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  1. Must be me. My confidence is slowly building. Went on a date with another lass yesterday. She got nissed too.
  2. Thanks for all that have messaged etc. I am in a much better place. Walked outof my job as that qas also a contributing factor. People judged me. Saying I was being rash and not if sane mind. I was and it was the best decision.I made. Luckily managed to get a delivery job where I work on my own with the radio playing. In addition Im back on the dating scene after 22 years. Had my first ever date for that time. She had nearly 3 bottles of Pinot Grigio, Couldnt walk straight after the third pub and I had to spend 36 quid to make sure she got home safe. Surely theyre not all like this!
  3. Didnt have time to vote but itd be NZ all day for me.
  4. Nope sorry. Too far Futtocks. Itll be World Cup of E numbers next.
  5. Great wrestler. Ahead of his time over here.
  6. I might have the wrong road. Through Shropshire Hereford etc.
  7. I meant A9 as nicest road not A19. It is 20 years since i was last on it though.
  8. To me its obvious but yep. Keep em coming.
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