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  1. Thinking about certain areas mentioned on here, is part of it to do with the Secondary and High Schools playing Union more.
  2. One off song wise you'll go far to beat Pearl Jams Animal at the MTV awards. Live concert Nirvana Unplugged. Done in one take as Kurt didnt want to niss off the audience.
  3. Robbie Pauls would have been better without the fitness instructuons interrupting every episode. If you want a steady read Keith Seniors fits the bill. Good ones as mentioned above are Gene Newtons Morley and Mcdermott Inspiring Steve Prescotts Best for me is Tawera Nikaus
  4. With regards to Bailey and Chev Walker, dont forget away from the field too. I do appreciate too they've paid the price and have moved on.
  5. But someone like Sean Long would have loved the nutjob/daft as a brush tag. A few of mine xiii wete misdemeanors off the pitch aswell. Terry Newton god bless him took out two saints players i think whilst a wigan player and were injured when the bulls played them I think.
  6. I had Ryan Bailey, Morley and Eddie Szymala (spl) on reserve list.
  7. Didn't mean offence. Looking at some of the misdemeanors of players above please give me a suitable title then.
  8. 1 Ben Barba 2 Gareth Raynor 3 Leon Pryce 4 Chev Walker 5 John Hopiate 6 Anthony Mundine 7 Sean Long 8 Tiny Solomona 9 Terry Newton 10 Barrie Mcdermott 11 Josh Mcguire 12 Gorden Tallis 13 Gareth Hock Im not going to put whos under which tag!!! Ive left a few out too. For those who dont know Tiny Solomona he played for Oldham and was involved in one of the most brutal fights have seen live. If this was not on the field he would have served time. Those that may not know Josh Mcguire there is a video on youtube of his misdemeanors on the field.
  9. You know its mixed with cif so landlord can water it down
  10. Right it's new SKY contract time. Part of the deal is all clubs have to have a nickname or logo. All ideas welcome plus badges for the artisic. This for fun with decent ideas included. The debate for should, shouldn't is on another thread. I always liked Halifax Bombers when Fax we going through names. Easy to affiliate certain ways to market. Could see Nigel Wood dressed up in mock like size Bomber as mascot.
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