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  1. Piper's now entering Sainsbury's but at a highly expensive price. Eldest lad had the beefsteak the other day. Top do.
  2. Can't believe he didn't pick up a job after Workington. Surprised he was axed there tbh.
  3. I agree with the physical digs but he hasn't really got the best of records.
  4. Likewise. Think he hit hardtimes personally. RIP.
  5. Tbh I recommend the Hyundai as our lass has one but I wouldn't no where to start.
  6. Lol I'm joking. As my dad used to say if it gets you from a to b.
  7. Never right the Germans off. We beat them 5.1 20 years ago but they still got to the world cup final the year after.
  8. Might thoughts are with you.....
  9. With the Euro I actually think Ireland is one of the most expensive. Over 10 years, I was in a tiny village about 5 miles from Killarney be and it was over 6 euros a pint. God knows what it'll be today.
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