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  1. Here's another Bradford side including Northern players. FB Darren Moxon RW Hugh Gumbs RC Nick Zisti LC Errol Johnson LW Tame Topou SO Neil Holding SH Ritchie Hawkyard P Afoa H Aaron Smith P Garreth Carvell SR Phil Hepworth SR Ryan Hudson LF Tommy Hodgkinson Almost a pack of hookers. Afoa played 1 game under Fox in I think the 93/94 season. Gumbs and Moxon went on to play for other clubs Moxon notably Batley.
  2. An adaption from a great thread on twitter by Gav Wilson, I thought Id put together my Bradford did they really play XIII FB Phil Howlett RW Andy Hodgson RC Willie Tonga LC Toa Kohe Love LW Patrick ah Van SO Ivan Henjak SH Matt Orford P Michael Hogue H Micky Higham P E.Lauaki/Jamal Fakir SR Harry Pinner SR Adrian Morley LF Brad Mackay
  3. Engelbert Humperdinck IndiA Slash England Tony Blair Scotland Harry H Corbett Burma
  4. Didnt know that. Does that mean he could technically be president of usa too l?
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