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  1. Denis Jackson

    For those of you that are unaware Denis Jackson has been suffering with dementia for some years now. He is at present in Abbey View with quite advanced Alzeimers and is down to 10 stone. His daughter Louise Crowe will be the subject of a sponsored head shaving on 22nd June to raise funds for Alzheimers research to honour her Dad. As she said, " My Dad will never come back but my hair will grow again." Denis was "pound for pound undoubtably one of the hardest players to take the field" ( not my words i'm quoting what Spanky MacFarlane and Boxer Walker said to me). There will be an article in the Evening Mail giving details of how to donate and I believe a dj from the Bay will actually be doing the deed.
  2. barrow

    Can't beat rumours. I heard the one about the money and checked with John Spoor at Barrow rugby shop who tells me he has been doing the wages whilst the club secretary is on holiday and they are up to date and paid in full. If you are hinting at Jamie rooney - his "mysterious illness" necessitated a trip to the out of hours G.P. service and a ticking off for not seeking medical attention earlier. The Chairman has pledged himself to the club until the end of next season at least. I remember all the complaints about him being in the changing rooms at half time in the Northern Rail last year, everybody was sure of that fact - trouble is that the TV footage showed him with the other Directors and sponsors having a cup of tea at half time several floors above the changing rooms. Congratulations Fev on your achievements this year- of which I think the good news about your youth team is the which prove most important.
  3. The club have now issued an amended crowd figure of over 1,700 (mistake made due to secretary being on holiday and someone not counting season tickets)