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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/kevin-larroyer-offering-mental-health-25209465
  2. He's got off very lightly. Should have been double on all 3. Just as well the Fev didn't win the Championship Grand Final. We don't need idiots in the game like this. Hopefully Fev fans don't find excuses for his action
  3. I think this is a positive for Rugby League in Brisbane aand Queensland nd i expect the 18th club in the NRL to come from Queensland as well
  4. On the back of a fag packet. I say again unless both clubs need to get serious about total refurb's of their grounds or new grounds they will lose their Super League status
  5. I actually think Wakey and Cas days in Super League are numbered unless they do something about their dump of grounds. They have had plenty of years to do something about them and only pay lip service to new grounds or refurb grounds
  6. The Sun newspaper welcomes Toulouse into Super League which means the Murdoch organisation see's these as a positive for the game and the benefits it could bring in crowds and sponsorship. Its always useful to have any big organisation on your side and in your corner. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/16377491/toulouse-being-promoted-could-mean-new-money-and-record-crowds-in-super-league/
  7. Link to back up your claim? I seem to remember it was pretty easy to get a free ticket for Bulls games at the start of the Super League era
  8. I think you seem very confused. Look what you wrote and start again
  9. Certain clubs in Super League have a huge fear of ambitious clubs getting into Super League with better grounds, better facilities and bigger sponsors. Certain clubs need to work a lot harder to get fans through the turn styles and not rely so much on away support
  10. We know the people we should bring in to maximise crowds for Rugby League, but will the people who run the game in this country do it?
  11. The RFL and intelligent are 2 words that should ever be used in the same sentence.
  12. And they wonder why we got a reduced TV deal I think you are being very kind calling them pathetic. They are a lot worse than that
  13. Perhaps and i say perhaps this might help a little bit to get some more sponsors on board for the clubs. Just saying
  14. They didn't stop Super League clubs going to France and they didn't soccer teams
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