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  1. Watched The Unforgiven for the first time last night. With all 3 main actors still with us. Morgan Freeman being the youngest at 86.
  2. Wakefield Toulouse Bradford Featherstone Halifax Sheffield Doncaster Batley York Barrow Widnes Swinton Whitehaven Dewsbury Not easy tbh and I'll be miles away. Cue laugh emoji from Gav Wilson and Blue Ox. In short. I can't see Dewsbury staying up. I feel Widnes could bd a dark horse for relegation. I think Wakefield possibly aren't as strong as Fev have been. Us. Mmmmm. Dunno tbh. A majority of our side that took us to third have remained. I'll work out an average of our predictions at some stage soon to see if us TRLers are experts or a load of hot air.
  3. For me almost no matter what the nickname us you have to make it work. I cringe dhen fans say bring back the Northern name. What the hell for? The Bulls marketed and push goes brand like nobody's business to make it a well known sports club worldwide. Yes the Chicago Bulls helps, alas we are not in USA.
  4. Not that I'd thought he'd died just surprised the actor that played Charlie Slater in Eastenders is 90.
  5. Yep open to discussion. For me no matter what ranking level let's have a festival of world RL.
  6. This is why we should have an open World Cup Qualifying Tournament where only the hosts and previous winners qualify. Imagine starting a World Cup of RL in Brazil, Kenya via Jamaica or Cook Islands and it ends at Wembley or Sydney. Sorry I just woke up....
  7. There'll because link up with Catalans. I'd rather approach the season like this then add to it.
  8. Going to tip Will Adams from our fringe 1st teamers.
  9. Bradford 1 Holmes 2 Blackmore 3 Arundel 4 Gill 5 Taufua 6 Gaskell 7 Lilley 8 Baldwinson 9 Flanagan 10 Scurr 11 England 12 Butler 13 Lawrence 14 Davies 15 Smith 16 Appo 17 Doro 18 Souter 19 Hallas 20 Jowitt 21 Myers 22 Oakes 23 Okoro We have 5 Academy/Reserves training with 1st team plus 2 Saints trialists.
  10. For me it's an opportunity to create headlines, excitement and open opportunities. However we life in a RFL world.
  11. Cheers could be close. It'll be a won 1 lost 1 scenario. Could have a playoff fir final qf spot.
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