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  1. Clutching at straws Jamie and Stuart Fielden Bradford Academy
  2. Way too many to say one. My faves: Hanley 83 semi Vainikolo vs leeds ala Hanley 83 style Carney vs Leeds length of field SL play off Offiah vs Leeds C cup Final Brimah Kebbie vs Fev Northern 95 I think. Hanley vs Halifax C cup final
  3. To fill the void and a bit of racking of the brain not RL brothers but have played in the same team. Ill start with an easy one. Burgesses at Souths
  4. Good pack but the pack under fox 8 years b4 was good. Dixon, medley and fairbank as a back 3.
  5. This is what gets me with the self righteousness on here. I have to work as I work in a supermarket where there will 300 numb nuts stockpiling on Monday. Am guilty of allegedly spreading the virus?
  6. As stated previously I have worked with Wilby in the past and he was chancer then. May be the time that has past may change things. I doubt it. However.... I feel a lng term plan shud see Perez as North American RL Chairman. 2 to 3 more Teams over the next 7 to 8 years and we cud be getting somewhere.
  7. This needs to be simplified. One she wasn't found guilty of alleged charges and her "boyfriend" wanted to withdraw them. Two is domestic abuse if it actually happened an excuse or serious reason to kill yourself. Not at all. Even if she was guilty. This is an intelligent, attractive, vibrant young women hitting the peak of her selected career. It's a waste.
  8. Why me again! Ok I once knew a psychic called Brenda
  9. BDO prize winnings I believe has changed from 100k to 23k for the winner. Lisa Ashton, Scott Waites and Andy Hamilton amongst others win a PDC tour card
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