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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/ian-watson-keen-prove-doubters-21319542
  2. Why doesn't doesn't Rugby League want to break into the biggest sports market in the world with a self funding team?
  3. Perhaps not as talented as Fury or Joshua, as a boxer but for sheer toughness Dillian Whyte for me would make an outstanding Rugby League prop and also i think Wayne Rooney would have been an outstanding Scrum half or stand off in Rugby League.
  4. Mayweather took it easy with him and could have taken him out any time after the first round. There is talk of him wanting to fight Manny Pacquiao. Well for sure Pacquiao wont hold back on him and Pacquiao would seriously hurt him
  5. Can i suggest that you put Harry Stottle on ignore the same as i have now and he's clearly a troll who will get banned soon. Anybody who thinks that Schoeys thoughts are those of a man who understands Modern day Rugby League are in my opinion deluded.
  6. Schoey is joke. He's a joke what he writes and what he says on radio and TV. Nobody of even average intelligence takes him seriously , because he's just a attention seeker.
  7. He's one of us. A rebel with a cause who deserves better treatment from the right wing media.
  8. Intelligent people aren't as he has no credit among a vast majority Rugby League fans with his views. To be honest he's a laughing stock. He's a attention seeker. I say again a fine player in his day, but a joke as coach and a pundit.
  9. The better players from the Canadian academies would obviously find their way to the British based academy. I said Wales as example as its still virgin ground for Rugby League. It could just as easily be Birmingham, Bristol, etc which are untapped areas for Rugby League, and large areas with plenty of young athletic people in them.
  10. For argument sake. Just say the Wolfpack set up an Academy in Wales and playing home and away games there and that would benefit Rugby League enormously in Wales and create a player pool away from the heartlands and at the same time set up a 6 team academy competition in and around Toronto and they would have the money to do this, and would benefit Rugby League and the Wolfpack in Canada.
  11. It really should be a condition of Super League that all Super League clubs have their own academies, but that falls down as some heartland clubs have no academies. Obviously you couldn't introduce it this season or next, but come the 2022 season it should be no academy no Super League place.
  12. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/wigan-new-boy-jackson-hastings-21288092
  13. Does anybody know the real reason Shaun Wane left Wigan after winning the Grand Final?
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