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  1. https://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/nrls-six-again-rule-and-one-referee-a-hit-on-debut-as-eels-turn-on-style-against-broncos/news-story/f606683e311d3c66f3db93646784c880
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/english-eyes-brisbane-broncos-starlet-22096696
  3. I have long been suspicious of how well the Aussies perform at international level for many years when they play GB/England. If it was down to me i would drug test a majority of the Aussie team.
  4. 1.one team 2.Broncos, Cowboys, Roosters, Saints ,Sharks , Storm, Panthers, Sea Eagles. 3.305, points 4.7 home wins
  5. That my friend is why he's trying to get a super league club
  6. I suspect that know NRL club wants him. Well past his sell by date
  7. I think it could be the other way round in the not to distance future with the demographics in the NRL now.
  8. Not many quality players will line up for the Celtic nations as money speaks. On side note though i do believe that once you have played for a nation at senior level you shouldn't be allowed to switch, but that's a debate for another day
  9. Agreed, but nobody would have guessed so many quality plastic Tongon's would have switched countries.
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