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  1. Bulls with Millar from Eagles. Dawson-Jones, DFJ, Hall, and Millar in contention for the wings.
  2. Worked in Blackburn last week. They had butter pies for sale.
  3. Bulls keep Matty Dawson Jones and promote 5 juniors to first team squad. Got a feeling that's almost it.
  4. My mate has called his daughter Shania. That don't impress me much.
  5. Bradford will be possibly the longest. I'd rather do born than heritage. England, Wales, France, NZ, Tonga, Samoa, Aussies, Congo, DR Congo, Albania. I'll keep researching
  6. Ah ok. Can see a South American players in the English game thread coming soon.
  7. I walked past Elland Road and saw 4 Season Tickets nailed to a fence. I thought I'm having them, you can never have enough nails.
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