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  1. For me it's a no. The Championship should have been 12 IMO. Very strong 12. Newcastle, Whitehaven, even us (Bulls) and York wouldn't have momentum to build on . Newcastle to go up or Newcastle mid table for 10 years? It's easy really. The only change I'd make would be the championship to 12 then leave it be with new clubs being added to League 1. Wow that was hard!
  2. Apologies, been looking into Salford FC at moment. lock or merge
  3. Exactly. I keep reiterating why the Council haven't sold it off in the last 30 years plus a multi million pound sports centre has been built down the road (Sedburgh) and not on or near Odsal.
  4. Surely this should under consideration at some stage. Moor Lane is now a 5000 capacity stadium and is.........in Salford. The AJ Bell stadium, some 8 miles from Salford has weakened it's fan base and despite what may appear to be an over achieving but well deserved seasonal position despite all restrictions, a move back into the postcode should be considered. Your thoughts?
  5. I think that's why he past me by. He moans a bit that he was after the 90's british golden era, yet didn't push for Hopkins and JNR in their pomp. The book started off well but he's up his own rear. Hoping to finish it off on the trip to Barrow soon.
  6. Indeed a win fight Fury and the top 2/3 then quit. (if he wins) will be regarded highly. Reading Joe Calzaghe's biog at the moment thoughts on him. Despite following Eubank/Collins/Benn/Watson era for some reason I never watched one calzaghe fight. Probably cos I met the missus then but it does surprise me.
  7. If AJ loses this he should stop. He should have had Ruiz in his pocket but looked like he thought he cud walk it.
  8. Crowds dropped by 2000+ when we were top of the tree and moved to VP for a bit. Can't see more than 1500 bulls fans going to Dewsbury. I personally think Chalmers is playing a game of dare. I still think we'll be at Odsal next year.
  9. Exactly with your last point. What do we do? No one has answered as to why the Council have hung on to the ground for years and allowed us to play there when they could have sold it off. Do we use it for more purposes (alas we can't sell it as it's not ours) . The Bulls moving away from Odsal will mean a team that can potentially reach 10k figures for big games will be reduced to 1000 at Dewsbury and that's that.
  10. Safety barriers for Speedway and Stocks of course.
  11. Nope. I'll go wherever but many won't. I'm sick of hearing "I used to go" like it's some sort of I'm a Bulls Fan recognition. If you kept going maybe we wouldn't be in the last 10 years predicament. Some of my fave times as a Northern or Bulls fan has been in the last 3 years! Support the club not where we play,,.
  12. Agreed. However we have a club that averages 4000 in the championship. Where do we go? We moved to VP in the Bulls "pomp" and lost 2500 fans and we won a title that year. Horsfall? Where else? The only two which make any sense - if at all!! - are Halifax or Keighley. Is that going to happen? I doubt it. I cast the question again to others, why haven't the council released/sold the freehold ever? What's keeping them from doing it?
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