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  1. feel weird that i'm not worried so long as debts are paid. I know people cant wait for money but think peltier has messed up there...………..
  2. A walnut whip to whoever says the Beatles first. For mine: initially: The Ramones Pink Floyd The Smiths Thread over:D
  3. Where are the pogues from then Keighley?
  4. The beautiful and talented actress from Emmerdale, Leah Bracknell
  5. Rugby League should have set measures not play it by ear tripe as they have been doing for the last many decades. With a sport like ours I feel it should class administration and Liquidation the same. (I know it isn't). Any club not wishing to pay off it's debt should start at the bottom tier of the ladder and not necessarily the next season. A side note here, are clubs not monitored regularly as I was led to believe as this was a salary cap necessity??
  6. Completely. Some of my favourite Rugby League times have been in the last few years. Toulouse away, Skolars away, Newcastle away, watching my lad play at Odsal and Blackpool, summer bash
  7. To be honest I'm 100 % on that and you can search back on my views on this over the years. That's why I feel it's a make or break purchase for the new owners and must take on the debt (as daft as that seems). I - and many have been going longer - have been home and away for most games for nigh on 25/6 years. I can't take another admin. Leaving people high and dry is not acceptable. Work out the debt and manage it over a couple of years. 3 full timers instead of 8 (Steve Crossley isn't one) and blood the youngsters.
  8. It's down to budget. Who do you get? If we stick with an Indie theme Only Liam Gallagher or the Sone Roses fit the headliners bill. Who else is there? It's down to approach and marketing. The Grand Final should be full no matter who plays there. Spend £50-100k on a big star. Reduce the tickets a bit, have the retiring players walk out. Crikey it's our showpiece final SELL IT.
  9. Loved the Wakefield "British Coal" shirt from the early 90's. Would be a great away kit.
  10. Really that's a new one on me. So we are expecting Canadian players after only a year or so? What cobblers. Where was this mentioned, evidence?
  11. *coughs* Started out as EUROPEAN Super League
  12. Got to love threads like this. I'm in my early forties been watching since 1985, when there were just 5 countries competing. Look at the change now! We have nigh on 10k in Toronto. TORONTO. You know that place in CANADA. Why would anyone moan at all. If they love the game then they must see the bigger picture. My only negative is what was the plan when they first entered League 1? Was there one? To eventually have SL as a world league? To expand the game eventually in North America? To have a North American professional league?
  13. Used to an impression of Paul Cullen (who could be used still as comes across well). Great question though. Ryan Hall?
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