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  1. This needs to be simplified. One she wasn't found guilty of alleged charges and her "boyfriend" wanted to withdraw them. Two is domestic abuse if it actually happened an excuse or serious reason to kill yourself. Not at all. Even if she was guilty. This is an intelligent, attractive, vibrant young women hitting the peak of her selected career. It's a waste.
  2. Why me again! Ok I once knew a psychic called Brenda
  3. BDO prize winnings I believe has changed from 100k to 23k for the winner. Lisa Ashton, Scott Waites and Andy Hamilton amongst others win a PDC tour card
  4. I once kissed a surnami french hornist (I haven't been drinking its my 10 year old)
  5. 800 plus entrants for 31 places in the pdc. The womens was far more entertaining plus I knew more players and ive been following it for years!
  6. bulls have a decent away shirt out now? Any pics bulls fans?
  7. Which do we think are the winners and losers this year then with a handful to be shown?
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