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  1. I think Qualification needs a overhaul tbh. We need Internationals yet have, was it 8 or 10 already qualified? Plus am I right in saying Jamaica only played twice to qualify? I'd say hosts and previous World Cup finalists only to qualify.
  2. For me we should have plenty of things on eBay. Top ten lists are always popular. Watch Mojo, HITC sevens (yes I know it's seven) , What Culture are all highly popular. A strong YouTube presence on there must be part of the future plan. I typed in Rugby League as a general search last week. After 8 videos on Rugby League it was followed by another 5 on the other code. I'm spreading the word on the sportsman too.
  3. Bradford showing Dec Patton as part of the "roster" yet no Elliott Kear who has a year left also.
  4. Alcohol wise I can drink most things from the taps, Cider, Beer and Lager. However I can't gel with Madre. (spl) My local has got and don't see the appeal. Tried it a couple of times and if you include the price, I don't get it. Another one I had years ago and strangely for a lager, gave me a thick head, was Superbock when I was in Portugal. Have recently been told they are graded so to speak.
  5. Then we'll change it back after a year or so when it doesn't work. It's not restructuring dramatically that we need.
  6. Not many coaches have been successful at numerous clubs. Is it because they stay with their supposed tried and trusted techniques and can't think outside of the box? Obviously Brian McDermott brought this question to mind but the same can be said for Ian Millward. Who are the coaching one hit (club) wonders and who have literally been successful at more than one club.
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