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  1. Does anyone know of a radio station that will cover the game. Can't see Radio Sheepdip doing owt.
  2. Why am I so surprised to learn of this? My two favourite sports are RL and Speedway and it seems that the governing bodies of both sports appear incapable of organising a fixture list that gives teams a regular weekly or fortnightly home fixture. It's no wonder attendances in both sports are dwindling.
  3. Outstanding player. During his time as a Raider I was unable to find any fault with his game or his attitude. Drove the team forward during the Championship winning season. It was no surprise to see Andy voted as the best Championship play of the 2009 season. I would welcome him back anytime.
  4. Do you hold the same opinions towards Robinson, Paul, Lydon, Connolly, BJ or is it just an anti Bradford Northern/any other team thing? For what it's worth I think Sam will stick it out to prove the doubters wrong though I wish he wouldn't for England RLs sake.
  5. I have always preferred Saturday evenings mesell. There's rockall on the telly (well any night, to be fair) so no competition there. Balmy summer evenings watching the sun go down. Would rather kickoff were 18.00hrs if I was picky, though I understand the need to accommodate our VSEL brethren and all that. A few bevvies in the bar. The team's winning. What more could we want? Keep it going lads.
  6. I'm just glad that the cowardly punch didn't result in a fractured skull or even the death of a player. I'd like to see you all try to spin that into any kind of positive publicity if that had happened.
  7. Impressed, very impressed! Great defence, fast inventive attacking. Good crowd. Smashing start. Outside alcohol bar is going to need sorting for the summer evenings though.
  8. Good news folks, the documentary has resurfaced on Vimeo. You can download it too by selecting 'download' just below the video. The RFL would do well to promote 'The Greatest Game of All' on the back of this remarkable family who show the image of rugby in exactly the way you would want the world to view it. ---- I hope this doesn't go against forum rules, copyright etc.
  9. Outstanding player. His kind don't come along too often. All the very best to him and his family.
  10. Absolutely! Very good point.
  11. An Idiot Abroad 3. Absolute genius!

  12. I never thought I'd sat this but I'm enjoying 'I'm a Celebrity...' What a laugh. Don't tell anyone I said that will ya? ;-).

  13. Early start for Movember. Not much dark brown in the 'tache these days though. It's got to come off half way through next month though for me hols.

  14. How good was Emerdale. My missus says, 'If that episode doesn't win an award (without CGI) then I'll show by backside in Wollies window!

  15. Caron's s stressing as to whether Carl's going to be okay or not.