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  1. More questions than answers on the Chalmers and the RFL link. The RFL need to come clean and answer some questions. 1. Did the RFL ask Chalmers to take over at Bradford? 2. Is Chalmers just a front man for a person or person and if so why and who is the person or persons? If no to both the above questions why was Chalmers allowed to take over at Bradford?
  2. I think the London policy will continue to be picking up young players from the Championship and league 1 who are not quite ready for Super League yet and hope they improve with plenty of game time and promoting their own academy players
  3. Also as well he invited several Americans sports team owners or people with connections to American sports over here to look Rugby League and to try and get them interested in it.
  4. We know you have your finger on pulse with what's happening at Bradford at the moment due too your Dewsbury contacts, now you must know more than most on here whats going on at Bradford. Care to divulge something factual that most of us are not aware of?
  5. I think he's going to have to come up with a master plan to rescue Bradford. I really do wish him the very best
  6. The plot thickens then as to why Chalmers was brought in. I don't think I'm a million miles away with my theory.
  7. They are getting Compensation for holding at the SCG for the next 2 years. Just saying https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-grand-final-to-stay-in-sydney-20191016-p5319s.html
  8. I'm at a loss to think why the RFL brought in Chalmers. Was he living in the UK at the time? Is he a self made millionaire who has a history of turning around failing business's? Why did Damian Irvine leave when he has a history of turning around failing sports clubs?
  9. Wow, having just seen the show as I'm abroad at the moment i knew things were very serious at Bradford, but now i think they are beyond critical. I can't for the life see how they will survive unless a money man or men come in and then them people will have a lot of debt to pick up , plus make payments into things that obviously haven't had payments put into them.
  10. Indeed. For me the whole Bradford takeover has been shrouded in mystery from day one, almost like Chalmers is a front man for a person or persons who doesn't want his ID exposed. Just saying
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