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  1. I guess with the amount of racism that's happened in fumbleball over the years they have reported all of them acts. That's me done on here for the evening as i settle down to watch the Grand Final
  2. Not only racism is AFL known for, but also sexism and homophobia and quire a few times fiddling their junior playing numbers in NSW and QLD to receive more tax payers money, which they have been caught out on. It even took money from the Chinese government to take some games there, despite Chinas appalling human rights record. There is nowhere where they won't go to get money. If they was offered enough they would even go to Moscow and play games there, despite Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine. They have zero morals
  3. It is from the union loving Daily Mail, who if my memory serves me right used to sponsor a union schools competition and possibly still do
  4. That's why it should be a condition of Super League that all clubs have academies, and also you missed what i said that a promoted club shouldn't be relegated in their first season in Super League.
  5. The last thing the game wants in this country is even more overseas players. In fact for the good of the game here we should be reducing the amount of overseas players in our competitions. No relegation in there first year in Super League and give them an academy team.
  6. Australia football or AFL has a very long history of racism and here are some examples https://theconversation.com/loud-obnoxious-and-at-times-racist-the-sordid-history-of-afl-barracking-119080 https://www.fremantlefc.com.au/news/1170837/alcock-a-long-way-to-go-to-stamp-out-racism https://digital-classroom.nma.gov.au/defining-moments/australian-football-league-apologises-adam-goodes https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jul/31/no-room-for-racism-in-afl-but-it-runs-deeper-than-just-verbal-and-online-abuse
  7. the Key word here "Former Saints player" I wonder if he's a phone call and told to try and distract people away from from Knowles escaping a ban
  8. AFL has a long history of racism, but appear most of the time to have the media and politicians in their pockets Why people of colour play the game is a mystery to many Australians
  9. I think on Saturday we will see a very ill disciplined game with high shots and and chicken wing tackles now that its acceptable in Rugby League according to the RFL
  10. That's a cop out by the RFL. Just when you think that the RFL can't be more inept they come out with this.
  11. When any sporting business doesn't publish minutes after something like this it says to me they have something to hide
  12. What will be the Saints fans reactions if the same thing thing happens to one of their players on Saturday. If i was Rohan Smith i would have my players practising chicken wing tackles knowing they can't be punished.
  13. Would a Red Devils player got off with it and were playing in Saturdays final? I seriously doubt it
  14. The RFL has now set the precedent. You can now try and pull a shoulder out its socket without any consequences.
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