy. It's totally obvious there's no leader on the pitch, Gee can do it at a push but he's only a bit part player and we need a half back or two who can drag and direct players around the pitch neither Owen, Hewitt or LB can do this. Surely Naylor can see this but i'm not sure what he can do to change it. It seems he doesn't want Grimmer in the half (why????) Yesterday pitch was ideal for Gill with Egodo out side him, but they need someone who can deliver a decent pass, the amount of time players had to check their run from simple pass showed a lack of basic skill and ability from our 6 and 7
  5. Some good calls, surprised nobody's mentioned Paul Round great for entertainment. Also Tim Street both always players hated by away fans.
  6. Yep have to agree with that the Rams fans were a credit to the game. Good friendly banter on the terraces. Keep up the spirit
  7. Agree with everyone's comments, if the halves decided to take the line on a bit more and get dirty once in a while it would massively benefit the team and we'd see a lot more breaks
  8. the poor result has to be put down to bad kicking AGAIN, how many times has this now happened and cost us points. As I've said before this is going to keep costing really precious points and is already the reason we're not much higher up. Neither Hewitt or LB are good enough at this role. Not sure what Scott can do about it though, that's his job, but the problem is easy GOOD EFFORT
  9. What a fantastic day of rugby, even the sun was shining and the grass looked green. Went today with another 13 non regular lads from the pub who all had a great day out and in the bar after the game with Jack Spencer & Gilly, they even started looking at flights to Toulouse. Must admit thought we were going to lose more points due to another missed kick, but there kicker was there downfall today, as I've said penalties win prizes. Great effort by all the team 'bodies on the line', without criticism I still think there's better to come from this side. Oldham made my weekend :-)
  10. You could also look at it positively and say the good field kicking of our current half backs brought us so close to pulling off two wins. I agree the field kicking is better, but there's going to be more close games and i always think over the course of a game point on the board matter more than the potential of getting a try. It saves the player legs in a match and maintains long term stamina over a season
  11. Rochdale know the importance of having a decent reliable kicker, we would now have two more vital point on the table if we'ed had one. Let's hope these early dropped point don't crucify us by the end of the season, and we learn our lesson quickly. . Never a fan of Palfery but he know to get the ball through the sticks.
  12. Well said Tub. Everyone knows the pitch is in shot order I expected the game to be called off first thing Sunday morning.
  13. gutted at todays result. Thought we were on top most of the game. The guys should be proud of their efforts
  14. Agree with staying at Bower. Think the club should now invest in a supporting fans actually attending the ground such as free transport. I know the club has tried to do this previously (probably without much success) but if we do stay there we need to have a long term plan to increase attendances and keep connect to the town which will only be done by a well thought out plan. other ides such as free child with an adult, free attendance for kids from local clubs, even promoting the older supporter such as coaches provided from sheltered accommodation places that have load of flats. stuff like this is never an overnight success
  15. Let's all ensure the Rugby League family come together to remember this great guy by standing and applauding on the sixth minute at the Challenge Cup. In our game the big and small clubs are all equal as is every players.