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  1. Tbh I like alot of their stuff but it's quantity over context at the moment. Imagine having a feature that could potentially alienate your readers.
  2. Looking back now the fact I couldn't afford to go to Toronto. Plus now I can.....
  3. And there's me clicking on this thinking was struggling with stitching.
  4. Have to say on reflection not going to Toronto.
  5. For mine it should be a PNG team but hey ho.
  6. Wayne Mardle on twitter does odd tips on there and I believe there are YouTube tips too. First tip is learn and practice checkouts. Don't worry about treble 20s.
  7. Still struggling at times. Today included. However whilst driving saw a dishevelled man looking lost in a dressing gown. I turned round and checked up on him. Reach out whenever u can or whatever your mood.
  8. People talking shop about vans. I don't care.
  9. Debut in the 90s can't be anyone else still playing now is there?
  10. Steve McGowan and Tony Marchant anyone or have I made that up?
  11. No u can't. Fastest ever 147 tad over 5 mins. Multiple world champ. Can play both hands.........
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