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  1. For me it should be England VS France one year then in France the next year. We should have a touring team from the southern hemisphere playing each year ie Tonga, Samoa, etc
  2. ...and it doesn't have to be a team that has played in the SL. There are some obvious ones off the top of my head: Wigan Bradford Leeds are there others that have produced more but have been picked at by supposed bigger clubs. Should it be classed on how many WORLD class players have been produced, or the amount of SL players.
  3. What a load of tripe. The irony of me actually being an optimist. Been watching 30 odd years and he wouldn't make my top 30. People go over the top when players retire, but GOAT. No way. The greatest British player Ii have seen is Hanley and he's nowhere near him. I rate Smith's former teammate Billy Slater higher. It's a matter of opinion obviously but surely the greatest of all time is between Patrick Ah Van and Nick Zisti.
  4. Mick stated it was 41 degrees with a temp gauge but for me it was nowhere like that. Not being one for being too warm - in old currency I like about 80F approx. - I wouldn't have walked around with 2 first schoolers in that heat.
  5. We have occasionally stayed over in London for away games. I love the ground to be honest but on the other hand there doesn't seem much to do in Ealing. I find it strange that the ground is always mentioned with the Broncos, but Skolars have nearly hit the 20 years semi-pro mark and ALL at the same stadium!
  6. How about better marketing and more affordable tickets?
  7. As I said at start of season Broncos won't go down.
  8. Or 2 at best. A rugby league snap decision to try and fill Wembley, if heaven forbid a lesser supported team or Foreign team gets there. This will go on the pile with Exiles, Challenge Plate circa 1996/7 and many other ideas. I was all for it but if Mr Wembley, John Kear only plays 2 first teamers in a MIDWEEK game to prioritise the League with a potential Wembley visit what does that tell you?
  9. Sorry if this has been said. Boris is being protected from the media incase he makes a gaffe, but if he wins he is suitable for PM?????
  10. Obviously it's ALL down to the Magic Weekend if someone goes down or finish in playoffs. Nothing to do with the other 20 odd games.
  11. The fairest solution is to let the game on the field decide who is in the TWELVE. If we need 14 or even 16 team SL then plan it for 2023 or further. As I've stated countless times, taken from RLW, 23 changes to league structure or P and R in 30 years makes our game amateurish then we bemoan the SUN from withdrawing coverage!! If our sport is strong in the Championship and League 1 that's great but it doesn't mean we need to shoehorn teams in. Whether it's Fev, TO or the Wolfpack that go up or Leeds, KR or London that come down so be it. That's the excitement and intriguing thing about our sport. Leave it alone now!!
  12. We've also received £100+ for Wilson, saving nearly that on Chisholm and it looks like our second highest earner, Ryan will be leaving.
  13. Well I'm on me jollies and will be spending Sunday Morning finding somewhere to watch it. (Sunny Beach Bulgaria) I said to the Fax fan at work we'll lose the Bash and win the semi so I'll stick with that. For me, yes I know we have injuries, but we are a couple of players short of a top 5 team let alone SL. An experienced 7 would be good. Seen the squad and likely side is: Ryan FJ Webster Oakes Grant Lilley Milnes Crossley Wildie Kirk Storton Farrell Minicheddars Subs Peltier Flanagan From Wood/Pickesgill Roche, Hallas I'd have Roche in 17 but Kear hasn't always played him
  14. Getting more and more adventurous in my advancing years, pity my fluxing kitchen sockets are on the blink, trying to balance 3 meals (my wife is a nurse, hardly eats at work and finishes at 9pm whilst I start at 5am currently) is hard without a microwave. Going to invest in a slow cooker soon when up and running. Got 3 gammon joints, 1 on the bone and a whole duck to use up. The gammon was 9lb in weight and cost £4.50!! Whilst the Duck cost £2.50!! The luck of working in a supermarket. Anyhoo, has anyone got or heard of a mustard glaze recipe for the ham on the bone?
  15. This is why the move to Anfield has puzzled me. Move it there (possibly) if a Liverpool RLFC was to be formed and use it as a promotional tool to help set up/advertise the club. For me I feel it's just media inches for Koukash. Newcastle, with strategic fixture setting, had 4000+ vs the Bulls. The magic weekend is now a feature of the season, we also need to make the most out of it.
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